Hi guys! If you're wondering, "What? Tori's posting two new stories at a time?" Then you're wondering correct. If this is your first time reading one of my fanfiction, then I welcome you to the wonderful world of me! This is yet another ongoing fanfiction. If you're wondering about the title, "Dirait-on", it's the title of a French poem/song. "Dirait-on" translates to "so they say", and I thought it would be perfect for this fanfiction, since it's gossip-y. I hope you all enjoy my new story! Don't forget to give me feedback afterward!~

"So they say, the King of the Host Club is in love."

"Yes, with himself."

"Like Narcissus?"

"Exactly... so they say."

"I don't believe that... My dear Tamaki-senpai is committed to me, and to me alone!"

"Wake up, you're only dreaming. The King's ego is ever-expanding."

"He can only love himself?"

"So they say."

The one called Narcissus could only love himself, even in loving somebody else. Tamaki Suoh could be the French-Japanese Narcissus of today. Infinitely beautiful. Abandon surrounding abandon, tenderness touching tenderness. Even on the inside he's full of love for his beautiful self. His beautiful self, self-caressing... so they say, anyway. Of course, although this narcissistic man could only love himself, there were many a thousand beings who found themselves captivated by his beauty and ultimately, in love with him. Needless to say, no pursuer of this man could sway his passionate heart, though many tried. Countless other fools fell in love with him to do nothing about it.

It wasn't just females, though...

This man captivated everyone that he met.

It wasn't, in fact, until another man came into his life that he was jilted from his throne and tossed into the winds of inner turmoil...

A beauty worthy of the gods, perfect in every way, from his onyx hair to his wise, bright eyes hidden behind glasses, and his creamy skin... Every joint and curve of his body was perfectly in line, and even the curl of his lip when smiling was just enough to take Tamaki's breath away.

It wasn't something he understood, though.

Naturally, he'd never seen anybody as beautiful as himself before.

As one could say, the complete captivation that the King was blessed with when he saw this man turned into a burning infatuation, which evolved into something much deeper... Tamaki Suoh, the narcissistic beauty that felt affection only for himself and his own beauty, fell in love.

Years of cultivating this feeling made him certain of it, yet he stayed quiet.

Without having ever loved or liked before, how was Tamaki to know what to do about how he felt? And so he didn't.

Not only that, but he also didn't know...

This man was in love with him, too.

. . .

So they say.

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