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At school, the kids had a few mintues to socialize before the bell rings and they have to go to class. It's a good time to talk and ask friends how their weekend was. Bulling was another activity that went around during those 25 mintues.

"Why not?" Quirky Sterling Dawson was asking out Avery Sherwood. Avery was only one social class ahead of Sterling and he wasn't a loser. She's become such a snob since the begginging of Summer.

"Cause! I'm waiting for you to COME OUT OF THE CLOSET, so I can tell my brother. " She formed her mouth around her words and looked back at her giggling friends. She had done her job. Mikey saw the sad look on Sterling's face, and wished Avery could eat those words. She better have some good chompers for those.

"Lay off!" Mikey proclaimed. As Avery turned around, it seemed as if a gust of wind hit his face and blast through his hair.

"Why should I?" Her hand was placed on her hip in the way that made Mikey's blood feel like sandpaper. Just behind him stood Mouth and Bluebell, backing him up. The two looked so tough but, oh-so calm. You might of thought they were actually cool.

Avery always had an additude. She had the most annoying shirt-that was her 'fave'-that said, 'LOVE+HATE=ADDITUDE'. No it doesn't. It equals 'Late' or 'Hove'.

"What's going on here?" Mr. Daly said, 'breaking it up'. The bell rang and school was officially in session.

Sterling walked with Mikey to their homeroom. Chunk, Data, and Bluebell went to theirs. And Mouth was left all lonesome. :(

"You okay?" Mikey asked. Sterling is a sensitive kid, so it was necessary for him to ask.

"Yeah. Avery is nice when she's not with her clique." Mikey nodded at that, even though it was not true. Avery was mean 24/7. She had midnight black hair that was almost brown, and was a complete symphony of curls. She's not the leader of the 'gang'. That's Lucille Kruw who is much nicer than Avery.

"You seemed kind of put down back there..." Mikey's voice trailed off. These two weren't the closest of friends. Data was Mikey's best friend. But some dude just got crushed by a crush.

Mikey at least kinda knows what that feels like.

"Hey, Flowerchild." Avery smirked to Bluebell in homeroom.

Bluebell was a calm, peaceful girl and sweet like the smell of freshly opened Root Beer. Just as bubbly too. So, those comments didn't get to her.

But if you cross her, watch out. That smiley face will go away and that is the purely pissed Bluebell, and she don't give a second thought on yelling at her target. The last retard who said she had PMS got his nuts kicked in.

"I don't really like being called that. I think it's judgemental." Bluebell flashed a smile. She had such a sweet tone in her voice.

"Uh-huh...whatever orphan." Avery sat down next to Lucille, who gave her a digusted look."What?!"

Data had seen what had happened and saw the faintly there saddness upon her face. Her eyes were glossier than normal and she was trying think happy thoughts.

Through out the class, the words filled her head. Flowerchild, she could deal with. That's what she was.

But orphan...that cut too deep. Avery had NO idea how it really was.

Bluebell looked over at Chunk who was dozing off. She giggled and soon enough, class was over.

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