A/N: This was indirectly inspired by Janey-jane's "Spring". I liked the idea of Sess and Kags meeting unexpectedly in a crowded place and both being like O~O …. I have plans to turn this into a multi short-chapter fic.

Rush Hour

Kagome hated rush hour.

There was just something about being crammed underneath a complete stranger's armpit that really brought home how insignificant you were in a city of almost 13 million people.

On top of such humbling situations, Kagome found that ever since her adventures in the Sengoku- jidai she'd had low-grade claustrophobia. It wasn't impairing, but she guessed it was probably half a product of being repeatedly captured and abducted, and half that for a year of her life she'd spent most nights sleeping out under the stars. Modern city dwellers would never be able to understand just how vast and deep the night sky could be. Should be, if it weren't for all the light pollution. When she'd been a child she hadn't thought that there were more than a few dozen stars in the whole night sky.

Kagome shifted her bag on her shoulder and checked again to make sure her cardigan was buttoned all the way up. Today's rush hour was going to be particularly uncomfortable since she'd been too late to the platform to snag a spot in one of the ladies-only carriages, which meant she had to worry about perverts on top of trying to avoid cramming into someone's soft tissue. So far she hadn't been bothered and she let her thoughts drift back in time.

She thought about her adventures a lot. Sometimes ithe smallest, most unexpected things would set off a recollection. Other times it was like a smack in the face.

A couple of winters ago kitty-ear knit caps had been all the rage and she'd spent months double-taking every time someone in a white one walked past her. The jingle of monk's shakujo staffs still made her hands twitch protectively towards her rear, and street festivals with their swarms of people in summer yukatas never failed to bring a surge of nostalgia with them.

A motion in the periphery of her vision caused her to refocus and Kagome realized with dismay that she'd been absentmindedly staring into space right at a late 30-something salary man. He was giving her an interested look and she blanched, defensively pulling her phone out of her bag and pretending to text to avoid spacing out and inadvertently attracting more attention than she already had.

The train slowed as they approached the next platform and the man shifted towards her as people started squeezing towards the doors, ready to get off. He was definitely looking at her now, she confirmed with a quick glance.


From his unflattering leer she guessed he wasn't about to ask her for the time.

Kagome whirled towards the doors. She'd just have to squeeze off and get back on one car down. Or even catch the next train, even if it meant she would be late.

The doors whooshed open and she joined the crush of people pushing to get off. This was one of the many instances being petite and female worked against her. In such a crowd, especially with everyone in a distracted rush, people often simply failed to see her. Today proved no exception - she was jostled about before someone clipped her elbow hard in passing.

She wobbled and stumbled into a man getting into the train car she was leaving, "Oh, excuse me." She said politely. Another person's briefcase slammed into her shoulder and she stumbled again, putting out her hand out to keep herself from falling into the tall man again.

He didn't even appear to hear her, but as he brushed past their hands touched.

Kagome gasped in shock and surprise as the almost forgotten sensation of youki rippled across her senses and she felt her reiki flare up in response.

It was only the briefest of moments; as soon as his skin and hers parted the sensation of youki was gone, clearly dampened by some sort of concealment spell or charm. But that moment had been enough. Enough for her to know that all youkai were not dead and gone from her world, and that not everything from the past had faded with time.

Shaken and hesitant, Kagome felt her heart racing in her chest. Tentative hope held her hostage for only a split second, but it was a split second long enough for the doors to the train to begin sliding closed. A split second that she was too slow as she turned, wide eyed, and exclaimed in desperate excitement, "Sesshoumaru-sama?!"

The doors closed, the train car began to roll away, and two sets of shocked eyes held each other until the train rounded the corner and was out of sight.


*Peace y'all*