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Wedding Talk:


Matt's party had been a success; I had never seen my son so happy. His eyes were so full of love and light. I couldn't help the tears I felt welling up in my eyes.

"Bella...sweetheart, what on earth is wrong?" Esme asked.

"I'm just so overwhelmed by the love all of you have given me and my children, since we came to know you. We have never known what it was like to have a large, close knit, loving family. I wasn't close to my mother, after I got to be a teenager. My father loved me, but I didn't get to be close to him as I wanted to be. I just want to say thank you for loving us so much," I explained.

"You were made for this family, Bella; that includes your children. We love you all very much and consider you a part of us already even though it's not on paper yet," Carlisle said.

Edward hugged me extra tight and whispered words of love in my ear. Alice bounced over to me then.

"Speaking of you being a part of us, we need to get cracking on some wedding plans, chick," she said.

"I haven't talked it over with Edward yet, but I have been thinking about it a lot," I told her.

"Well, why don't we plan to have lunch together tomorrow? We can discuss it then," she said.

I looked up at Edward and questioned with my eyes. He gave me the most gorgeous, crooked and love filled smile I had ever seen.

"I'm all for making you and those kids official Cullens as soon as humanly possible, love," he said.

"Okay, lunch tomorrow it is then. It's late though and I'm exhausted. I think it's time we headed home for tonight," I replied.

"Yes, you are right. You can leave the munchkin here, if you want to; she'll be fine, and I'll bring her with to lunch tomorrow," Esme said.

Edward and I agreed; we went in and kissed both Chelsea and Lily once more then we left and went home. Matt pulled in just a moment after Edward and I. He caught up to us and we all walked in the house together.

"Mom, dad...I just want to thank you guys for the great party and my presents; this really was one of the best birthdays ever. I love you both a lot," Matt told us, as he walked over and hugged us.

"You're welcome, baby; you deserve it. We love you too," I replied, as I squeezed him tight.

"Your mother is right, son; you do deserve it. You're a fine young man; I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am to call you my son. I love you, Matt," Edward told him, as he hugged him too.

After saying goodnight, we all went upstairs to bed. At 1 pm, I found myself sitting around a table at Cafe Claude with Esme, Alice, Rosalie, and the girls. Alice was in full planning mode; she had brought a legal pad and a pen. While we were waiting on our food, we started working on some of the details.

"When you want to get married is the first thing you should decide," Alice began.

"I have actually, and I was thinking I would love to get married on New Year's Eve. I would love to start the new year off officially being Mrs. Edward Cullen," I answered.

"Oh, I love that idea, Bella! It's fabulous; I can just picture your dress now. We'll discuss that later though," Alice said.

"Okay, so what's next?" I asked.

Our food came; we ate, and continued making plans. By the time lunch was over, we had a good portion of the wedding planned.

We didn't discuss my dress much, but I knew what style that I wanted. I decided my colors were going to be dark purple, lavender, and silver. We had decided on the time which was going to be at 5 pm in the evening. It was going to be a small private family affair. There would be no reception to follow, because we would be attending the New Year's Eve Charity Ball afterward.

"Okay, we have the date, the colors you want and the time. We can look online at dress styles and things of that nature later. You need to sit down with Edward and discuss the honeymoon details, but we've got a good start on the wedding as a whole," Alice said.

"I can hardly wait to see it come to life. I just know it's going to be breathtakingly beautiful," Esme put in.

"I can hardly wait either," I told her.

We finished up with lunch then went our separate ways. I had some shopping to do before I went home, so Chelsea and I got busy running errands.

"Mommy, can I have a princess dress to wear when you marry daddy?" Chelsea asked, as we entered a store.

"I wouldn't dream of you having anything less, sweetheart," I replied, as she hopped on the back of the shopping cart.

"Can it be a pink one?" she asked.

"Well, sweetie, a pink one wouldn't go with the other colors I picked out. I was thinking it would be white like my dress with purple beads on it; how does that sound?" I replied.

"I like that. Will you show it to me, when we get home?" she asked.

"I see what I can do about that, angel," I answered.

It was in the early evening by the time we finished our shopping and headed home. Edward and Matt along with a couple of Matt's friends were playing basketball, when I pulled into the drive. When I got out and started unloading everything, they all came over and helped me to get it all in the house.

"Thanks, guys," I told them.

"Welcome," they all chorused.

Matt and his friends went back outside, while Edward helped me put everything away. Chelsea went to play in her room.

"So did you and the girls get our wedding all planned out today?" Edward asked.

"All except a few minor details; she said it was up to you and I to work out our honeymoon details," I answered with a giggle.

"Well, since you and the girls have taken care of the wedding details, I would like the honor and privilege of surprising you with a beyond amazing honeymoon," he told me, as he hugged me from behind.

"Hmm...that does sound really intriguing, Mr. Cullen," I told him, as I snuggled into his embrace.

"I promise it will be the best and most amazing trip of your life," he whispered in my ear then dropped a kiss just under my earlobe.

"In that case, I look very forward to seeing what you come up with," I replied.

Soon everything was put away then I got busy preparing dinner. Melissa came over; she and Matt's other friends had dinner with us then they went and did their own thing. Chelsea, Edward and I enjoyed a relaxing evening at home.

We played games and watched tv then put Chelsea to bed around 9. Once Chelsea was in bed, Edward and I decided to retire to our room and share a bath. After the bath, we made really good use of the quiet time.