As you read this last chapter, I hope all you readers are crying with dread, because this is where it ends. I seriously doubt this will be my last Ouran fic, but it may very well be the only Tamaki/Kyouya-centric one. Who else would I write for, you ask? You'll have to wait and see.

Tamaki waited patiently for Kyouya's arrival, leaning against his front door, anticipating the ringing of the doorbell. He knew he was being a little silly, or maybe even a tad desperate, but his heart fluttered when he thought of his beautiful boyfriend sleeping with him… in the same bed, no less. Nothing could stop them from doing what they wanted, no interruptions. Kyouya wasn't going to leave, the help wouldn't dare disturb them, and they weren't in the Host Club, where there were five others who could interrupt.

For fifteen minutes, Tamaki remained stationery there, his heart pounding at an unbearable pace. When the doorbell finally rang, the King jumped a little in surprise. It'd been silent for so long that he wasn't even prepared to hear what he was actually waiting for in the first place, but he recovered quickly and whirled around in a flash to face the door. Taking a deep breath, Tamaki rustled a hand through his soft blond hair, tussling it perfectly before he turned the door knob slowly and let the door swing open. Kyouya's slim, dashing figure awaited, and the King felt himself blush.

There he stood, in all his beautiful glory, his pose casual as could be. He was completely unaware of it, but even that one nonchalant pose in his everyday jacket and khaki pants drove the gorgeous King wild.

"Hi, Tamaki," Kyouya said, his voice smooth. It was different than the voice he used to capture the hearts of the ladies; it was a lovely voice, yes, but not full of a hunger for money. It, instead, was sweet and full of affection.

"K-Kyouya," the King breathed. "H-hi." He couldn't help but find himself imagining the night to come, and the thoughts made him extremely nervous and excited. Unfortunately, this also reflected in his voice, and the perceptive Kyouya noticed right away.

He couldn't say he thought something was wrong—the look on the King's face was one of pure joy. But he also appeared to be flustered to the point of stuttering, and Kyouya had barely even gotten there.

"C-come inside," Tamaki stuttered, knowing full well of his nervous behavior. There really wasn't anything he could do about it, though.

"Of course," Kyouya replied, a relaxed smile on his face to contrast Tamaki. He stepped inside and the King closed the door, and suddenly, they were alone. Not another soul seemed to be within miles.

After he'd shut the door, Tamaki turned around and faced his boyfriend, unable to placate the redness in his cheeks. He hoped it wasn't too obvious.

"Are you feeling okay?" Kyouya asked, as if he was reading the King's mind. "Your face looks pretty red." He didn't originally plan on saying anything, but the opportunity was too good to pass up.

"No, no, I'm fine," said Tamaki, a nervous laugh in his voice.

"Are you sure?" the black-haired beauty asked, stepping toward the King and reaching out his pale hand to cradle the other's warm cheek. "You're burning up." He moved in yet closer, a mischievous smile on his lips as he stalked his boyfriend like a predator.

Tamaki was silent for a moment as he thought of what to say, and his eyes dropped to the floor. "W-well… it's your fault," he said, his voice quiet as could be. Not quiet enough to go unheard, however.

"Is that so?" Kyouya inquired further, but the question was rhetorical, as within moments he leaned forward to capture the King's lips in his own, and all further thoughts were forgotten as they shared their second kiss.

"Y'know, the King just has that innocent air around him."

"I guess so… but hey, you never know. He could be losing his virginity as we speak."

"You know, you could be right."

"Who do you suppose is topping?"

"Are you kidding!"


"I'll cut off all my hair if Kyouya isn't the seme between the two."

"What makes you think the King can't top, though…?"

Tamaki found himself completely mystified by his boyfriend's lips against his own, and he kissed back eagerly. Kyouya led the kiss fervently, one hand still cradling the blond's cheek as the other hand wandered down to rest in the small of the King's back. Not quite knowing what to do with his own arms, Tamaki wrapped them around Kyouya's neck lightly and hung on for support, for he found his knees beginning to get weak.

Especially so when Kyouya parted his lips slowly and let his tongue wander out from where it had previously resided. When Tamaki felt that tongue touch his lips he felt like squealing in sheer amazement. None of this seemed real. He let his lips open up, not a lot but a little, and he felt that tongue slither into his mouth slowly. He sighed through his nose as he responded with his own tongue, mostly out of instinct, but not seeming too inexperienced in doing this.

The kiss continued for what was almost a minute before they finally parted, after which Tamaki whimpered lightly and leaned forward to whisper in Kyouya's ear lightly, "Will you come to my room?" The King had already got himself off earlier, but just as quickly he found his body responding dramatically to his boyfriend's kisses.

"It would be my pleasure," replied the black-haired enchanter, his voice just as light, and as soon as Tamaki got his response he seized Kyouya's hand and turned around. He didn't look the other in the eyes; he couldn't yet, for it could ruin the heat between them, or even worse: make Tamaki so frightened that he would actually chicken out. He shuddered silently just at the thought. He'd never forgive himself if he ran away now.

