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A/n from Jessica: Ok so this sob took FOREVER to write but u guys get to stories in one day so whatever we're even. yeah anyway this was even harder than the candy story so i dont think im ever gonna write anything w/johnny again. i love him and his baggy pants to death but he's so hard to write.

anyway so yeah we own no one (i only own teddy's dirty fantasies and cody's retarded plan)

also this is a prequel to SAVE ME: IN HIS ARMS. which can be found in our stories. you dont neccessarily have to read it, but id love if you did :)

The grip on Ted's drink tightened again as he surveyed the scene in front of him. Yet again the object of his desires was being grabbed at by a large swarm of ring rats and club bunnies wearing about four articles of clothing combined. Ted had never been the jealous type, but seeing the one man he wanted more than anything being propositioned so blatantly, without him being able to do anything to stop it? He was shocked his grip hadn't broken the glass yet.

The beautiful dimpled man across the bar had no idea of Ted's lustful gaze-he was blissfully unaware, accepting drinks from the ladies (if you could call them that) surrounding his table, flashing them all dazzling smiles as they departed.

Ted tore his gaze away from the scene across the bar to chug the rest of his crappy drink Cody insisted he order. Normally, with Ted the more drinks in his system the better-especially when it was one of his rare nights off, but these drinks were doing nothing to halt the dozens of butterflies (really buzzards would be more appropriate) from swarming the inside of his stomach all because of John Cena.

Within days of being called up from FCW, Ted had fallen hard for John. The way he could claim all the attention in a room just from one of his dimpled smiles had caused Ted to become breathless on numerous occasions. Everything about him was perfect- his looks, his well-earned and well deserved body, his deep, soothing voice, he could go on forever.

Unfortunately Ted's feelings weren't returned in any way. He might as well have been invisible for all of the progress he made with stealing Cena's heart. Cody was constantly trying to convince Ted to just talk to John and see if he shared the same feelings, but Cody was too much of a romantic. In reality if Ted were to confront John and tell his feelings he'd either get laughed at in his face or would be shot down immediately. Ted was leaning more towards the subtle way of revealing his feelings… like by avoiding John completely so he wouldn't act like a stuttering idiot every time he saw him. But that wouldn't stop Cody from butting into his non-existent love life. He had all but dragged Ted to some shitty club by their hotel, yelling that John would be there and he could finally talk to him about the way he felt. Placating Cody, he went. So that's how Ted found himself at a club he wouldn't be caught dead for fear of catching some type of STD, drinking alone in a dark corner, staring across the room like a love sick little puppy at John Cena.

Ted made a face at the sickly sweet aftertaste left in his mouth. He eyed the rest of club, tearing his gaze away from the crowd surrounding John, and flagged the bartender for another round from his secluded stool out of view. He slammed down his shots in rapid succession, hoping that the alcohol coursing through his veins would fuck with his senses enough that he wouldn't be able to see the blatant perusal of Cena.

Not for lack of trying, his gaze once again drifted across the room, his heart dropping into his stomach once again. John was still being hounded by women, each still flirting shamelessly with him as they batted their eyelashes and gave lingering touches, each obviously hoping to spend the night with him.

Ted closed his eyes, reaching up to soothe his aching temples that were pounding with each blast of music. He allowed himself to think about the beautiful man so close to him yet so far out of reach. He imagined away the crowd of skanks, the loud obnoxious club music, all of the people drinking themselves into oblivion, and let himself think about him and John all alone in his hotel room, doing things he couldn't in reality. But if it was reality-god, he'd give that man so much pleasure. Ted could barely contain the fantasies that were running through his mind. His lips kissing those chiseled abs he saw in the ring daily, worshipping his body as he moved his way south, kissing his hip lines and waist. Then, he'd move even lower and wrap his pouty, cock sucking lips around that thick, pulsing-

"Hey Teddy."

"Hey… Cody." Ted shook his head, returning to earth, and tried to will away the images left in his head, silently promising himself he'd pick up where he left off when he was alone.

"Still staring at John?" Cody said claiming the stool next to Ted.

"I have no idea what you're talking about Codes." Ted said, slamming back another shot.

"Uh-huh," Cody said, following Ted's eyes across the room, "Sure Teddy, whatever you say."

Ted sighed, looking up at Cody with frustrated eyes. He was right-of course he was. The people who were passed out could see Ted's animalistic gaze boring a hole into John, coupled with the glares of hate he was sending the whores around him.

"Ya' got that crazy, hungry, 'must fuck now' look on your face."

"I was hoping it wasn't that obvious." Ted said, letting his eyes linger on the way John's face lit up as he laughed at a joke Randy was in the process of telling him.

"Nah, I just know you too well. So is my brilliant plan working? Have any quickies in the bathroom?" Cody smiled, offering Ted a little escape to his overall melancholy mood.

"Fraid' not Codes. I already told you- it won't work."

"Well I know misery loves company so if it helps you out, we're both in love with people who don't notice us." Cody said, reaching over to steal one of Ted's shots.

"Then why do you look so happy?" Ted said, confused as hell as to why Cody was smiling like an idiot when he was in the same predicament as Ted.

