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Gift Of Love:


Bella was thrilled with my gift to her. She was entranced through the whole performance; actually all the women were. I had to admit, even I enjoyed it a little bit; but I loved watching Bella enjoy it more. The expressions that would cross her face were truly exquisite and beautiful. I could tell she felt what the characters felt and it showed.

Melissa and Bella both had unshed tears in their eyes at the end of the performance. Chelsea was happy because of the happy ending. Mrs. Cope seemed to enjoy it as well.

After the ballet, we went to dinner at the Caucus Room.; it was delicious. The steak was perfectly cooked and tender, the sweet potatoes au gratin were the best I had ever tasted. Bella had a salad with hers. After dinner was over, we went back to the hotel.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was late and time for the children to go to bed. Mrs. Cope and the children were sharing a suite next to mine and Bella's. Yes, I planned it that way. I was going to have my wife all to myself and not have to worry about being quiet.

Bella and I said goodnight to everyone then Mrs. Cope took them all to their room; it was just Bella and I then.

"Well...it's just you and me, my love. Happy Valentine's Day. I hope you enjoyed your gift," I whispered against her neck.

"Oh...Edward, it was wonderful; thank you, darling. You couldn't have pleased me more. I can only hope you like my gift just as much," she replied.

"You didn't have to get me anything, angel. You are plenty gift enough for me to last me the rest of my life," I told her and placed a kiss on the soft skin under her ear.

"Mmm...that's nice, but no distracting me," she said with a smile, as she pulled away from me.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"To get everything ready so I can give you your gift. Just wait here and I'll come and get you when I'm ready," she told me and gave me a chaste kiss, before she turned and left.

I stayed in the sitting room, as she had asked me to and waited. I smiled to myself as I thought over the last few weeks. I was a very lucky man to have all I could dream of.


I was nervous but excited at the same time. I couldn't wait to give Edward the card I had bought with the news in it about the baby. I had a little gift box with the home pregnancy test in it. I had the results of the blood test from the doctor inside the card.

After I was through putting on the new set of lingerie I had been given also a gift from my husband, I turned down the bed and turned on my IPOD. Kenny G was playing. I loved his music.

My lingerie was a chiffon baby doll; it was a dark plum color. It had a halter top neckline and an empire waist. The band under my breasts was beaded; it cupped and molded to my breasts, slightly lifting them up. The panties were little more than strings. I better enjoy wearing this stuff now because in a few months it wouldn't look good on me.

Once I was dressed, I let my hair down and shook it out so it fell down my back and across my shoulders in big sexy curls. I laid on my back across the bed with my head hanging slightly off the edge facing the door in what I considered a sexy pose.

"Edward...I'm ready, honey," I called out to him.

He entered the bedroom looking as sexy as I had ever seen him look. He his hair was all over the place; he had taken off his bow tie and unbuttoned his shirt. It was still tucked into his pants but was wide open, showing his toned chest and abs. He looked good enough to lick and I planned on doing just that.


I had waited as patiently as I could until Bella called me into the bedroom. I walked in and was blown away, as I took her in. I was instantly so hard and ready that I could have blown my load right then. She looked so damn good. I made my way to the bed and leaned over to her kiss and caress her body. She looked good enough to eat and I couldn't wait to get started.

"Bella, you look like a goddess. You are so beautiful, love," I told her.

She smiled and blushed, as she pulled me down to her. I stretched out on top of her then kissed her deeply and passionately.

"Mmmm...you look very sexy yourself, Mr. Cullen," she said, as she pushed me off of her.

We got up off the bed and she began to finish undressing me. Once I was down to my black silk boxers, she pushed me back on the bed.

"Sit up against the headboard. I want to give you your gift now," she told me.

I did as she asked; she crawled to sit between my legs with her back to my chest.

"Reach over and grab that box and card off the table," she instructed.

The box was about as big as a watch box so I assumed that's what it was. I was speechless, when I opened it and saw what was inside it. I could not stop the tears that came to my eyes, when I read the word in the tiny screen. Pregnant, Bella was letting me know we were going to have a baby. A baby we made together.


I waited a moment to give Edward some time to find his voice. I turned around and saw the huge smile on his face and the tears rolling down his cheeks.

"I take it you are happy with your gift," I said quietly.

"Oh...Bella...my love...my angel...my everything, I am more than merely happy. I am on top of the world," I said, hugging her then caressing her stomach where I knew our baby was growing inside her.

I kissed her with all the passion I had in me. My wife had just given me the most wonderful and beautiful gift a man could receive. She had made me a father for the third time. I was crying and I couldn't have cared less, if I looked unmanly or not.

"Are you sure, love? Have you been to a doctor to have it confirmed? Do you know how far along you are?" I asked.

She gave me the card. It was simple but beautiful and inside it showed the results of the blood test confirming a positive result.

"I'm just over five weeks along now. We made our baby on the first night of our honeymoon," she told me.

I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her over and over again.

"Thank you, my love. Thank you for your gift of loving me and making every single one of my dreams come true. No one could make me as happy as you do, Bella," I whispered to her.

Once I pulled myself together, we sat talking for awhile. We held each other while we kissed and cuddled. I couldn't stand it any longer though, I had to have Bella. She looked so sinfully delicious in her nightie, but I was ready for her to be naked so I could bury myself inside her.

I placed her on the bed on her back and laid on top of her, but I was careful not to put too much of my weight on her. I didn't want to hurt our precious gift made from our love for each other.

I kissed her passionately; our tongues twined together one caressing the other until we had to break for air. I moved down her neck and sucked on the spot below her ear.

"Mmmm...Edward, yessss," she said.

"You have always been beautiful, love but in this moment you are more than that. There aren't words to describe it," I told her, as I continued kissing her collar bones.

I pulled on the strings of her nightie; the material slid off her shoulders, revealing her breasts to my hungry eyes. I kissed them then down the insides of her arms. I caressed the insides of her wrist with my tongue.

"Ohhhhhh...god, Edward...you're driving me to insanity. That feels sooo good, darling," she moaned.

"I'm going to spend every minute the rest of this night making love to you and showing you how much you mean to me, angel," I explained.

I was now down to her full, firm breasts. I took my time loving and worshipping them. In a few more months, they would be nourishment for my son or daughter that was growing inside Bella.

"Oh god...Edward, please don't stop! Your tongue flicking my nipples feels so damn good. I'm going to come...agh!" she cried out.

A moment later, I felt the moist heat and wetness flow out of her body. The feeling and the scent of it drove me insane. I loved being able to do that to her and knowing that no other man but myself would have that pleasure again.

"Hormones kicking in already, love?" I asked her smiling.

"Apparently, so you better be ready and on your toes, mister. You are in for the ride of your life," she replied.

"I can hardly wait, angel; give me your worst. I will still love you just as much as I do right now; even more, when it's all over and we have our baby in our arms," I replied.

I saw tears come to her eyes, and I was instantly alarmed. Had I hurt her somehow without knowing it?

"Angel, why are you crying? Have I hurt you?" I asked with panic in my voice.

She shook her head no, but stayed silent as she looked up at me.

"Bella...please say something, love," I begged her.

"Oh...Edward, you are just the sweetest most wonderful husband, and I love you so much that I can't contain it. I don't want to contain it either. The tears are happy ones, darling. You always say the words I need to hear, and I know you mean them with every fiber of your being," she explained.

I was relieved and continued making sweet tender love to every inch of her body. I tasted her with my mouth, caressed her with my hands ,and worshipped her with my body. I thanked her in every way I could think of for her gift of love.

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