-1Chapter 1: Anniversary

Bella POV

Today is mine and Edward's 10th wedding anniversary. He is still as handsome as he was the day I married him. I know I was skittish about getting married right out of high school but I don't regret one minute of the life I have made with this extraordinary man. He has more than fulfilled his every promise to me. I love him more every day if that is possible.

I love the fact that he is my best friend as well as my husband and lover and we can work out any problem we might have by sitting down and talking it out. That doesn't include mentioning what a wonderful father he is to our twin children.

We were very surprised to find out that our Valentine's Day getaway in our second year of marriage resulted in the twin births of our son Charles Mason Cullen and our daughter Whitney Elizabeth Cullen. We were surprised but so very happy although we were scared to death as well. All has turned out fine though I am proud to say. I thank God everyday for the many blessings I have received.

Edward POV

I can scarcely believe it has been 10 years since I married my beautiful Bella. There weren't words enough to describe how happy I was when she agreed to become my wife. I made her a lot of promises before and on the day of our wedding and I hope I have succeeded in keeping mine as well as she has kept the ones she has made to me.

When I look at Bella I still see the girl I married that has blossomed into the gorgeous woman she is today. She is still keeper of my heart and soul. She has given me two beautiful children who are my pride and joy.

We are getting ready to our anniversary party that our families are throwing us before we leave tomorrow on a cruise to the Caribbean. It's been awhile since we have been able to get away just the two of us for any alone time.

I worked hard through the years and have been promoted to Chief of Staff at the hospital while Bella worked from home as an author. She has published several books that are on the New York Times best seller list.

We have worked hard to get where we are as we enjoy a comfortable lifestyle of moderate wealth as do our children. I don't like to brag but we have a beautiful four story brick house. The lowest level being the underground full sized basement that we have converted into a place to entertain our children and their friends as well as adults too.

The first level of our home consists of a large living room, den, dining room, kitchen, and laundry room. The second level consists of the children's bedroom and bathrooms as they each have their own and two guest rooms with a shared bathroom. The third level consists of the bedroom suite I share with Bella, the office we also share and the library.

We have a 4 car garage that houses my Volvo that I drive everyday and my Aston Martin Vanquish that I drive on special occasions such as tonight. IT also houses Bella's Cobalt Blue 2010 Audi R8 and her 2010 Chevrolet Silverado truck both of which she bought for her as a reward for her latest book success.

Our fenced in backyard has an Olympic size swimming pool and a Jacuzzi hot tub that will hold 12 people and a restaurant size bbq area with a fully stocked bar.

"Love, are you almost ready? We're gonna be late if we don't hurry and Alice will have a fit." I told my lovely wife.

I don't think there is anything worse than my pixie sized sister when she is giving a party and the guest of honor is late.

"Yes, I'm almost ready honey. I know how Alice is. I thought she was going to drive me crazy while we were dress shopping. I love your sister and my best friend dearly but she is a force of nature sometimes. If you are ready will you go check and see if the children are ready and I'll meet you down stairs?", came her reply.

I had to laugh at what she said about Alice and shopping. My youngest sister has always had a penchant for shopping and ever since I brought Bella into our family Alice has always played with her like a life size Barbie doll. Bella has learned over the years to just go along for the ride and not fight it things go a lot smoother.

I went to into the dressing room where my wife was sitting at her vanity finishing up. She looked stunning but of course she always is. Her waist long mane of chestnut hair was pulled up and twisted into a French roll on the back of her head with curls hanging loosely from the crown. Her eyes were dark and smoky while her lips were left natural but with a light layer of clear gloss. Bella's dress was the color of champagne and made of a silk. The bodice was tight with a sweetheart shaped top that made her cleavage look out of this world. I grew hard just thinking about what I could do to her later on tonight. My sister had done a fantastic job assembling this outfit. The dress came to Bella's mid thigh and with the gold stiletto sandal she was wearing it made her legs look like they went on for miles.

I walked up behind her and placed a chaste kiss on the nape of her neck and whispered to her in husky tone I know really gets her going.

" Isabella, I can't wait to get you alone tonight and do the most naughty things to you.", she smiled seductively as she replied.

" It might be you, Mr. Cullen, who is on the receiving end of that at the end of the night." I shivered and could only hope she meant what she said.

I had dated other girls in high school before Bella had moved to Forks, but once I met her I knew she was the only girl for me. We started out as friends but as we got to know each other we knew we were going to be together always.

I walked down stairs and knocked on my daughter's bedroom door.

"Come in.", she said in her musical voice.

She's my little princess. She has my hair color and Bella's heart shaped face with my green eyes. Mason has my facial features but Bella's hair and eye color. He's his mother's little prince.

I walked in to see to my princess turning back and forth in front of her full length mirror admiring herself. My god I'm scared she is so going to turn into Rosalie the second.

Rosalie is my Brother Emmett's wife. True enough Rosalie is beautiful in her own right but she can be very vein about it.

Whitney's dress is a floor length dress. Ice blue in color and made of silk. Like her mother she is a stunning beauty. It truly scares me to think that in a few more short years I will have to worry about boys coming to the door asking to date her.

"Are you ready to go, sweetheart?", I ask.

"Yes daddy, I'm ready. How do I look?" she asked smiling.

I love her smile it's a replica of Bella's.

" You look simply divine, princess as always. You remind me so much of your mother. You are just as beautiful as she is.", I told her.

She smiled and kissed me on his cheek before taking the arm I offered her and walking out the door. Once in the hallway I let her go and went to Mason's room. He was standing in front of the mirror trying to tie his tie.

"Having a bit of trouble there, son?" I asked him.

"I can never figure out how to tie these things, dad. Why do we have to wear them anyway?" he asked in an annoyed tone.

" Well son, you 'all learn that sometimes you just have to do things you don't always want to do when it comes to pleasing women and one of those things is getting dressed up and looking nice.", I answered with a chuckle.

"I'm not having any women to please when I grow up. I'm staying single, girls are too much trouble." Mason retorted.

"I think you'll find you'll change your mind at some point in the future. For now though, I understand where you are coming from, son." I explained.

Once his tie was tied, he was ready to go so we made our way down stairs to wait for Bella. While we were waiting the limo I had hired drove up. The driver came to the door.

"Mr. Edward Cullen?" he asked politely.

"Yes, that is me. We are just waiting on my wife and we will be ready to go." I replied.

"Very well, Mr. Cullen, I will wait by the car.", he said.

Bella came downstairs a moment later. I was awed by her beauty. She looked every bit the part of a Greek goddess. With Her on one arm and Whitney on the other while Mason walked in front of us we made our way to the limo. Once we were all in the driver closed the door walked to take his place behind the wheel and we left.