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Ted was unconscious. That was the only possible solution.

He must have botched a superplex during his match on Raw- that was it. He was in the hospital passed out, his family dutifully at his bedside, his friends and co-workers in the waiting room to make sure he'd be fine. Or maybe he'd just had way too much to drink. He'd had too much Bacardi, and all the fantasies he'd been having manifested themselves in a totally realistic black-out dream. Any second now, the beautiful scenes happening in his head would vanish and he'd wake up, devastated that it hadn't been real.

There was no other explanation, none whatsoever, for not being in his own hotel room, John Cena-THE John Cena-, half naked and hard on top of him, feasting on Ted's neck like a horny teenager.

After John had kissed him outside that crappy club-or at least he thought he had; it had seemed so real- they'd all but sprinted down the street to the hotel, John leading Ted the whole way, holding his hand and sending him devious little dimpled smirks.

After they had gotten to the elevator, everything became a blur. John's hands were everywhere-pulling at Ted's clothes, running through his hair, exploring the supple skin underneath his t-shirt, all the while ravishing his mouth with one of the hottest kisses Ted ever had experienced.

Now, returning to reality (or the current part of his fantasy) Ted gasped as John moved his lips downward, sucking on his neck and chest. God it felt SO good! Ted had never thought his imagination was so creative that he'd be able to imagine the feeling of John against him, pinning him to the bed, his mouth on him-sucking at his skin till it left marks then lapping at the flesh with his tongue to sooth it. Ted clenched his eyes shut, holding in the moan that threatened to escape as John moved his assault to one of his nipples, gently nipping and sucking, sending chills of pleasure through Ted's body.

Ok, this was seriously self-destructive behavior. While this whole fantasy playing through Ted's mind was enjoyable now, any second he'd wake up, the entire night being a figment of his imagination, and feel so depressed that it wasn't real that he'd hate himself for continuing it. And while he really enjoyed fantasy-John and everything he was doing to him, he knew he'd regret it later.

With an exasperated sigh, he pulled John off of him, breaking the contact of John's lips with his skin, and scrubbed his hands over his eyes, hating that he couldn't milk this a little longer.

"What's wrong Ted?" Fantasy John said, backing up a bit to give Ted room to sit up. The look on his face was a mixture of disappointment and confusion, his eyes trying to search for answers on Ted's distraught-looking face.

Ted sighed. Well, this was Ted's hallucination, so he might as well give Fantasy Cena some answers. Yeah, that was good; no way just talking could end up hurting him later.

"Sorry, I can't do this." Ted sighed, leaning against the headboard.

"Wh-why?" John asked, a hurt expression on his face. "I mean I guess if you want to stop we can…but I thought…" He seemed to be at a loss for words. "I thought you wanted this Ted. Wanted us."

"Well duh." Ted said, giving a weak chuckle. "That's exactly why I can't do it."

Now John looked thoroughly confused. He opened his mouth to speak, but shut it again, his eyes scrunching up in puzzlement. "I-ok you're gonna' need to explain your logic there Teddy."

Ted sighed again, just wishing this could be over. "If we do anything, I'll just end up feeling like shit when I wake up."

John chuckled, moving to reclaim his position on top of Ted. "Well Teddy if you think I'm gonna' hit ya' and quit ya', you're wrong. I already told you, I wanted this too."

"No that's not it," Ted said, stopping John before he could be under him again. "I meant like when I wake up and…" It hurt Ted to think about the fact that in reality everything was the way it was before. Ted loving John unconditionally, John not aware of any of it. Ted took a deep breath, steadying himself. "…And this was all some really great dream."

John chuckled, leaning down to place a kiss on Ted's lips despite his protests. "Ted are you messin' with me? You think this a dream?"

"…Well yeah." Ted said as John began kissing him again. "So please stop, because I'll hate myself tomorrow."

"Well Teddy, I'd like to think I'm everyone's dream man, but I swear," John place another kiss on Ted's lips. "You aren't dreaming."

