It was a few days later at the Pizza Hut, with things having calmed down as Silver The Hedgehog was back to work, feeling fresh as a daisy. Shadow The Hedgehog watched Silver merrily clean up the floor, with Scourge The Hedgehog sitting at the green table close to the window.

"You seem to be pretty satisfied." Shadow commented to Scourge as he picked up a slice of black olives and pepperoni pizza, of which the entire thing was in the shape of his head.

Scourge smirked as he lifted his black sunglasses, glancing at Shadow. "For once, I'm getting an actual promotion, so I don't have to clean bathrooms anymore."

"You still have to clean bathrooms," Silver corrected as he walked past Scourge. "Just not as much."

Scourge rolled his eyes as he placed his hands on his hips. "Whatever. Where's my stupid prime counterpart?" He asked, looking around.

"Sonic?" Espio The Chameleon stated as he suddenly popped out of nowhere, placing various pizzas on different tables for the customers. "As expected, he's off on yet another adventure to new strange lands beating up Eggman."

"I think he might be in that newly discovered Lost Hex." Shadow commented as he ate his slice of pizza.

Silver, Espio, and Scourge looked at Shadow oddly.

"How do you know that?" Silver asked as he placed his right hand on his hip.

"I went there for a little scouting. Came across a bunch of colorful weirdos," Shadow stated as he moved his hands about, shaking his head. "They're even weirder than you and Scourge."

Silver and Scourge both murmured in annoyance as they glanced at each other, then turned to Shadow angrily. Suddenly Toadette came running into the Pizza Hut, moving her hands about.

"Emergency!" Toadette exclaimed as she was in panic mode. "We got trouble outside!"

Looking at each other and nodding their heads, Silver, Shadow, Scourge, and Espio all followed Toadette out of the Pizza Hut, turning towards the western direction to see a giant red and yellow colored mechanical airship high in the sky that was in the shape of a pizza, with the sunny blue skies being replaced with dark stormy clouds as there was an entire army of mutated pizzas marching towards the Pizza Hut, a slightly taller mutated pizza with a black pirate hat on its head.

"Oh Kennedy Express..." Silver gulped as he stretched out his arms, shaking his head in dismay as he, Shadow, Scourge, Espio, and Toadette looked at the giant pizza mech and incoming pizza army. "This is getting heavy..."

"Great Scott! You're right!" Space Ghost exclaimed as he dropped his jaw in disbelief, standing next to the anthromorphic animals and mushroom girl as he readied his right arm. "Looks like these guys need a taste of my Destructo Ray!"

"We're gonna need more than a friggin' Destructo Ray!" Scourge exclaimed as he noticed the mutated pizzas jumping on each other, forming towers as they continued marching.

Silver, Shadow, Scourge, Toadette, Space Ghost and Espio all watched in dismay as the army of mutated pizzas continue marching on, with the slightly taller mutated pizza with a black pirate hat on its head pointing a sharp silver sword at the group.

"Avast, ye organic flesh!" The leader stated as he pointed the sword at himself. "I am Captain Azzip, the grand ruler of the Planet Eseehc!"

"...And I thought my creation lacked originality," Scourge scoffed, obviously knowing that he was a glorified evil Sonic.

Silver dropped his arms as he narrowed his eyes. "Seriously? Your name and the name of your planet are just 'pizza' and 'cheese' spelled backwards."

"Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus does it again!" Space Ghost exclaimed as he raised his arms in the air.

Shadow chuckled as he had his arms crossed, as typically expected. "Wow, and I thought this story was getting unoriginal. You literally scream last minute."

"Oh shut up!" Captain Azzip snapped back as he pointed his sword at the group. "I'll have you know that I predate you idiots by years?"

"In your imagination, yeah." Scourge stated as he moved his hands about, smirking. "I may be just Evil Sonic, but even I had more creativity put into me than you."

"Oh yeah!? Well, uhh, I only have one arm, see!" Captain Azzip quickly pinpointed as he moved his sword about. "I'll have you know that I was born in a great war, and that I was forced to always carry this sword, less my entire body becomes numb and frail!"

"That's your background? Really?" Espio gawked as he placed his hands on his hips. "I know we're not brimming with much characteristics, but surely you can come up with something better."

"Yeah. It sounds blatantly like fanfiction." Toadette pinpointed as she paced her right hand on her chin. "Wait..."

"...This guy makes Ken Penders' army of Knuckles... I mean echidnas... I mean, enchiladas," Space Ghost coughed as he placed his hands on his hips. "I mean, Echyd'nyas, seem completely unique and totally not blatant rip offs of Knuckles The Echidna."

"Enough! I won't let you make fun of my appearance!" Captain Azzip exclaimed as he ran towards the group. "Charge!"