Soon enough, after a few feet, some stairs, and two separate corridors, the couple finally reached Tamaki's bedroom. It was a ridiculous length to travel, really, but they made it and weren't about to turn around now.

The King's hand pushed down the elegant door handle and shoved the door out of his way, the blocking object swinging inward obediently. The room that lay ahead was certainly made for a king, with expensive foreign silks everywhere in every color of the spectrum, yet all matching perfectly somehow, adding to the almost royal surrounding. A maroon and gold canopy draped over the bed dramatically, and the bed itself was rich with sheets, comforters, and pillows in that same maroon and a dark, pine green. Tamaki kicked off his shoes carelessly before he entered the room (he might've been horny as hell and in a daze to end all dazes, but he wasn't about to get dirt tracked on his expensive imported carpet floor), and Kyouya followed suit. The two quickly found their lips connected once again as soon as the door shut behind them.

Between points of contact of their mouths, Kyouya was effectively able to breathe out the words, "Daddy… I want you." Tamaki's knees got progressively weaker then, as his bespectacled stud's hands began to slither down his torso, unbuttoning buttons as they went.

"You… can ha…have me," the King moaned in response against his boyfriend's lips as their kisses deepened, and he felt the uniform jacket he'd never bothered to change out of slip down and off his body.

Kyouya smiled slyly into the kiss as his hands now worked at the white button-up shirt which plagued their "moment". Tamaki's equally-quick (if not a bit slowed by nervousness) fingers aided the effort and this shirt too was now lying in a heap on the floor. Kyouya's long fingers now traveled freely across the creamy skin that resided on Tamaki's chest, making the blond almost fall to the floor, his knees shaking erratically. The dark-haired one pulled out of the kiss reluctantly, but with a grin.

"Can't stand?" he asked, his eyes glazed over with lust, and his voice full of an amused satisfaction. Tamaki looked at the floor and gave a shallow nod before Kyouya chuckled softly. "It's alright," he continued, nudging the other toward the bed.

The blond backed up slowly toward the bed, his boyfriend leading him in the right direction. Tamaki trusted he wouldn't hit anything on the way to the bed; Kyouya wouldn't let him, of course. When he felt his bottom come in contact with the silk comforter, he climbed up onto the mattress, somewhat awkwardly due to the height of the bed from the ground (which was definitely way above the height of an average bed, giving it a far more elegant appeal). Kyouya followed him up, and Tamaki immediately wrapped his bare arms around his boyfriend's neck, pulling him in before pulling him back as he let his head fall on a pillow.

Now laying flat on the bed, Tamaki sighed as Kyouya climbed in between his legs, leaning over him, and began kissing him with passion once again. There was no limit to the desire that the King felt to never let this one go, as each time their lips touched again, his heart beat nearly twice as fast as before.

Kyouya used one arm to prop himself up on the bed and prevent himself from crushing his boyfriend, but the other arm was completely free, and he let the hand of that arm wander all across Tamaki's smooth skin as they kissed. His hand caressed the blond's stomach softly and traveled up to his chest, where he ran his fingers over a nipple, causing the King to utter a broken moan into their kiss. Taking note of this, Kyouya's fingers began plucking at his boyfriend's nipple, the little pink bud getting both redder and harder from the touch. When he did this, Tamaki pulled his mouth away from Kyouya's and whimpered lightly in the distress of pleasure.

"Mommy…" the King breathed, letting his eyes fall shut in his dizziness. Kyouya was breathless as he observed his boyfriend's face, the sight of the blond's pleasured expression both beautiful and incredibly erotic.

Kyouya sighed lightly before a smile approached his lips, and he dipped his head down to begin sucking intently on a patch of skin on the side of Tamaki's neck. His hand left the King's nipple and traveled south slowly, wandering past his navel and coming into contact with the fabric that made up the waist of the King's uniform slacks. When Tamaki flinched, Kyouya paused and raised an eyebrow.

"Am I… going too fast?" he whispered slowly pulling his mouth away from what was now a proud, bright hickey on Tamaki's neck, hoping desperately to hear a "no".

Tamaki's eyes fluttered open, and he smiled. "N-n-no, not at all," he breathed out, his voice reflecting his nervousness. "It's just…"

"What is it?" Kyouya asked, his voice patient.

"I guess I'm just… s-scared," the King whispered, his voice even lighter than a whisper. It was difficult for him to admit that he found himself scared of a situation that he'd fantasized about many times. "I mean, I want this so badly… I have for a long time…" He paused and took a deep breath. "I just never thought any of this would actually happen."

"Really, now?" Kyouya questioned, his voice reflecting a bit of amusement, his face still near to the King's neck. "Don't you have any idea how many people want you, though? Someone much better than me would've snatched you up if I hadn't."

Tamaki shook his head. "No, that isn't what I mean," he explained. "I meant that I've wanted this with you. I… I never thought that you of all people would ever… want me."