Ted scoffed, trying again in vain to push John off him, "Of course you'd say that, my imagination just wants this to keep going."

"All right," John sighed and pushed himself off of Ted. "What would you like me to do to show you you're awake? Pinch you? Pour cold water in your face?" Fantasy John seemed to be enjoying himself way too much.

"Hmm…" If Ted wasn't waking any time soon he might as well enjoy this as much as possible. "Why don't you prove you're actually John. Say something real John would."

"Uhh…" John ran a hand through his shorn hair. "The champ is here? You can't see me? Want some, come get some? Stop me if you're satisfied."

"Ha." Ted said, deadpan. "I'm serious, if you want me to believe you so bad, prove it."

"Fine." John leaned forward brushing his lips against Ted's skin, his lips, cheeks, the hollow of his ear.

"My name is John Felix Cena." He kissed a line up his jaw. "I'm from Massachusetts but live in Tampa, Florida." He moved downward dropping light kisses on his neck.

"I work for the WWE, same as you." He suckled the skin on his chest, continuing his path downward.

"I have had a crush on you since you've been called up, but never had the nerve to say anything..." Ted gasped as he brought one of his nipples in his mouth, feeling as great as it had before.

"Tonight I went out with Randy and a few other people to a club." He moved to the left, bringing the other in his mouth.

"I was being swarmed by ring-rats, and you wanted to kill all of them…" He moved down, licking the lines of Ted's abs.

"Randy got wasted and told me how you feel." He kissed his hip lines.

"So I ran to find you…" He pulled the edge of Ted's boxers down, exposing the tan skin underneath.

"…and kissed you." He moved farther down the bed, pulling Ted's boxers with him, leaving him bare.

"So…" He returned to his place on top of Ted, now eyelevel with his manhood.

"I took you back to my hotel room and was planning on screwing your brains out…" Ted moaned as he placed a kiss on the head of his member.

"But then you tried to convince me you were dreaming." John licked the head, teasing the slit.

"So now, I'm trying to convince you you're awake. Do you believe me?" John looked up at Ted, his eyes clenched shut, hands gripping the sheets tightly.

Ted opened his eyes slowly, but no-John was still there, arms braced on either side of the bed, doing-Oh GOD!- amazing things with his mouth.

And all of a sudden, everything clicked.

Of course this was real. Of course John was real. He wasn't dreaming, he wasn't about to wake up in his hotel room with a horrible hangover wishing it'd been real. This was real, actually happening. The man of his dreams, of his fantasies, was really here, and really loved him as much as Ted did.

God he was being an idiot! Wasting time they could have used being together: talking, kissing, poppin' Teddy's cherry… No more of that. No more denying what should've been the most obvious thing in the world to him. No. He'd show John that he understood, that he knew everything he'd said had been true.

He stopped John from his work below his waist, pulling him up roughly by his wife-beater, which for god knows what reason was not lying on the floor. He removed the rest of his clothes, leaving him naked . Ted kissed John passionately, stealing the breath from his lungs. They fought for dominance, tongues intertwining furiously, both determined to pick up where they had left off earlier in the night.

They broke the kiss, both gasping for air, as John resumed his ministrations, feasting on Ted's neck, hands grabbing for every inch of exposed skin he could. John gave a light chuckle, voice muffled inside the crook of Ted's neck, "So you believe me now?"

Ted grabbed either side of John's face, dizzyingly kissing him in answer.

"…Now John, please."

John didn't need any other motivation. He moved down Ted's body, kissing as he went, and reached for the lube he kept in his nightstand. He poured a generous helping on his fingers and dick, but stopped, hesitating, at Ted's entrance, Randy's drunken warning from earlier in the night ringing in his head.

Randy, are you serious?

Yup. Sure am. But you go easy on Teddy ya' hear me? That boy's never been with anybody else before and worships the ground ya' walk on, so if I hear ya' just… just wanted to fuck em' and that's it, I'll come after ya' Johnny.

"Ted are you sure?" John was suddenly second-guessing himself, unsure if Ted really wanted John to be his first.

