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Mrs. Cope POV

Oh my...it has begun I thought to myself, as I walked by the open nursery door and saw Bella rearranging the closets and drawers. She had only three more weeks to go before she was due to deliver her newest child, and it was obvious she had started the nesting process.

The nursery had been decorated and organized for at least two months, now. Edward had even helped her go ahead and pack her bag for the hospital, plus the baby's diaper bag; they were so excited about this little one. The whole family was really.

Matt and Edward kept an ever watchful eye on Bella, when they were home to make sure she was comfortable and had everything she needed. It was really sweet to watch the two of them fuss over her they way they did. Chelsea would ask everyday if it was time for her to meet her little brother or sister.

Edward and Bella had opted to let the gender of their newest addition be a surprise. Her parents, Matt or I would explain that it wasn't quite time yet, but it wouldn't be long off. She would sigh heavily and shake her head at first then she would walk over and lean against Bella's swollen belly.

"Hello, baby; are you awake? It's me, Chelsea. I'm waiting on you to come out of mommy's belly, so we can play together. If you hurry up and get born, I promise to share all my favorite toys with you. I won't even get mad, if you accidentally break one," she would say.

It would make everyone smile and laugh at her innocence; we would try to explain that for awhile the baby would be too small to play with her, but she would have none of it. She would argue us up and down that the baby would love playing with her, so we finally just let her think as she pleased.

I was down in the kitchen preparing dinner, when Edward came home from work. I knew he was home without him even saying a word because I could hear the thundering feet of Chelsea above my head and coming down the stairs. Plus, the loud shouts as she bounded into her daddy's waiting arms. I had left Bella upstairs to her own devices; it would do me no good to even attempt to get her to relax. She was going to do what nature was compelling her to so anyway.

"Hi, Mrs. Cope," Edward greeted me.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Cullen," I replied.

"Something sure smells good. What's for dinner?" he asked.

"Mrs. Cullen requested Lemon Pepper Baked chicken, Rice Pilaf, green beans," I answered.

"Well, it smells delicious I'm sure Bella will be as anxious for it to be ready as I am," he said with a smile.

"Speaking of Bella, would you happen to know where I might find my lovely bride?" he asked.

"You will most likely find her in the nursery or your own suite; she was rearranging the drawers and closet in the nursery again today," I told him.

"Ah...I see; well in that case, I'll check there first," he replied then left to go find Bella.


It was just as Mrs. Cope said, I found Bella working away in the nursery; this was only the third time she's done this in the last month. The first time I said anything to her, she burst into tears and locked herself in our en suite for two hours. I learned quickly not to open my mouth about anything she did from then on, unless it was going to endanger her or the baby.

I stood in the door just watching her, as she worked and listened to the little tune she was humming. When I could resist no longer, I walked up behind her; she was sitting in the floor, so I knelt down then leaned in and placed a suckling kiss on her neck.

"Mmmm," she moaned and leaned her head to one side, giving me more access.

"Good afternoon, beautiful," I said, before I encased her earlobe with my mouth and sucked gently.

"Oh gooooood, Edward...that feels so good, honey," she groaned out and reached up to tangle her fingers into my hair; she pulled my face closer to her neck.

My wandering hands slid around to cup her generous sized breasts, making her lean back into me.

"I take it by those moans you are in need, my love; you know I'm more than willing to help you out with that, kitten. Shall we move this to our bedroom?" I asked her.

"Yes, ohhh yes...I need you, baby," she whispered before turning to capture my lips in a passionate kiss.

I smiled, while I got to my feet then I bent down and swept Bella up into my arms. I carried her to our room and laid her in the middle of our bed. I slowly undressed her then took my own clothes off quickly.

"Make sure our door is locked, honey," she reminded me, smiling.

I nodded and went to check the door; we certainly didn't need or want Chelsea to bust in on us. Bella nor I were ready to explain those types of things yet. We had been really lucky to have been able to skip having to explain to Chelsea how a new baby got in her mother's stomach.

"Oh god, Bella, you are so beautiful," I told her as I got into bed with her.

"Less talking...more loving, husband," she said with a sexy smirk.

"Yes ma'am," I replied.

With Bella on her back, I laid on my side. I could no longer lay directly on top of her due to our little one, so we found other positions to use to be close to one another. There were quite a few that were my favorites; one was where Bella could lay on her back and I could lay on my side facing her. That position allowed me access to all of her. I could kiss her lips, neck and breasts; it allowed me to pleasure he with one hand, while I held her close with my free arm. I could also easily slide in and out of her slick, wet core this way. It was almost as good as being on top of her.

"Edward...mmm, oh...ah...yessss," she moaned and hissed through her teeth, as I rubbed her clit and fingered her pussy.

"You're so wet already, kitten. I love how your body responds to my touch. I'm going to miss this, while you are recovering from giving birth," I told her, as I nipped, nibbled, and sucked on her neck.

"Mmmm...me...ohhh yeah...too," she answered nearly breathless.

"You're close, my love...I can feel it, kitten; your pussy is pulling and tugging at my fingers trying to get them deeper the closer you get to coming. I want it, baby...I want you to come for me; come hard, let me feel you coming on my fingers before I slide my long, hard, thick cock inside of you," I whispered in between suckling kisses all over her breasts.

"Cl...clo...close...oh so close, Edwarrrrd!" she moaned loudly, as it finally overtook her body.

"So beautiful...so sexy...kitten, I want you and need you so much; are you ready to feel me inside of you?" I asked her, as I lifted her leg and put it over mine.

"Yessss, oh yes. I need you, baby…need you to fuck me and make me come for you," she said, as I slid slowly inside her.

"Mmmm...yessss...ohhhh fuuuuck…feels so fucking good, kitten. I love how tight, wet and hot your pussy is...ahhh," I moaned, while I moved in and out of her body.

Yes...uh...oh fu...fuck...oh yeah...mmm," she panted.

"You're close again, kitten. I want to watch you play with your clit, while I fuck you, love...play with yourself and help me make you come," I told her.

"Oh...yeah...uh huh...yes! I'm gonna come, Edward...gonna come so hard...oh yeah...fuck my pussy, baby...fuck it hard and deep," she pleaded.

I increased my pace and turned a little more so I could get deeper inside of her. Her walls were contracting hard and fast; she was very near her release, and it was quickly pulling mine from me as well.

"Ed-war-dddddd!" Bella screamed my name while her juices coated my dick.

I felt my release take over my body, as I let go and came hard inside my wife's body.

"Ohhhhhh Bella...yessss, kitten," I whispered in her ear, as the last squirt of cum left my cock.

After we had both come down from our high, we held each other close. I nuzzled my face in her hair, making her giggle. We relaxed and talked for awhile; we had almost fallen asleep, when we heard a knock on our bedroom door.

"Mom, dad...Mrs. Cope said to tell you dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes," Matt told us from outside the door.

"Okay. Thank you, son; we'll be down in a few minutes," I answered.

"If you will, make sure Chelsea gets washed up, honey," Bella told him.

"Sure thing, mom; see you guys downstairs in a few," he replied then we heard him walking away from the door.

"I guess that means we need to go freshen up and show our faces at the dinner table," Bella said, leaning over to kiss me.

"Yeah, kitten...I would suppose so; come on, take a quick shower with me," I told her then got out of bed.

Once I was up, I bent down and picked Bella up then placed her on her feet. We shared a couple of chaste kisses and and a loving embrace before heading to the bathroom to freshen up for dinner.