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First Night In Bali:


It was a long trip, but we were finally in Bali. For our first night, I had arranged for Bella and I to have dinner on the beach, while watching the sunset. I also arranged for a small private orchestra to play for us.

I was dressed and waiting on Bella to finish getting dressed. I told her to dress light and comfortable. I chose to wear an aqua blue, loose fitting linen shirt and khaki pants that hung low on my hips. I knew that it would drive my wife nuts. Finally, Bella came out of the bedroom. She looked too beautiful for words to adequately describe.

Her hair was curled and pulled to one side of her head and neck. She was wearing a periwinkle colored dress. It was one of those gauze material dresses. It fit tight around her ample breast and then flowed loosely around the rest of her body. The straps were thin and criss crossed over her back. It dipped low enough that I could just barely see the top of her ass. Sandals adorned her feet, they were silver colored.

"Bella...you look incredible, love. Are you hungry? Dinner is waiting for us," I told her.

"Thank you, darling; you look very sexy yourself. As a matter of fact, I demand that when we get home you have to dress like this more often. The way your shirt is loose, yet clinging to your muscular chest is driving me crazy; the fact that you've left it unbuttoned almost to your waist is making me think very naughty thoughts about you. Yes, I am hungry and not just for food," she told me.

The look in her eyes was enough to make me get throbbing hard. She noticed it too. I watched as her tongue licked across her bottom lip leaving it wet and glistening. I wanted to attack her and take her right then and there. She was the sexiest woman on the planet.

"Come on, my love...dinner awaits. I'm quite hungry. I want to get through the main course and then take my time enjoying dessert," I told her, reaching my hand out for hers.

She gave me her hand, and we made our way down to the beach. The hotel had set up a small table with a white linen table cloth. It was surrounded by tiki torches and various flower arrangements. The orchestra began playing as soon as they saw us.

"Oh...Edward, this is wonderful; thank you, baby. I love it and I love you even more," Bella said.

"You are quite welcome, love. I love you more than I can possibly tell you," I replied.

We sat down to eat dinner and watch the sun set over the water. It was such a peaceful moment. The colors were glorious as the sky turned from blue to pink then purple until it faded into black. The moon and stars came out and cast their silver light down on us. After dinner was over, I got up and took Bella's hand; we walked down the beach in the moonlight. We talked quietly, while the waves washed up and wet our feet.

We talked about everything under the sun. Mostly about us and our family as well as the future family we hoped we had already started to create. Bella and I both were very hopeful that I had gotten her pregnant last night.

"If we did succeed, what do you hope we will have?" Bella asked me.

"I honestly don't care either way; If I could have my choice, I would want another little girl. One that has my hair color and your eyes. What would you choose?" I replied.

"I would choose a little boy, who looked just like you...of course," she said, smiling.

"Then again it's possible that we did a really good job and made twins. That way we each have a shot at getting our wish," I said.

Bella laughed and hugged me around my waist. We stopped walking and turned to look at each other. I slowly bent down and kissed her; she responded instantly.

"You know...we may have succeeded, but just on the chance that we didn't, what do you say we go back to our room and get back to our mission?" she said.

"I love how your mind works, Mrs. Cullen. After all...I wouldn't want it to ever be said that we did anything halfway," I said, teasing her.

We kissed again then we made our way back to our room where we spent all night making passionate love.

"Mmmmm...Edward, that was our best round yet," Bella whispered, as I lay spent on top of her.

"I'm inclined to agree with you, love. If you aren't pregnant after that, I'm sorry to say we might as well quit," I replied.

We lay panting and exhausted, after the hardest and most thoroughly sound fucking we had ever given each other. She and I both had been in positions that we never realized could perform. We were so exhausted that we passed out without even separating.

I only woke up, when I felt my chest being pushed on. I roused from sleep.

"You gotta move, honey; you're crushing me," Bella mumbled.

I moved off of her then snuggled up behind her. I pulled her into my arms; we both went back to sleep.