Knuckles and Amy Rose were munching on sausage pizza together, oddly enough, as they looked out the window on the second floor of the Pizza Hut to see the mutated pizza army coming. Amy farted in fright as Knuckles choked on the slice of pizza he was eating, gasping for air as he collapsed on the ground.

"Oh no... not again!" Amy exclaimed as she stood up, glancing down at her brown stained panties and groaning. "Seriously, not again!"

Vector The Crocodile emerged from his pool of money in his office as he looked around, murmuring as he placed his right hand on his chin.

"Hmmm... something doesn't seem right..." Vector stated as he grabbed a slice of bacon topped pizza with his left hand out of nowhere, munching on it. "It feels like someone is missing..."

Far away from Station Square were Sonic and Dr. Eggman, who were both high in the sky as they were typically fighting each other, approaching the Lost Hex.

"No... that's not it..." Vector stated as he tried to concentrate. "Something else that's not the way it should be..."

In the subway stop located within the Pizza Hut's basement was Moltar, snoozing away as the R.O.B. helper was keeping everything clean, with there surprisingly being no customers.

"I'm gonna have to take a look around to see what's up." Vector decided as he emerged out of his pool of money, heading out of the office and looking around in the kitchen, before heading into the bathroom, shortly heading back upstairs and returning to his office. "Damn, what is it that's missing?"

Vector then looked out the window, to see Silver, Shadow, Scourge, Toadette, Space Ghost and Espio all facing the giant army of mutated pizzas, with their leader Captain Azzip tearing through the city, making his way directly to the Pizza Hut with no one to stop him.

"Hmmm. This might be trouble." Vector stated as he left the window, pacing back and forth in his office to do some thinking. "I have to pace back and forth instead of immediately leaping into action to figure out what to do."

Much later on, the Sonic Adventure 1's Station Square Pizza Hut ultimately was lost to the mutated pizza army after an intense battle, with Captain Azzip laughing triumphantly as he proudly stood on the rooftop, the mutated pizzas destroying all of the other buildings. Charmy sniffled as he watched the Pizza Hut being wrecked apart.

"I'm gonna miss all the good memories here," Charmy stated as he pulled out a white handkerchief and blew his nose.

"Good memories? Like what, dare I ask?" Espio commented as he glanced at Charmy, folding his arms together.

Charmy rubbed the back of his head as he tried to think up of memories. "Well..."

"Charmy! Don't drop the soap!" Scourge stated with a smirk as he was cleaning up the bathroom stalls.

"I already did!" Charmy exclaimed as he was pinned to the bathroom floor by a couple of Egg Pawns.

"Charmy, get the pizza out of the oven!" Silver exclaimed as he was spinning several pizza dough in the air using his green psychic power.

Charmy groaned as he was pulling the oven door, but not having much success of getting it open. "I can't! It's trapped in here!"

"Charmy! Help get the various pizza toppings!" Sonic exclaimed as he was speeding through the kitchen and dining area delivering finished pizzas to the waiting customers inside the Pizza Hut.

Charmy groaned as he was on the green counter, his stomach slightly pudgy. "I would, but I..." He burped loudly, his eyes lowered as he slowly shook his head. "...Ate them all."

"Damn it, Charmy..." Espio growled as he took the cash from an impatient Buzzbomber, placing it into the cash register.

"Charmy! We're out of pepperoni!" Toadette exclaimed as she flailed her arms about, being worried.

Charmy chuckled as he folded his arms. "Oh, are we...?" He then smashed through the wall, pointing at the parking lot to reveal a a huge elephant made of pepperoni, which bellowed loudly.

Several hours of cherished memories that didn't exist prior to this chapter later...

"...You consider those good memories?" Shadow commented as he had his hands on his hips.

Charmy sighed as he moved his hands about. "Look, cut me some slack, okay? Yoshizilla Rhedosaurus couldn't come up with better material."

Silver rolled his eyes as he shook his head, with all of Station Square suddenly shaking violently as everything turned white, with everything reset to normal as everyone gasped, being relatively shocked.

"What... what happened?" Toadette gawked as she placed her hands on her face.

Vector stepped out of the Pizza Hut, dusting his hands together as he approached Toadette, placing his right hand on her shoulder. "I decided to step up my game and fix everything."

"All that without an explanation?" Scourge commented as he rubbed the back of his head with his right hand, his left hand on his hip.

Vector chuckled as he nodded his head, moving his hands about. "Yep! I'm like life itself, I work in many mysterious ways!" He stopped chuckling as he glared at everyone. "And speaking of which, all of you, GET BACK TO WORK!"

Everyone gawked as they all rushed back into the Pizza Hut to resume work, with Shadow going in to provide the atmosphere and mood.

Alas, things were somewhat back to normal at the Pizza Hut. But was it really worth the delay in updates...?

"...No..." Captain Azzip groaned as he was chained up on the western walls within Vector's huge money vault, being forced to forever look at the huge see of yellow and silver coins, as well as green dollar bills.