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Birthday Preparations:


I watched with a smile on my face, as Edward and Matt pulled out of the driveway. Matt was so excited to be trying for his license today; I had no doubt that he would get them. He had been driving as much as he could to get more experienced at it; he had done well too.

He was very safe; he was always alert and aware of everything going on around him, while he was under the wheel. I was one proud momma; my son was a very sensible and responsible young man.

After they were gone, I cleaned up the kitchen. Rose was coming by in a short while to pick up Chelsea; she was going to keep the girls occupied, while Alice, Esme and myself got ready for Matt's party tonight.


Can I just say how proud of my son, I am? He's such a good kid. He worked hard to keep his grades up and he'd just earned his driver's license. I was a very proud father.

We were on our way back home, now. Bella, my mom along with Alice were at mom's house getting the rec room ready for his party tonight; Rose was keeping Lily and Chelsea occupied. Maybe I should say they were instructing my dad, Emmett and Jasper on how to get it ready.

Since I was taking Matt to get his license, they got roped into moving furniture around to make room for everything to be set up. The rec room had a small kitchen area, but a couple of tables were needed so the sofas and chairs needed to be moved around.


Once we had all the furniture moved, we started getting the other tables set up. The rec room had a small kitchen in it; the bar separated the kitchen from the rest of the room. We were placing the tables in front of the bar so the guests could walk between and around the bat and tables to be able to reach everything.

"Okay, so the plates, cups, napkins and eating utensils go here on one end of the bar then we'll set up the drinks on the other end," Esme said.

"We'll need a whole table for the cake. I say we put it over there on the very end," Alice suggested.

"Yeah, that will work great; if you don't mind go ahead and set that up," Esme told her.

"How many pizzas do you think we'll need to order?" I asked.

"We'll Matt said he invited at least 35 to 40 of his friends, but if parties still work like they did when my boys were at home we'd better be prepared for more to show up," she said.

"Yeah, and don't forget, Bella, you'll need to order the ones for all of us adults too. There's no need for any of us to have to cook tonight," Alice threw in.

"Okay, so I'm thinking at least 30 large, one-topping pizzas for the party and 10 large, assorted topping pizzas for all of us adults; does that sound about right?" I asked.

"I would say so, dear; we'll order those about an hour and half before the party," Esme said.

"Alright, I bought all the chips we decided on; I'll make the nacho cheese dip in a little bit," I told them.

"Well, we've got everything done that we can do down here for the time being, so I suggest we go upstairs and rest a bit," Esme said.

Edward and Matt were coming in the door, just as we got upstairs.

"Hi honey," I greeted Edward.

"Hey gorgeous," he greeted in return.

"Well, is our son now legal to drive?" I asked, as I reached and brought Matt to me and hugged him.

"Yes, he is," Edward answered.

"You'd be really proud of me, mom; the officer told me I was one of the best driver's he'd ever given the test to," Matt told me.

"I'm always proud of you, baby. I'm proud of your accomplishment too," I told him.

He smiled and hugged me tight, before he turned and went outside.

"So, are we all set up for the party tonight?" Edward asked.

"Oh yeah other than ordering the pizzas and making the nacho cheese sauce," I replied.

"Did you decide if we were going to give Matt his gifts before the party or after?" Carlisle asked.

"What do you think is best, love?" Edward asked looking to me.

"It really would make more sense to give them to him before the party because you know it will be pretty late to do it afterward," I replied.

"So doing it now would probably be the best time," Esme said.

We all agreed and called everyone inside.