In Mizuki-sensei's class, the Academy students were doing their final test to become a genin.

"Alright Kokoro-chan, it's your turn." Mizuki bellowed over his class.

"Damn! Thought he forgot about me." was the response from the curly haired girl.

"I heard that, no cussing, and get up here." her sensei said warily, his mind elsewhere.

As she walked down the steps to the front of the class, Kokoro mumbled the jutsu repeatedly like a mantra hoping to get it right this time.

"If you have something to say to me spit it out…" he practically lashed out at the girl with a verbal whip. Having looked up to listen to her sensei, Kokoro had lost count of her mantra; all hope to pass the test was gone.

"Yes Mizuki-sensei, I have nothing to tell you."

"Good now just perform the jutsu, so we can finish the rest of the class…. Hurry up!"

Running over the appropriate hand signs in her head, Kokoro began the jutsu.

Smoke billowed arond the small area.

In the front of the class stood a perfect Kokoro clone; at least from Mizuki-sensei's perspective. The class was trying to control their laughter; on the clones back was a 'XP' face with the blessed finger showing in clear detail.

"…You pass Kokoro-chan, well done you may release the jutsu now." Mizuki mumbled in amazement. Kokoro is not very strong at Nin-jutsu, not all.

"Ya! You better know it!" " [Sorry I couldn't resist the urge, to say believe it.]

"Next, Hoshi-Chan," Mizuki said, scribbling down some notes.

"Good luck, Hoshi!" Kokoro high-fived her friend with a smile.

"I can't mess up as bad as you did." Hoshi grinned casually, but inwardly worried about the up coming test and was terribly nervous.

"Today, you two." Mizuki-sensei was unusually impatient this morning.

"Yes, Mizuki-sensei" Hoshi hurried down the stairs to the front of the classroom.

Concentrate; she told herself, this is easy. Just one clone, easy as pie…except pie is not very easy at all… Hoshi sighed and looked at Mizuki-sensei.

"Go ahead." he waved a hand at her and wrote down more notes.

"Right…" Hoshi's brows came together into a tight knot and slowly, buildingdown from the head, a clone appeared. It was a perfect likeness in all ways. Their hair was the same, their clothes were the same, everything was the same, except the feet. For where a set of shoes and toes should have been, there was nothing. A very big mistake.

"Well done, Hoshi-chan! A perfect shadow clone. You pass." Mizuki smiled for the first time this morning and held out a gleaming headband.

Hoshi was shocked. "But, sensei…" Then it occurred to her. Mizuki could not see past the table, thus could not see her screw-up. She smiled, "Thank you, sensei."

As he handed her the band, Hoshi couldn't help but giggle delightedly. While running up the stairs to her seat a boy who had not gotten a headband threw his foot into the path. Hoshi's foot latched to his and gravity pulled her forward and down. Wait a minuet! I'm a ninja now! I can't trip! She caught herself before actually hitting the floor.

"Mao! Apologize to Hoshi!" Mizuki lashed at the boy.

"But sensei, it was an accident! I wouldn't trip someone on purpose!" he whined loudly, glancing from Hoshi to Mizuki and back again.

Hoshi smiled, "its fine sensei. I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose." she walked up the remaining steps and sat next to Kokoro.

"Hoshi," Kokoro looked up angrily, "you know that wasn't an accident."

"Yes, but I didn't want to cause a commotion in the middle of testing."

Kokoro sighed and leaned back in her chair. "You know I'm gonna kick his ass, right?"

"It is the only thing you're really good at."

Behind them, a blond girl scoffed. "It's true, Kokoro."

Turning around, Kokoro almost fell out of her chair. "Aw, shuddup, Tsuki! I can do better taijutsu than you!"

Tsuki smiled, "I never said you couldn't. Just that-"

Mizuki-sensei interrupted. "Tsuki-chan! Your turn"

Tsuki practically skipped down the stairs.


Not two seconds after the command was given, five perfect shadow clones stood erect.

"Marvelous!" Mizuki-sensei seemed to have emotion at last, and continued his praise. "You pass with flying colors!"

Tsuki walked back to her seat proudly, already using her headband to push back her hair.

The rest of the students' tests went by relatively uneventful, except for one boy who tried to tell on Kokoro for her "stupid jutsu". He promptly received an eraser to the back of the head.


"Aren't you excited about the teams, Gary?"

"I suppose." Gary flipped his God-worthy hair nonchalantly and more than half the girls in class squealed with excitement. Though she wasn't a squealer, Momoko's heart did a little jump. It wasn't her fault, Gary-Stu just happened to be the sexiest thing since sex.

"Gawd, he's to hot for this stupid school." Kokoro leaned over her desk, staring at the back of Gary's head.

"Be sure to wipe up the drool before you leave class." Hoshi playfully tapped Kokoro's arm.

"That's a good one, Hoshi!" Tsuki sat next to Kokoro and placed her bag on the table.

"Omigawd! Mao, what happened to you?"

Right on cue, Mao walked into the room sporting two black eyes, a broken arm and what appeared to be a bandaged crotch.

"Nothing happened; I just fell down some stairs…" Mao fell silent.

At her desk in the back Kokoro smiled wickedly.

Tsuki glanced over to her, "Kokoro…"

"Um, e-exuse me."

All the students looked at the front of the class. A young woman with long dark brown hair stood before them.

"Who're you?" asked Kokoro loudly.

"And where's Mizuki-sensei?" Tsuki was also loud.

"Ah, well, my name is Ryoko, and I'm going to be one of the new team's sensei." She fidgeted nervously, "as for Mizuki…he couldn't make it today."

The class was silent.

"A-anyway! I've got a list of the teams, so we should do that." pulling a neat folder out of her bag, Ryoko-sensei read off her list.

"The first team is under Juu-sensei. It is Mao, Gary-stu," every girl held her breath, "and Momoko." the room was suddenly alight with the burning fury of everyone but Momoko and Ryoko, who remained clueless.

Ryoko continued, "The next team will be under, oh me! So my squad is Hoshi, Tsuki, and Kokoro."

"Yes!" Kokoro leapt into the air, "we're on the same team!"

"Yay!" Hoshi laughed and Tsuki smiled, pleased.

While walking out of the classroom, Momoko and her team were stopped by Ryoko-sensei.

"Sorry to disturb you, but Juu-san asked me to give you a message."

"No problem" Gary flashed his dazzling smile that could out shine the sun and stars together.

"Alright, so he want's you to meet him at the Hokage's office tomorrow morning. Thank you for your time, you may go now."

Outside the building, Mao was excited. "Do you think we get to go on a mission already?"

"I highly doubt that the village is desperate enough to use fresh genin on a mission." Gary's golden hair fell in strands across his face as the wind blew. "What do you think Momoko-chan?"

Momoko was silent for a while. "I think he's either screwing with us or has some sort of training thing planned."

"That's a good assessment." Mao looked more relaxed now, regardless of his black eyes and bandaged body. "See ya tomorrow, then."

"Later." Gary shoved his hands in his pockets and walked slowly away, the wind brushing his hair.

Momoko sighed, and then did the same.


Well, my first story actually posted on fanfiction...I know i shouldn't use OC's so often, but i just can't help it! It's a bad habit of mine....-sigh- It's especialy bad for this particular story. I think there's maybe....ten OCs? -headdesk- Either way, i hope you enjoy this series, Please R&R.