"Oh I'm just very positive. I know that Randy will someday realize how much he's secretly in love with me and needs me in his life- probably sometime out of the blue-and we'll kiss passionately and go fuck in his hotel room."

"Uh-huh." Ted said, wondering where in the hell Cody got these ideas from.

"Yep, and then from there we have a meaningful and deep conversation about where we want our relationship to go, and then"

"Cody?" Ted said, trying to shake Cody from his little monologue.

"I'm not done Teddy. Then, we'll both realize-"


"I said hang on! Anyway, we'll both realize we want the same thing-a loving, passion filled relationship- and we'll live happily ever after." Cody took a deep breath, returning to reality. "Now, what was so important?"

Ted stared at Cody, delaying his response. "Oh nothing, I thought you might want to know that Randy really needs you right now." Ted said, poignantly looking past Cody to John and Randy's table.

"WHAT?!!!" Cody turned around to look so fast his head almost snapped. Across the bar, leaning all over John for support, was a massively drunk Randy Orton.

"Oh." Cody sighed, disappointment evident in his voice, a scowl marring his pretty features. "Yeah, I better go help him I guess. Oh and Teddy?" Cody said as he turned back to Ted.


"You suck. A lot. More than Miz." Cody said, rising from his seat, and storming across the bar to play Randy's caretaker.

"You deserved it!" Ted yelled at Cody's disappearing form, getting no response other than a dirty look sent from across his shoulder.

Ted leaned back in his seat, the night's shots of Bacardi going straight to his head. His thoughts were swimming, nothing but John playing in his mind.

He must have noticed by now how much Ted liked him. I mean, everyone knew how much Ted was in love with John, apparently all but John himself. Maybe John just didn't want to notice-he was a really nice person after all. Maybe if he kept pretending like he didn't notice Ted's hungry gazes or the way his touches lingered in the ring, he wouldn't need to shoot Ted down, maybe he was just helping Ted out by not immediately breaking his heart.

Ted sighed and shook his head at his confounded logic. Or maybe he just is too busy being swarmed by skanks to notice. Ted thought, pounding back another shot. In reality, it wasn't even the scantily clad sluts that Ted was worried about. It was other wrestlers who were in love with John too. Or at the very least wanted to be fucked by the number one guy in the company. No, the skanks weren't his competition. Guys like Miz, who had blown every guy on the roster at least once except John, or Evan who seemed shy and nerdy to most people, but was actually a wild little sex kitten were his competition. And what hope did Ted have then? He didn't have a record for nailing every single NXT rookie within a week like CM Punk; he wasn't a hell-cat in bed. Hell he hadn't even been with a man yet! He'd been foolishly saving himself for John, thinking that maybe one day he really would get his opportunity to show him how much he meant to him. But right now, that was taking a backseat to thoughts of giving that cherry away so he'd have some more experience.

All right that's enough, Ted thought rising from the table clumsily as the drinks took effect. I gotta get out of here before I lose it. He downed one last shot as he laid a few bills down on his table, glancing once more at John with a wistful expression on his face. He looked away quickly, his cheeks reddening with embarrassment as he locked eyes with John from across the room.

He all but ran for the exit, keeping his eyes to the ground as he maneuvered around drunken bodies swaying with the pulsing music of the club. But while getting out of dodge, Ted missed how John's eyes lingered on his disappearing form. How he ignored the girls around him, cutting one off mid-sentence as he rose from the table and rushed to follow Ted.

Outside however, Ted was breathing a huge sigh of relief as he got out of the club cramped with bodies and allowed himself to continue his fantasy Cody so rudely interrupted as he walked toward the hotel down the street alone.

He was at the part where John was screaming his name, when from behind him, he heard his name being called by the same person as in his head. Ted turned around, wondering if all the fantasizing mixed with the booze had caused him to hear things, coming face to face with John Cena.

"Ted. Hey." John said, clearly out of breath from running after Ted. "What's up?"

"Umm… Nothin'."

I've got to be hallucinating. Fuckin' Bacardi.

"What are you doing here John?"

"Ok. Listen. I was with Randy and he-uhmm- well he was really drunk tonight. And you know how he has no control over his mouth when he's drunk?"

Oh God. "Yeah?"

"Well, he let something slip and I wanted to know if it was true."


Shit shit shit shit shit shit shit!

"What did he let slip?"

God damn it Randy! You're fucking dead!

"Well, he said…"

John seemed to be having trouble. He had a look on his face that looked like a mixture of embarrassment, awkwardness, and nervousness? No, not nervousness; he must be reading him wrong.

"Yeah?" Ted looked up at John with embarrassed eyes, having difficulty meeting his gaze.

"I knew it."

"Wha-?" Ted was interrupted by the sudden pressure of lips on his- John Cena's lips on his. Ted kissed back, but it was mostly just a knee-jerk reaction; his brain hadn't caught up with what was happening yet.

Ok, definitely hallucinating.

Yea! Yet another amazing story by Jessica. I must admit it might take her forever to write and it drains her of all her energy but damn when she gets done (if she gets done) its amazing.

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