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Moving In


I woke up on a beautiful Saturday morning to the sound of trucks pulling up to the house next door to me. The house had been empty for quite awhile now. It was a nice house; a bit smaller than I would prefer for myself. Even though I live alone and am single, I love having a lot of space.

I went to the window of my bedroom and looked out; I was slightly curious as to who my new neighbors would be. All I could see so far was just furniture being pulled off the trucks. It looked elegant; something that a modern young woman would choose.

I became even more curious then to know who would be occupying that house. If it was a woman, I couldn't help but wonder if she was single or married. I wondered what she would look like. I watched for awhile, but I never did catch a glimpse of the occupants moving in. Suddenly, I realized what time it was and knew I had to get ready to go in to work.

Once I got into work mode, I didn't think much more about what was going on next door. I simply wanted to get to the hospital, do my shift, and get home. I was so ready to have a few days off to rest; this last month had been brutal.

After I was dressed and ready to go, I went to get in my car to leave; that's when I saw her. A woman with long, chocolate curls cascading down her back; she looked to be around 25 to 30 and was getting out of a sleek black Mercedes. I watched, as she walked around to the other side of the car and pull a small child out of the back. The child had dark hair; it was jet black and completely straight with big dark eyes and tanned skin. Most definitely Native American Indian.

A moment later, I saw an older child come out of the house. A boy, who looked to be about 14 or 15, with short, dark wavy hair and ice blue eyes. He took the smaller child from the woman and went back inside.

So much for her being single I thought to myself, as I pulled out of the driveway and drove down the street. I looked, as I passed by; she waved and smiled. Wow! What a knockout! She was blindingly gorgeous. I stopped myself right there though; I knew there was no way a woman like her was single. I imagined her having a husband, who would kill anybody who looked cross eyed at her.

The whole time I was at work, my mind kept returning to thought of the woman. I didn't know her, but it wouldn't hurt to pay a visit and welcome her to the neighborhood. Who knows, her husband might be a nice guy to get to know too. I didn't realize it until now, but I was lonely.


Gosh, it had been such a long day. Even with having professional movers to do most everything for you, moving was still tiring. At least, the most of it was done, now; tomorrow, I would spend getting everything organized and put in it's place. Matt would be able to keep Chelsea entertained for me since it was Sunday and school hasn't started yet.

As I lay in bed, I let my mind wander; I started thinking how nice it was that I could start over in a new town and finally be completely free of my past. I was looking forward to getting to know my neighbors and coworkers in the new design firm I'd be starting at in a couple of weeks. I drifted off to sleep, after hearing the guy next door get home.


I was so glad to be here in my new house and new town. More than that, I was glad to see my mom be able to relax. Being that I am only 15, I can't really imagine what it must be like to have to go through what she had in such a short time.

I mean, my sperm donor, as I call him having raped her in high school; then he got off with only a slap on the wrist for it. That must have been incredibly hard to get over. It was past time for my mom to be happy. I was also happy to know that the sperm donor to me and the sperm donor of Chelsea would be out of our lives for good. Maybe someday, mom would meet a guy, who would treat her the way she deserved to be treated.

Me and mom have always had a really close bond with each other. I loved and respected her more than anyone else I had ever known. She deserved nothing less because of all she had done to get all three of us where we were right now.

After being raped by my sperm donor, she discovered she had been left pregnant; she could have been bitter, but she wasn't. She could've killed me before I was born or given me up, and she didn't do either of those things. She took care of me, while I grew inside of her; my mom loved and cared for me, after I was born. She had her childhood stolen from her, when the sperm donor raped her and my grandmother deserted us. My grandmother blamed my mom for the rape; she said it happened because she teased her stepfather Phil so much. Mom left her home and moved in with a friend of my grandfather's Sue Clearwater. My Grandfather had already passed away, and mom had nowhere else to turn.

Once she had moved from Jacksonville Florida to Forks Washington, she finished high school. While there, she met Chelsea's sperm donor. They were best friends for years; he claimed to be in love with mom. She eventually gave into his pleas to give him a chance. At first, everything was great, but then he turned stupid after Chelsea was a couple of years old. He got greedy and took money from the company he was working for. He was in prison, now.

Using the money she got from my grandfather's life insurance, mom moved us all here to start new lives in a new place. Mom had gotten a job in a design firm. She would be starting to work in a couple of weeks and Chelsea and I will be starting a new school. I'll be a sophomore, and Chelsea will be in Kindergarten. I was looking forward to getting our new life underway.


It was late, as I pulled into my driveway. I looked at the house next door; all the lights were out. I had my mind made up that I was going to go over there in the morning and welcome my new neighbors. I had also decided that in case that she was married, I would call Alice to come over and go with me.

Even though it was late, I knew she would still be up; I dialed her number, once I got inside the house.

" Late shift tonight, Edward?" she asked me.

" Yeah, Ali, it was and I am bushed, baby sister. I've got the next four days off though, and I plan on taking advantage of it," I told her.

" That's good. You need some down time. It's kind of late for a phone call from you. Is there anything wrong?" she asked curious.

I had to laugh at her never ending need to be " in the know".

" No, Ali Cat, there's nothing wrong. I was wondering though if you and Jasper would do me a favor tomorrow," I told her with a hopeful tone to my voice.

" Sure, big brother. What is it you want us to do?" she asked.

I knew that I was asking for trouble, but I couldn't help it; after letting out a long breath of air, I answered.

" I was wondering if you and Jasper would go over to the new neighbors house with me and welcome her to the neighborhood,"

I waited for the laugh that would surely come, but it didn't. It was silent on the other end of the line for so long that I thought I had lost my connection. Finally, I heard her tinkling laughter.

" So, our new neighbor is a woman huh?" Alice asked.

I let my chin drop to my chest knowing I had made a mistake and given Alice the opportunity to play matchmaker.

" Yes, and just in case she is married or attached, I don't want the guy to see me as a threat. I thought if you and Jasper went too since you live on the same street just a few houses down that it would look more social," I answered.

She laughed.

" More social and less like you are trying to find out if she is single or not," she replied with a smirking tone.

I breathed a heavy sigh and answered her back.

" Never mind, Alice, just let it go. Goodnight," I said as I was about to hit the end call button. I heard her call out to me before I could.

" I'm sorry, Edward. I'm just pleasantly surprised to find you making this effort is all. It's been such a long time since you've even shown any interest in the fairer sex," she said.

I knew she was right. Since I had been taken for a ride by my ex-wife, I had not been keen on going for it again. It was hard to believe I was actually going to make this effort, but I was tired of being alone.

" I'm tired, Ali Cat; I'm going to bed. I love you and I'll call you tomorrow, after I get up," I told her.

" I love you too, big brother. Goodnight," she replied.

We hung up, and I walked into my room where I undressed and collapsed into bed. I dreamed all night of the dark haired beauty next door. A body could only hope that fate would be on my side and she would actually be single.