I'm brain dead and have no ideas of what to do for either of my mulit-chapter stories, and bored, so I wrote this. Note: Yes, I do ship Murtagh/Nasuada.

31 Ways to Annoy Murtagh

1: Tell him he needs a haircut.

2: Forge love letters to Nasuada and pretend to find them in his shirt pocket.

3: Ask him if he is emo.

4: Even if he says he is not emo, call him emo anyway.

5: Read Eragon/Murtagh slash very loudly in his hearing.

6: Take him to see Twilight.

7: Paint "Team Edward" on his favorite shirt.

8: When he finds the shirt and asks you who did it, tell him Thorn did.

9: Write 'I love Eragon' all over his walls in permanent marker.

10: Show it to Nasuada.

11: Dye his clothes pink.

12: Call him Mr. Emo Man instead of his name.

13: Or give him a really stupid nickname.

14: Tell him that his new title is 'Emo King'

15: Attack him with a paint gun.

15: Sing opera very loudly when the lights are off, and when he turns them back on, look around curiously. Do this every time the lights are off.

16: Drink highly caffeinated pop and eat all candy in your house. Run at him and scream something about pink elephants.

17: Tell him he is just like his father.

18: Get him drunk.

19: While he is asleep, give him a makeover.

20: Ask him to give you fencing lessons. Cry when he beats you, and when he attempts to apologize, leap up and punch him in the stomach.

21: Slip ice cubes down his shirt.

22: Spy on him when he bathes.

23: Put him in a coffin when he is asleep. Pretend not to notice when he wakes up and cry about how much you loved him.

24: Replace all his underwear with thongs.

25: Walk in on him. Naked.

26: When you 'realize' he's in the room, scream, pull off his shirt, and put it on.

27: Put bows on Thorn and tell Murtagh that Thorn's new name is Princess.

28: Pretend to fall asleep in his room. When he finds you and tries to wake you up, curse at him and throw things.

29: Dress up in his clothes and say dramatically, "My name is Emo King! I have a sword! Please, somebody, I NEED TO GET LAID!"

30: Put rabbit ears and ask him if the bunny is cute.

31: Sing any annoying song you can think of. Constantly. Tell him it is now his theme song.