Chapter 05:

In Love

Akatsuki feel fine when Kyuzo is around, the children was close to him and so as Kyuzo. Akatsuki receive a letter from the Imperial Committee to join them once again to fought side by side Akatsuki rip off the paper looks like she's not interested.

Kyuzo saw her and ask,"What are you doing?" She turned and said, "Nothing". Kyuzo was wondering that why her eyes looks so disappointed. He don't mind that time and he walk. Akatsuki go to her work she's quite busy and Kyuzo was home alone with the children. "Kyuzo-san" Kyuzo look at one of the girls. The girl give her a ball and now it was broken. Kyuzo fix it and he said, "here" the girls were happy and they say their thank you to him.

Akatsuki home late, "I'm home!"

"Big sister!" Akatsuki saw Kyuzo and seen Doctor Kikyou.

"Hey,how are you?" The doctor said.

"I'm fine." She replied.

Kyuzo just stared that time when the doctor take the two girls are been taken by their grandfather. Kyuzo spoke that time, "Its make yourself busy this time." Akatsuki answer, "Their so many patients this time that's why I came home late." While Akatsuki heading back inside she was merely faint at that moment and Kyuzo catch her.

"You really are tired." He spoke looking at Akatsuki innocent face which is her hand was not, a samurai who cut down many men during war.

Kyuzo took her on her room and that moment he leaves her for a while. AKatsuki woke up her to go to work again. Kyuzo ask Akatsuki that time, "Why are you still working double time even your body is tired." Akatsuki just smirked that time and told him, "I'm no longer a samurai I want to make change to myself. Maybe my body get tired easily I'm no longer at war." Kyuzo was wondering that time why she still working.

"Then let's try a little duel tonight." He said when he smirked and turns. Akatsuki react there's nothing happen and she go out to her house. Akatsuki came home late still she remembers about their little duel. Akatsuki go at the storage room, she gets her old sword still in piece and it's sharp and told herself, "I never thought I will use this again."

Kyuzo saw Akatsuki at the storage room. Akatsuki feels Kyuzo present and he ask her, "Are you ready?" Akatsuki look down and she saw his sword and replied to him, "Yes, I am ready." The two go outside the house and they start their duel. They draw sword both. They waiting for the right time and then the time is comes to fight. Akatsuki strike without hesitating, Kyuzo blocked the sword by his sword. They step away each other and strike again. Akatsuki feel something from her body, she's down at that moment. Kyuzo saw samething to her. Akatasuki stand again and strike Kyuzo. Kyuzo dodge it easily, he seen something to Akatsuki. He speaks that moment, "I think you want to escape something from your past."

Akatsuki was in shock and remember that day when she was chosen as an heir of the throne without a royal blood from her veins. She was worthy in what the others saw her. She then attack Kyuzo, this time Kyuzo stop her hand and told her, "You lost yourself."

Akatsuki was down from her action. Kyuzo let her go, and he walks. Akatsuki realize how weak she was. In the following day, she understands why she was down. She didn't accept in her past and escape because of the battle that she lost and all the moment she was chose to lead. All of that make her suffer emotionally and mentally. Kyuzo was behind the door and ask Akatsuki, "You still suffering, I was expecting that you will defeat me in instant from what I heard during the Great War." Akatsuki then said, "Forgive me for disappoint you."

Kyuzo didn't say a word from her instead he waits until she will out on her room. AT that time she came out from her room and Kyuzo was there. She was surprise, "I didn't know that you're still there." Kyuzo then replied, "I have to wait."

Akatsuki smiled and say, "Thank you."

He just look and until he got closer to her. He kisses her, Akatsuki was blush and that moment everything was sweeter. Kyuzo touch her face and told her, "You don't have to suffer yourself from your past." Akatsuki is completely mute and she realize what he said. She realize that she have a feelings to him.