Silver hummed as he finished making seventy seven pepperoni pizzas, placing them all in separate white cardboard boxes, watching Shadow and Amy talking with each other.

"So, anything particularly interesting going on?" Shadow asked as he sipped his Diet Pepsi. "Besides somehow making your way to the Lost Hex?"

Amy munched on a sausage topped pizza as she shook her head. "Well... I have been thinking about taking it easy in regards to my relationship with Sonic..."

Shadow blinked as he looked at Amy oddly, being genuinely shocked at what Amy has said. "...Come again?"

"You know how he would always run away from me because of my tendency to take it a bit overdrive?" Amy commented as she moved her hands about, grabbing another slice of pizza and munching on it as she swallowed. "Well, he agreed that it was best that we just stay as good friends for now. I was heartbroken, but I feel that it's best to take things slowly and appreciate that he's willing to stay friends with me."

"That sounds pretty good." Shadow stated as he munched on a slice of the same pizza that Amy was having. "So with your relationship involving Sonic being pretty good, what are you intending to do?"

"Maybe head to the Casino Park with Cream and Big." Amy stated as she rolled her left hand about. "It has been a long while since we all hung out together on an adventure, and Cream's been meaning to want to go and check out the bright entertainment venues there!"

"Casino Park?" Silver stated as he approached Shadow and Amy, going on a break. "Didn't we all go through there one time on a grand scale adventure with Sonic?"

"We did, Silver, yeah!" Amy commented as she turned to Silver. "Say, since you seem to be on your break, how would you like to come along?"

"Would I?" Silver exclaimed as his smile widened, moving his hands about. "I would love to!"

"But who will make the pizzas here while you're gone?" Shadow asked as he sipped his Diet Pepsi again.

Silver rolled his eyes as he turned to Shadow. "Oh, I can always convince Vector to give Scourge a promotion and let him take over."

"Say what now?" Scourge stated as he popped up behind Silver, holding a mop in his hands.

Silver smiled as he faced Silver, wrapping his left silver colored arm around him. "How would you like to actually make pizzas?"

" least that would be much better than this," Scourge stated as he somewhat smiled, being relieved that he would finally be able to do something aside from being forced to clean up.

"...So let me get this straight. Silver asked me to promote you to make pizzas. Is this correct?" Vector asked Scourge as he was sitting behind his desk, wearing small glasses as he was carefully looking at his various coins.

Scourge nodded as he rubbed his hands together. "Yeah. Not only because I want to be able to do more than just friggin' clean, but because Silver needed someone to fill in his void."

"Hmm..." Vector murmured as he rubbed his chin with his right hand, slowly shaking his head. "I'm not sure how okay I would be with this, but..." He shrugged meekly, opening his eyes. "Fine. So long as you manage to get things done."

"Oh thank you!" Scourge stated as he posed coolly, winking. "You won't regret this, green croc!" He then sped right out of the office.

"That's Vector to you, boy." Vector sighed as he shook his head, continuing to count his coins.

Meanwhile, Silver was at the Casino Park with Amy Rose, Cream The Rabbit, and Big The Cat, all who were having the time of their lives as they were ranking in points and rings like there was no tomorrow. Silver was cheering them on as he drank soda and munched on popcorn, enjoying the festive atmosphere of the casino theme park.

"Man, this place is great! I hope Scourge is handling those pizzas fine while I'm having fun here!" Silver stated as he wondered about Scourge briefly, enjoying the moment of being in the Casino Park.

Back at the Pizza Hut, the nefarious green hedgehog himself, Scourge, was cooking up a storm, causing various spinning pizza dough to stick to the ceiling as one of the ovens was bouncing about, having caught on fire, which caused a panic in the kitchen.

"Oh damn it! How could I have goofed this up this badly?" Scourge exclaimed as he chucked several prepared pizzas at the oven to get it to stop, but not having any luck as the oven created more red hot flames.

Much later on, the Sonic Universe's Station Square Pizza Hut was literally quite wrecked as Scourge was trying his best to get everything under control, but he was failing as he uncooked several pizzas, being unable to put the right amount of sauces on everything as he caused a ruckus for himself, the coworkers, and the customers.

"Damn it all to hell! How does Silver do this every day!?' Scourge asked as he got hit in the face by a pepperoni pizza barfed out of an oven gone mad.

Shadow could only watch in amazement as he laughed, sipping his drink as he shook his head. "Oh... this is hilarious. I have to tell Silver about this." He stated as he pulled out a cellphone, calling Silver.

Silver was still in the Casino Park, watching Cream and Big mash all the Egg Pawns with homing attacks as Amy was rolling around like a pinball in the giant pinball machine below. Silver's cellphone began ringing, with the albino colored hedgehog picking it up.

"Hello?" Silver asked as he heard the voice through the other phone. "Shadow, hey! What's going on back there?"

"Yeah, things are a bit wonky over here." Shadow stated as he was chuckling all the while. "Your little plan of leaving Scourge in charge isn't going so well."

Silver's face turned pale as he shook his head. "You mean... the Pizza Hut's in worse shape than it normally is?"

"You could pretty much say that." Shadow commented as a huge explosion was heard in the background.

Silver groaned as he lowered his head in shame, closing his eyes. "Oh man, what have I done...? Vex is gonna punish me for sure..." He then gulped as he placed his right hand on his forehead. "Or worse, fire me right off the bat..."