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WARNING: yes there is indeed hot 3 some legacy sex. Didn't you people read the summary? Pay attention folks!

"Teddy It's…mmph…okay, I'm fine!"

Randy smirked as he and his boys made their way back to the hotel room. During the entire car ride Ted had apologized over and over for letting Cody run off with Punk and had been trying to make it up to him. But apparently a quickie in the backseat hadn't been enough-Ted was still determined to prove his love for him.

"No way Cody. I'm gonna'…show you…just how… much...I love you." Ted said, kissing Cody in between words.

Randy ran the keycard through the slot in the door, trying to ignore the tell-tale signs of his boys making out. As much as he had tried to be strong and supportive for Ted, that entire car ride to the warehouse had been hell on his nerves; Randy had never been more scared in his entire life. And as much as he'd love to join in on his boys' fun, he really just needed to rest.

Randy plopped down on the bed, his sore muscles relaxing instantly. He closed his eyes, trying to ease away the overwhelming stress he'd felt while Cody had been in danger. And on top of that, now he'd have to deal with crap from Vince for kicking the ass of one of his biggest stars. He wasn't too worried-McMahon knew what would happen if anyone messed with Ted or Cody. At most he'd just get a slap on the wrist anyway.

Randy was brought out of his reverie by feather-light kisses being placed on his stomach. Randy opened his eyes coming face to face with two sets of beautiful azure eyes and twin smiles.

"What is it boys?" Randy asked as they began massaging different spots on his body, melting away the tension there.

"Well Randy…" Cody began hesitantly, ducking his head as though what he was about to say might get him into trouble. "Ted and I were thinking…you rescue us from so many problems and protect us so much…and we've never really thanked you for that. I mean really thanked you, like whole-heartedly. So…we thought maybe we'd repay you…show you just an ounce of the thanks you deserve."

Ted looked up from nuzzling Randy's neck, "Yeah. So let us do all the work tonight baby. You just sit back and relax."

Ted leaned back on his haunches and began taking off Cody's clothes, both of them hovering over Randy. Cody initiated a kiss between the two, letting Ted ravish his mouth completely as he slipped his tongue into Cody's warm mouth, breaking the kiss only long enough to get Ted's shirt off his body.

Randy licked his lips, enjoying the view of his boys making out. He'd never get tired of seeing Ted and Cody together, of seeing the unconditional love between the two.

Ted broke the kiss, gently biting Cody's bottom lip as he pulled away. He nodded his head towards Randy, silently conveying a message to Cody. Nodding back at him and smiling widely, Cody leaned forward, pressing his body weight against Randy as he began kissing him like he had with Ted.

Randy kissed back, his tongue immediately searching for Cody's as he mapped the inside of Cody's mouth thoroughly. He reached up, running his hand through Cody's dark locks, growling as Cody ground his body against Randy's jean clad groin. He moved his hands down to settle on Cody's waist, rubbing the soft tan skin along his sides.

Breaking the kiss, Randy looked up seeing Ted ridding himself of his clothes, stepping out of his jeans to reveal his painfully hard member.

"Forget your underwear Teddy?"

Ted smiled in response, getting on the bed to Randy's left. "…Maybe."

Cody leaned up from sucking on Randy's neck, reaching to take off his shirt. "Mmmph…too many clothes…way too many clothes."

Ted stopped Cody as he began unbuttoning Randy's jeans, leaning to whisper in Cody's ear. His face lit up instantly, plump lips pulling up into a devious smirk.

Keeping eye contact with Randy all the while, he leaned down, hovering over the prominent bulge in Randy's pants, slowly easing down the zipper with his teeth.

Randy held back the urge to buck up as Cody began mouthing Randy's member through his briefs, adding to the obvious wet spot there. Sensing his resolve slipping, Ted pulled Cody away, removing Randy's pants and underwear in one swift movement. Cody dove in immediately, eager to show his love to Randy.

He began licking Randy's cock, savoring the salty taste that he had come to love. He moved his tongue all across his member, paying special attention to the head as he lapped up the precum steadily coming from it.

Satisfied that he was becoming to come undone, Cody took Randy's member fully into his mouth, ignoring his gag reflex as Randy's thick length hit the back of his throat. Randy ground his teeth together, trying not to give in and completely face-fuck Cody.

Nudging Cody over, Ted hovered over Randy as well, moving to suck and lap at Randy's balls while Cody continued sucking Randy's dick, bobbing his head up and down slowly. Feeling both of their mouths on him, Randy thrust his hips up into Cody's warm mouth, not being able to control himself anymore. Cody opened his mouth wider, allowing Randy to fuck his mouth as Ted nibbled at Randy's sack, knowing it drove the older man wild.

