Yes, it's been quite a while since I've updated this fic. I haven't felt particularly inspired to write for it, but then I got a message from Safirefairy saying that I hadn't updated in five months. I hadn't realized it had been that long. I had a paragraph or two written in my notebook for this chapter, so I just decided to continue on it. This was originally planned to be one of two "short chapters" in my original plot write out, so it doesn't really have anything to do with my laziness. I'll get the next chapter posted pretty quickly too, hopefully. It should be more eventful than this one, hahah.

My agenda for the next morning was to help Uncle set up his tea shop. It would be opening in two days and there were many things to do before the place was presentable enough to let customers in. I knew that I had to get up early, so when I first heard Uncle shuffling around in his bedroom I knew it would be in my best interest to get up as well. The light of the morning shone in through my window and I sighed, feeling sore but happy.

I sat up slowly and it took me a matter of seconds to realize why I was feeling so sore. My hips were killing me; I noticed as I put weight on my backside. It hit me like a ton of bricks a moment later.

Where was Jet?

My mind raced—I hadn't even awoken when he left me and now I was sitting in my bed alone. I loathed the fact that Jet had gone with not a word. The blissfulness that came from my ignorance left me and I growled as I threw the covers off of my still-naked body to get up and take a shower before I had to start my day. I used more soap than I knew I needed to, trying to wash the Jet off of me. It had felt so good—I couldn't deny that part of it. But waking up alone made me feel used.

I got dressed quickly and made myself eat some rice before I walked down the stairs that led to Uncle's new shop.

"Lee!" he said happily, looking up from where he'd been wiping down a small, round, polished wooden table. He quickly tossed a rag toward me and I silently caught it. I knew that if I let myself speak I would only end up saying something disrespectful to Uncle and we'd be at ends with each other for the rest of the day. I didn't need that on top of everything else on my mind. I took the rag in hand and found the nearest table to me to begin rubbing it with the cloth.

"I hope you had a good first night in our new apartment, my nephew," said Uncle with a smile in his voice. "We'll be living here for a long, long time."

"…It was fine, Uncle," I told him simply, and I left it at that. He didn't pursue it.

I hadn't seen Jet in a week. The Jasmine Dragon had opened on schedule and there had been a considerable amount of business each day thereafter, Uncle's brews proving to be popular, especially with the older crowd.

I was walking down the street one day after work—on a mission to buy fruit at Uncle's request—when I happened to see a small piece of paper posted on a board in town. The picture on it was unmistakably the avatar's bison and my body got into offensive mode without my permission. I was still too accustomed to that way of life. The picture said "Lost."

I grabbed one of the pieces of paper from the board and shoved it into my pocket and turned back toward the fruit.

"Hey, did you see the fliers about the avatar's flying bison?" whispered somebody suddenly, and I whipped around to find that they hadn't been talking to me. I played off my sudden movement as a means to investigate a different basket of fruit.

"Yeah. He's lost, isn't he?"

"He sure is. Y'know where I heard they've got him?"

"You don't mean…"

"Yeah, under the lake."

I listened extremely carefully as they spoke. They were keeping Appa under a lake? It didn't make any sense.

"What do they want with that bison, anyway? Is it bait for the avatar?"

"It looks that way."

I quickly paid for the fruit I'd been packing into my bag and turned on my heel to get home. I walked as fast as I could, my mind racing with all kinds of reasons as to why I should find where they were keeping Appa and take him for myself. But to execute such a plan, I would have to enlist the help of somebody that I knew to be an expert at sneaking into places.

I'd have to find Jet regardless of the situation he and I were in.

Yeahh, I know it's short, but it's supposed to be. I'll get the next chapter posted within two weeks! I promise!