Ted nodded, encouraging John to continue.

He placed a kiss on his hip conveying his thankfulness, and quickly thrust a finger in Ted's entrance. Ted cried out, gripping the sheets tightly as he tried to will his body to adjust to the intrusion.

John pushed further into Ted, searching for the spot inside him that would instantly make him forget all the pain he was feeling. He pulled out his finger, adding more lube, and found what he was looking for, the sudden jab to his prostate making Ted gasp.

"God-John…Do, do that again."

John obliged, pushing that spot inside Ted again, making him moan and grunt in response. He added another finger, the pleasure quickly overriding the pain for Ted as he scissored the fingers inside him, stretching him.

After John felt he was loose enough for him, he pulled out his fingers, getting a whine of protest from Ted. "No…John, it felt so good."

"S'ok Teddy, I think you're ready for something else."

Ted panted in anticipation, bracing himself for what was to come next.

John positioned his member to Ted's entrance, pushing the head slowly through Ted's tight ring of muscle.

Well he was definitely a virgin that was for sure. John had never been with anyone so tight, Ted was almost suffocating him. John held still, letting Ted get used to him as well as trying to get a grip so he wouldn't cum right then at the feeling of Ted's walls wrapped around him. He took the time to observe the scene in front of him: Ted on his back, legs spread obscenely wide to accommodate John, pretty face scrunched up in a mixture of pain and pleasure, cock jutting out from him tall and proud…

Gauging Ted's reaction, he began to move slowly, thrusting in and out of him.

With a random change in angle, John brushed Ted's sweet spot inside him, causing him to release a wanton, almost slutty moan.

Time passed immeasurably, both men finding pleasure in the other, each calling out moans and yells of bliss. Ted relished each moment, each touch from John, every sound he made.

John kissed Ted with each thrust, worshipping his body with his hands, grasping at each expanse of silky smooth flesh, at each piece of anatomy he could get his hands on.

John was losing it, the familiar coil of warmth in his stomach moments away from unfurling. With a new wind of franticness, John leaned down closer to Ted, breath ghosting across his cheek and whispered, "Teddy, I'm gonna' cum."

Ted nodded with vigor, yelling at John to give it to him, to make him his.

With a deep, gravelly groan and a call of Ted's name, John came, thrusting into Ted, milking his release.

Ted followed soon after, moaning John's name and a mixture of expletives with his release.

John pulled out, collapsing next to Ted, placing sweet, tender kisses on his face. He cleaned them up, and pulled Ted into him, letting him rest his head on his chest as they both faded into a deep, peaceful sleep.

The Next Day

Cody sat in catering alone, head in his hands as he waited for his friend Ted to come and have breakfast with him like they always did on taping days. He checked his watch for what seemed like the millionth time that morning, and drummed his fingers across the surface of the table, wearily watching the door for signs of his Teddy.

Cody was exhausted. He had spent the entire night taking care of a really drunk Randy Orton, undressing him for bed which would have been hot if it hadn't been for Randy being dead on his feet. He had to run back and forth, getting a sick bucket for Randy, making sure he didn't barf all over himself. It kinda' killed any type of mood Cody was hoping for.

However, he instantly perked when he saw his Teddy strolling into the room hand-in-hand with John Cena? WTF? When had that happened?

Cody stared with incredulity at Ted and John, who parted as John went to the food line.

Ted plopped down in the seat beside him, smiling, his bright cobalt eyes shining with happiness.

"Hey Codes, what's up?"

Cody tried in vain to form coherent sentence, "Wha-I thought-but…you and-and John?"

"Yep." Ted sighed, his smile growing wider.

"When?" Cody yelled, looking as much like the gossiping teenager he felt.

"Last night." Ted's smile grew bigger still, almost wide enough to break his face.

"Well that's just awesome…" Cody sighed dejectedly pouting his lips in a sad face. "If you got your man, who's gonna help me get mine?"

"Don't worry bout' it Cody," Ted said, eyes following John as he met Randy with a high-five from across the room. "I can guarantee we can come up with something."

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