-1Chapter 3: Romantic Nights

Bella POV

"Edward, I want to thank you for this wonderful anniversary gift." I told him as we lay in bed after making passionate love for the third time tonight.

This is the second night on board ship. During the day we simply relaxed by the pool or in it after a good long work out in the ships gym. Edward and I both like to keep toned and fit.

He pulled me closer to his side and kissed my temple and replied.

" You are very welcome my love. I am enjoying it also."

"Is it just the cruise or you having this effect on me?" I asked with a giggle.

Ever since coming on board it seems my libido has gone into super overdrive. I have wanted to attack my gorgeous husband almost every single minute. Not that he has complained.

Edward chuckled.

" Yes, you caught me, love. I very much love this increased need you have for me. That's not saying that I am lacking though on a regular basis. You don't have to worry at all. I am a very happy and satisfied man every minute I am in your presence my love."

I climbed on top of him and put a peck on his lips and smiled. Then we just lay there staring into each other's eyes until I got sleepy then I laid my head over his heart and let the beat of it lull me to sleep.

Edward POV

As I lay holding my beautiful Bella in my arms, I wondered what I ever did to deserve the wonderful woman that she has always been and still is. I can't imagine one minute without her or my children. If I didn't have the three of them I would lose my mind. They mean the world to me and there is nothing I wouldn't do for them to keep them happy. I am so glad I brought Bella on this cruise. It is something we have needed. I loved how Bella found comfort in me and with me. I am glad to know I succeed in making her happy. I love moments like the ones we are having right now.

Bella is the truest form of natural beauty that a human can be. Right now in this moment, she is the most beautiful with her naked body lying on top of mine. Her long, silken, chestnut colored locks spread out over her shoulders while her head rests over my heart. The moonlight is streaming through the large picture window and is giving her that ethereal glow. I find it hard to believe that she is real sometimes. I close my eyes and thank God for sending me what I consider to be his best angel and ask him to let me be ever mindful to never take his gift for granted.

A week passes...

Stalker POV

Damn it! Where is Edward? I have been all over looking for him. No sign of him or the bitch anywhere for the last week. Grrrrr! I only have to wait just a little while longer I tell myself. Soon he will be mine and mine alone. I won't have to share him anymore. The brats are still going to school but no sign of the bitch and Edward. I can only guess they are away somewhere together. That pisses me off even more. I know he is aware of my affection for him I have sent him notes and letters telling him so. Of course though I didn't sign any of them but I know he knows because of the hints in them.

I guess he is just biding his time until he can get away from her and the brats to make his move. Soon maybe at the upcoming reunion even he will make his feelings for me known. Then I will be able to rub it in all the bitches' faces at the same time that Edward is mine.

Soon Edward very soon...

Rosalie POV

Whew! I can't believe a week has gone by already. I guess having two extra kids in the house is more work than I thought. That's ok though, I love them just as much as my own. I know Edward and Bella needed this trip. I know one day though they will repay the favor for Emmett and me.

Once school is out Emmett and I are planning to go on a short getaway for just us. My auto shop is really busy right now and Emmett is a P.E. coach at the high school so it's impossible to go before then.

What time is it? 8 a.m. the clock says. I have to go upstairs and get the Em and the kids up the kids have a birthday party to go to for one of their classmates. I went to get Em up first. He's the most difficult on the weekends, during the week no problem at all.

I walk into our bedroom and see him curled up on his side hugging my pillow. He looks so sweet like this. I get outdone sometimes when my husband acts as childish as our children but I love him with all my heart. He is a wonderful loving husband and other than the exceptions of the other fathers in our family he is the best father to our children.

I consider myself a very lucky woman to have a husband like Emmett now. My first husband was nothing but a lazy bum. All he knew how to do was drink and sleep. I did all the working and housework by myself and all I got for my effort was screamed at and beaten up. He only beat me once though because that cost him his life. He was killed in prison after he was sentenced to spend 5 years there.

I walked over to the bed and leaned over Emmett's body and started tickling his nose with my hair. It was funny watching his nose twitch. I couldn't help but giggle as he mumbled and swatted at it.

Once he started waking up he rolled onto his back and I lay down on top of him. I pecked his lips with mine. It took a couple of times but he responded. Then before I knew it he grabbed me and rolled us over so I was under him. I spread my legs so he could rest between them. We stared into each other's eyes for a few moments.

Emmett POV

It is a lucky man who can be woken up by an angel placing kisses on his lips then hold said angel in his arms and stare into her ocean blue eyes and see all the love that is in her soul for him. That is what I am seeing right now as I look down into Rosalie's laughing eyes. Such beautiful eyes on a more than beautiful woman. Rosalie and my children are everything a man could need or want.

"Good morning, Mrs. Cullen.", I told her before I leaned down and kissed her deeply.

"It's time to get up, babe. You have to take all the kids to that birthday party and drop them off and you said you were going to take the jeep down to the shop." she said.

I dropped my head and buried my face in her neck.

Groaning loudly, I asked," Can't I just stay here like we are right now?"

I was very much in my happy place. I had Rosalie under me and her supermodel legs wrapped around me.

She laughed before answering," Well sweetheart that is a nice thought but I suppose not. We have things to do and we have all the kids to tend to as well. I promise though if you be a really good boy and do what needs to be done I'll call your mom and see if she and your dad can keep the all the kids tonight for us. We can have the house all to ourselves. I'll make us a delicious dinner and then we can spend the rest of the night in bed."

"Mmmmm, I like the way you think Rosie and yes I find that to be a great incentive for getting up."

Kissing her once more I got off of her and got out of bed and made my way to the bathroom for a shower.