Kyouya quickly found himself dumbfounded, a rare occasion. The words that came from his boyfriend's mouth were sweet, and they actually made his heart flutter. Kyouya, the cold-hearted, money-hungry treasurer of the Host Club, felt his heart beat faster from just words spoken. Instead of dealing with more words, the black-haired beauty just reconnected his lips to the lips of his boyfriend, this time his kiss loving and sweet instead of hungry and lustful. Tamaki could feel his whole being melting, surrendering, submitting to Kyouya's kiss.

This time, Kyouya's hand didn't hesitate. It unbuttoned the plastic buttons it found and when done with that, moved on quickly to the zipper. In a matter of moments, Kyouya had completely worked Tamaki's pants all the way off his body, and then they lay discarded somewhere on the floor.

The darker-haired male smirked to himself as he continued to ravish the other male's mouth with his own, and he nonchalantly let his hand slip down, underneath the waistband of Tamaki's underwear. There he found his treasure.

"Kyouya!" the King called out, cutting off their kiss as soon as his boyfriend's hand made contact with his cock. As far as Tamaki himself could tell, he could've masturbated forty times before Kyouya got there and still be hard as a rock right then.

Kyouya was absolutely beaming… on the inside, anyway. On the outside, he maintained his coolness. His hand gripped the blond's erection, not too forceful, but most definitely enough to make an impression. His hand moved up and down, slowly at first, but building up speed with each stroke, and the blond writhed in the pleasure coming from the touches of the one he loved.

"Kyouya looks dominant, doesn't he?"

"Yeah, but no one's ever seen him… in action."

"Yeah! He could totally be a sweet little uke between the sheets."

"…Somehow, I doubt that."

"Me too. It just seems really unlikely."

"I guess the only one that can know is the King. Maybe we should ask him."


"I second that no. Being nosy hasn't gotten us anywhere in this story."

"Does it hurt?" Kyouya asked, his voice directly in Tamaki's ear. His body was layered over the body of the blond, his manhood consumed completely by the tight entrance of his now-lover. Their figures were pressed together missionary-style, their fingers laced together beside them.

"N-no… it feels good," Tamaki moaned, half-lying. It did hurt, yes; the pain was throbbing and rather formidable. But the feeling the King witnessed when his onyx beauty was inside him all the way was beyond comparison, and it gave him more ecstasy than anything he'd felt before.

"You're lying, aren't you?" Kyouya asked, a small smile on his lips. He didn't need to ask, though. He already knew that this would hurt.

"No, I'm not!" the blond protested, his voice high. "You can move… Just fuck me already…" He didn't think he'd ever hear those words spoken from his mouth to anyone but the Kyouya of his imagination, but here he was, pleading as best he could. "Please, Kyouya."

Without another word, Kyouya made his first small movement, pulling out a tiny bit and thrusting shallowly into his own magnificent King. Along with the pain, Tamaki did indeed feel an amazing pleasure, and he moaned softly, his eyes falling shut as Kyouya began to suck on his neck once again. His thrusts soon began to take more shape, though, and he developed a rhythm of thrusting in and out.

"Kyouya… more…" Tamaki groaned, and he gasped loudly as he felt his boyfriend's hand wrap around his cock. He was being stroked and fucked at the same time by the object of his affection, and he could barely hang onto reality in this state. Even Kyouya was feeling unstable in this situation, as if his animal instincts were threatening to take over. He thrust faster and faster as the time went by, but still gently, trying not to hurt his lover.

"Nngh, Kyouya!" Tamaki called out, feeling the heat beginning to become overwhelming. He knew he was nearing the end, and that it was probably far too soon. But it wasn't something he could control, after all. "I'm… I'm going to… come!" he warned, and Kyouya moved only faster.

"Go ahead," the darker-haired man whispered into the King's ear sensually, his breath hot.

Tamaki moaned relentlessly as his orgasm began, releasing into Kyouya's hand and onto both their bodies. The indescribable feeling made the blond's muscles clench around Kyouya's erection, and it milked from him a powerful orgasm as well.

"Ta…Tamaki…" the black-haired beauty groaned as he let his seed pour out into his lover. The King's eyes popped open when he heard the other moan his name, the sound of it making his heart beat yet faster than it had been before.

After a few more seconds of heavy breathing, Kyouya pulled himself out of his lover and collapsed onto the bed next to him, his glasses still perched on his face, his eyes falling shut. Tamaki crawled into Kyouya's arms, and he felt those arms wrap around him protectively. He snuggled closer, feeling warm beyond comparison. He could only wonder why he hadn't confessed his feelings so much earlier.

"Kyouya, I love you," he said, his voice soft and tired.

"I love you too, Tamaki," his lover breathed, and without another word, they both drifted off to sleep.

"Abandon surrounding abandon…"

"Tenderness touching tenderness."

"Even on the inside, he can only love himself."

"It's a cute love story, isn't it?"

"He could only love himself, but one person was able to capture his heart and make him see."

"…and the two fell in love."

"True love lasts forever, doesn't it?"

"So they say."

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