In Conclusion

Well, it seems like the show is over, kids.

Before you toss this book into the pile of kindling, I want to emphasize one last thing. Dragons can behave like animals in many, many ways. They play like animals, they sound like animals, and they look like animals. The emotions and intelligence of a dragon is so human-like that it continues to astound me. Every time I remember the war between the dragons and the humans, I don't think of it as man vs. beast, I think of man vs. dragon- two civilizations at war. I hope that it never has to happen again.

You, as a dragon rider, have been tasked with the job to ensure that it does not have to happen again. It is your job to love your dragon, it is your job to understand your dragon, and it is your job to build a relationship with your dragon. This book showed you how you might do so. It is up to you to make the final decision, to blaze the final path.

And one more thing that I'd like to mention, that relates to you as well as your dragon. Hell, it relates to practically everything you know.

After you've flown on a dragon, consider this. You have just soared through the sky, something that we thought humans would never be able to do. You were carried by a magnificent beast, that only a couple years ago we were at war with. This dragon has let you ride it, when only years ago it would have killed you. Through your ride, you have seen the heavens themselves- you have become almost a god, soaring through the clouds. The world is unfolded beneath you. Dragons, because they enable this, are simply awesome.

It is for the aforementioned reasons why I am of the firm belief that there is one undeniable truth about this world. That dragons exist, that we humans were able to befriend them- they all point to one fact.

The world is just awesome. Cherish it. Have fun with your dragon, have fun with your friends, and when the party's on, remember to party hard.

Have a nice life in this awesome world. And make sure your dragon's life is equally awesome as well.