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Caught In The Act:


"Ah…fuck baby…you feel so good; your pussy is so tight. I love ponding my long, hard cock in it…"

"What are you doing, daddy? What's a pussy and why do you like pounding in it?" I heard my daughter ask from behind me.

With having a new baby in the house on top of everyone else, it was hard at times to have a moment completely alone with Bella; so when we found out that we would have the house to ourselves for a weekend, we decided to take advantage of it. Bella and I had spent all weekend having hot, passionate sex on every available surface in the house.

We knew our children would be due to come home and we wanted to take advantage of our last little bit, so I had her bent over the couch and was working us both to another mind blowing orgasm, when Chelsea came in. I guess time really did fly by when you were having fun.

"Um…Chelsea, honey…I need you to go up to your room and play; mommy and I will be up to talk to you in a few minutes," I answered.

"Okay, daddy," she said and left Bella and I alone.

"Fuck, Bella…our daughter just caught us having sex and she wants to know what a pussy is and why I like pounding into it. What do we tell her?" I asked Bella, as we pulled apart and pulled our pants up.

"We just explain to her that she's too young to know that just yet. We explain that what she saw us doing is only for grown people and it's not to be talked about. Believe me this is not the worst thing that will ever happen, honey," she told me.

"I swear, Bella, I don't think I'll ever get hard again as long as our daughter is in the house," I said, as Bella and I made our way upstairs.

"Oh, Edward, it's not nearly that bad, honey; you'll see, and I promise you will have no trouble getting hard again. I'll make sure of it, Mr. Cullen," she said, as she stopped on the landing of the stairs and grabbed my cock through my clothes.

Her point was made, when it twitched in her hand. I swear the woman worked on me like kryptonite worked on Superman. I was powerless against her wiles.

We made it up to Chelsea's room and found her sitting in her reading corner.

"Hi, mommy; hi, daddy; want to read a story with me?" she asked with a smile.

"Not right now, sweetness; daddy and I want to talk to you about what you saw us doing downstairs," Bella answered.

"Um…sweetheart, you saw us doing something that is private and something only grown up people should do. It's what two grown up people do, when they love each other a whole lot. Also, it's something that you shouldn't talk about to anyone but me or daddy; do you understand that, baby?" Bella asked Chelsea.

"Yes, I understand, mommy, but you still didn't tell me what a pussy is and why you like pounding in it," she said with a completely straight face.

"Uh…well…love, that is really something that you are too young to know. Me or mommy will explain it to you when you are grown up," I told her.

"Okay, daddy, but Stefan a boy in my class at school, tells all the girls that his daddy is the king of pussy and he is the prince. If it's private and only for grown up people, how come Stefan knows what it is?" she asked.

Oh my god, there was some little player in the making in my baby's class; he was being groomed to take advantage of sweet innocents angels like my daughter. Oh fuck no! I will be going to the school and having a talk with the teacher and principal. I will not let some little needledick take advantage of my baby girl.

Bella and I shared a look. I knew we were thinking the same thing.

"Well, honey, that's not something he should be talking about, and his daddy should be ashamed of himself for talking in front of Stefan like that. Has Stefan ever said or done anything to you that made you feel bad or weird," I asked.

I was scared of the answer, but I felt I needed to ask. Every parent needed to be aware of what was going on with their kids, especially when it came to someone hurting them.

Bella and I finished up our talk and then played tea party with Chelsea for a bit; by the time Chelsea was tired of that the house was completely full again.

Mrs. Cope had made it back from visiting her niece and new great nephew. Matt, Melissa, and a few friends were down in the family room watching a movie, and mom was just dropping off Will.

"Thanks again for keeping him, mom," I told her, as she handed him to Bella.

"Oh, Edward…you know it's mine and your father's pleasure to keep him and spoil him rotten," she answered, smiling.

"I'm sure he adores it too, Esme," Bella said.

"Well, I've got to run, my darlings; Carlisle and I have a dinner date tonight with his golfing partner and his wife," she told us.

"I hope it all goes well and you have a good time," Bella said, as mom hugged her and kissed her cheek.

"Thank you. I'm sure it will be lovely," she replied, as she kissed my cheek and hugged me.

After mom was gone, Bella, Will, and I went to the family room to see Matt. We sat talking for a minute then decided on sub sandwiches, chips and dip for dinner. Mrs. Cope was tired from traveling and was glad to have time to recoup before the start of another week.

All in all it was a good night at the Cullen house.