This one is based on the scene from the manga where Zen kisses Shirayuki. I will not be making a habit of this, but this seems good to start out. And yes, I paraphrased a lot of what they said. As far as this FanFic in general, I like one-shot series because you don't have to read the entire story in one time, you can just read each one and there are also no cliffhangers! Bon appetite, enjoy!

"Your Highness, a letter came with the report. Apparently, one guard is heading back to the castle right now."

Zen took the letter and read what it said. "As the viscount tried to interfere with the exam, we have taken him into our custody. We are on standby at the fortress. The assistant is hurt."

As he read the last sentence, his eyes narrowed and he couldn't get Shirayuki out of his head. "Is she okay?" Zen thought as he started on his way, "Could I have done anything to stop it from happening? Wait, that's Obi's job! Damn it…"

Thoughts like this went through his mind the entire way. In fact, he reached the fortress about half an hour faster than he would have on a normal speed.

When he arrived, Kiharu and Shirayuki had a short conversation about how Popo had managed to retrieve the bell from the water. While Zen was glad that Shirayuki has in good enough shape to stand and have a conversation, he desperately wanted to look at her wound.

Finally, they went inside the fortress and he checked it out. Shirayuki seemed nervous about the fact that it had not been her personally that told him. "Um, Zen…I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hide it from you, since you get angry when I do."

He released a small, airy, laugh, "Idiot."

Zen's POV

All I could do was stare at her beautiful face when she smiled. Shirayuki's arm had to be hurting, but she smiled anyways. "She said that if there was anything I couldn't do that I wanted to… that she would help me out of that situation. Would that apply…now?"

I didn't take more than a moment to think about it. All that I knew was that I wanted to do this, and before I knew it my hands were on the sides of her face, pulling her closer….

Until her lips collided with mine.

Shirayuki's POV

I closed my eyes and smiled, thinking about how funny he was. I was so lucky to have Zen as my best friend.

My thought process was broken when his hands suddenly came by my ears. It was odd, the way he was touching me, but I didn't have time to think about it. My eyes flew open as he quickly drew me closer. I found it hard to breathe…

And soon, I was unable to. For his lips had covered mine.

Zen's POV

It was pure bliss, those few seconds that we were kissing. When I didn't feel her ease into the kiss, I felt that there was no choice for me but to pull away.

Looking down at her with watery eyes, I noticed that she was blushing fiercely, eyes wide and full of questions.

That's when it dawned on me.

"Oh!" I pushed her away by the shoulders, "I'm sorry! I should have asked your permission beforehand! Bowing respectfully, there were hints of red on my own face.

"Shirayuki, the next time I touch you, I will let you know. And when that time comes, please tell me what you think. How you feel."

I glance down at her. She was hiding under her hair, the color of her face blending right in. When Shirayuki didn't respond, I asked, "Shirayuki? Can you hear me?" She nodded, so I walked her back over to Obi.

Shirayuki's POV

My heart and mind was racing. "What's happening? Why did he..?"

"Little Miss?" Obi asked, looking down at me, concerned. "Are you okay?"

There was no way that I was going to tell him what had just happened. I could tell that he could see that I was blushing. Obi wasn't stupid; he could tell when something was going on between me and Zen.

Thankfully, he let it slide, and we rode back to Wistal together. In silence.

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