Ted paused, leaning back on his haunches, admiring the view of Randy thrusting into Cody's mouth, his generous length moving past those beautiful pink lips. He trailed a hand down his body, tweaking a nipple like he liked as it went, taking his hard member into his hand, lazily stroking it as he watched Cody pull his kiss-abused lips off Randy with a wet pop.

Ted closed his eyes, reveling in the feel of a particular stroke that had his entire body shaking with desire. Releasing a breathy moan, Ted looked back to his lovers, blushing to discover they were both staring back at him with lusty, hooded gazes.

"Don't stop," Cody urged, leaning away from Randy's dick. "You look hot Teddy."

Raising an eyebrow at his younger boyfriend, Ted continued, slowly running his hand up and down his cock, much to his surprise, loving this exhibitionist side of him.

Following Ted's movements with a fierce glare, Randy growled pulling Ted on top of him, kissing him fiercely. The two dueled for dominance, tongues battling, hands groping soft tan skin and hard muscles…only tearing apart from each other to notice that their third seemed left out. Pulling Cody to straddle on top of him, Randy kissed their youngest member, softer and less rough than with Ted, but with just as much passion behind it.

Cody kissed downwards, leaving love bites and sloppy red marks in his wake. He licked his way down Randy's body, lapping at the firm abdominals and stomach. Stilling his work, Cody raised his head from Randy's stomach, mouth open in a silent scream as Ted thrust two wet digits into Cody's heat.

Releasing little moans of pleasure, Cody pushed back on Ted's fingers, desperate to get them deeper into his body. "Mmmm…Please Teddy, need more."

Ted shoved his fingers in deeper, scissoring and curling them upward to search for Cody's sweet spot. Just a little deeper and… "Oh! Teddy right there! Ohhhh right there!" Ted obliged, pushing that spot deep inside Cody that would make him forget everything but how to moan.

"Ok that's enough." Randy said, pulling Cody up parallel with him and off of Ted's fingers. With a whine, Cody sat over Randy's waist, just hovering over his cock. Sheathing his dick in warm heat, Cody slowly lowered himself onto Randy, the burn a little more intense then normal.

Mouth open and eyes closed, Cody urged Randy on, wiggling a bit to get himself settled. Placing his hands on Randy's shoulders, he met his thrusts, moving himself down onto Randy's dick.

"Uhh! Randy so good…so big." He rode him for all he was worth, little whines and whimpers of bliss escaping his lips.

"Cody," Ted said, appearing behind his lover. "You ready?" Cody nodded quickly, breathing deeply to prepare him. Moving as slow as he could Ted pushed himself into Cody's already thoroughly stuffed hole, easing in gently so as not to tear his boy.

"Wait, wait wait!" Cody said his eyes closed tight in pain. He took a deep breath, trying to will away the pain of being filled completely by his two lovers. "Ok. You can move now."

Placing light kisses along Cody's neck and shoulders, Ted thrust up into Cody, moving with Randy to find the most pleasure in each other.

Thrusting in tandem with Ted, Randy thrust into Cody, the unbearable tight heat nearly suffocating him. "Damn, I'm not gonna' last much longer boys."

"I'm right…mmph…with you Rand." Ted said, kissing along Cody's neck as he rode the both of them even harder, determined to make them come. Reaching down to stroke Cody, Ted came with a yell, milking his orgasm as much as he could.

Thrusting into Ted's fist, Cody came as well, the double stimulation of his prostate being stabbed by both Ted and Randy's impressive lengths coupled with Ted jerking him off to much for him.

Seeing stars behind his lids, Randy came as well, Cody's tight heat tearing one of the most powerful orgasms of his life from him.

Slipping off of Ted and Randy's softening dicks, Cody leaned forward, collapsing into Randy's arms as he came down from his intense post orgasmic high.

"Teddy, will ya' clean me up?" Cody asked, motioning to all of the cum stuck to his abs. Rolling his eyes, Ted crawled over to Cody, lapping at his abs like a cat.

"Ya' know Randy: I think I might have to get into trouble a lot more…" Cody said, trailing a finger along Randy's bicep. "Can we do that more often?"

"Yeah," Ted said, rolling over to lie at Randy's other side. "That was awesome."

Randy smiled pulling Cody closer to him almost protectively. After the day they'd had he'd probably never let Cody out of his sight again.

"And hey!" Cody said, sitting up. "That bastard-hole never gave me a comic! Randy you need to beat him up again!"

Randy rolled his eyes as Cody began another monologue about the awesomeness of Spiderman, Ted already asleep at his left.

Well if it's what his boy wanted, he'd be sure to give it to him.

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