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Punishment and Reflection:

Peter Jr. POV

Fuck me! I could not believe Matt got so steamed about what I said. I mean really; what was the big deal? His mom is a total MILF plain and simple; Edward Cullen is one lucky bastard to have a wife that looks that good. Any guy who has eyes would say the same thing I did. If he's a straight guy, he couldn't help but wonder what getting up in her pussy would be like; I'd bet she's still so fucking tight that her pussy would feel like a vice around a cock. I'd bet Edward fucks her everyday, and when he isn't fucking her, he's thinking about it. If she was mine, I'd never let her out from under me.

Matt is a lucky ass bastard in his own way too; Melissa is a fine piece of ass too. She's just got a big fucking mouth. If she had just kept quiet, Matt wouldn't even know I'd said anything. It's hard to believe that Matt took her side over mine; he may be a lucky bastard, but he's such a pussy.

Because of the two of them, I'm in deep shit. I got an ass chewing of the century, my car was taken away from me, my extra cash flow has been cut off, I'm grounded, and I have to write a letter of apology to Edward, Bella, Matt and even Melissa! It's unreal; all of that just because I was lusting after some pussy. If I'd known I was going to get in that much trouble for just looking and fantasizing, I would've actually made it worth my while and copped a feel. I really need to get fucking laid.

Melissa POV

I felt so bad for Matt; he felt so betrayed by Pete. I knew Pete was a real bonehead, but I never knew he was a complete asshole and a total jerk. I also felt bad that it was me who had to tell Matt what had been said. I felt like I was busting up a friendship, but I couldn't lie to Matt. I love him too much for that. I know we are young, but I can see myself being with him for the rest of my life. He is so smart, good looking, but most of all he's loving and loyal to his family.

I love the way he is so protective over his mom and little sister. He had confided in me about his biological father. I felt awful for him and Chelsea; I was glad they had Edward for a father, now. Both Edward and Bella were good and loving parents; the whole Cullen family was great.

I was not looking forward to school on Monday because of what happened over the weekend, but I was looking forward to working with Alice on my prom dress and accessories. She was so sweet and fun to be around.


I was really bummed about what happened with Pete. I had thought he was a true friend, but he was just a jerk. It was kind of making me doubt my own judgement, but Melly and my family helped me see that it wasn't me that was the problem; their support helped me accept it better. I was not looking forward to Monday. I knew it was not going to be easy, but the cloud would eventually blow over.

I was thrilled to find out my mom was going to have another baby; at least this time she would have everything she needed to make it easier on her. My dad worshipped the ground my mom walked on; he'd do anything for her and for Chelsea and me. I could never say enough how great ti was to have a real father; one that loved us, genuinely.

I got really freaked out, when they made the announcement about a new Cullen and everybody turned to look at me and Melly. Afterward though, I laughed about it; it was kind of funny. It really did get me to thinking though, about everything that happened.

I found out just how much Melly really cares about me and my family, when she smacked Pete for what he said. I know most guys my age are nowhere near ready to think about settling down with one girl, but I'm not most guys. I know what my mom has been through, and I never want to put a girl through that. I see alot of my mom's qualities in Melissa; it's the main reason I started liking her. Now, I know I'm in love with her; it's Melly that I want to be with forever. I know that I can't tell her right now, but I know I'll tell her once we turn 18.

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