Why of all people did he have to be stuck living with that Colonel bastard!

-Earlier that day-

"To put it simply fullmetal, central is undergoing major reconstruction due to the earthquake last night." Roy Mustang sat at his desk with his usual smug expression seeming all too pleased with the disaster.

"Yeah, I noticed," Ed said venomously. "My apartments being fixed, you bastard. I don't know how you did it but it's your fault!" Ed shouted jumping to his feet and pointing at his superior.

Mustang sighed from behind his desk and laced his fingers together then placed his elbows on the table so he could rest his head on his entwined fingers. "Geez Ed." He smirked. "Then you're really going to love this part." He sung the word 'love' to emphasise it. Ed's eyebrows were knitted together and one was twitching furiously. "Ok, I won't beat around the bush, the Fuhrer wants you to move in with me for the next few days."

"WHAT!" Ed shouted slamming his hands on the desk hard enough that his automail made various objects (mainly paperwork) move from the thud. "But constructions gonna be finished by the time I get home!"

"Calm down fullmetal, I'm not happy with the solution wither, however, I'm the only one with a spare room and the Fuhrer wants to use your apartment to shelter families until their homes are rebuilt. It's not permanent, so you can relax."

"Screw the Fuhrer! There is no way I'm living with you!" Ed's cheeks has tinged pink from the idea and he realised he was now using hand gestures to make his point clear.

"Fuhrer's spoken Ed. You have everything you need in that briefcase, right?" Roy smiled a sickly sweet smile that made Ed all the more angry.

-At Roy's door-

"Stupid Al. Going to Winry's, leaving me with that bastard." Ed grumbled kicking Mustang's doormat. He tightened his gloved automail around his trademark briefcase.

He knocked twice on the door to Mustang's apartment. No answer, so, he knocked again loudly. "Oi! Colonel! Open up!" Ed shouted gritting his teeth. "Damn it! You bastard!" He kicked the door open with his automail leg. "I'm coming in!" He announced as the door collapsed off it's hinges against the wall.

Ed walked into the large apartment and into Roy's living room, there was a noise coming from down the hall. "Hey! Colonel! You there?" Ed asked opening the door to Roy's room. He had a large bed with dark sheets and white walls, Ed had to admire the view, his side wall was huge and overlooked Amestris. Ed realised the noise was coming from the running shower in his ensuite bathroom which was connected to his walk in wardrobe. The water had stopped minutes ago.

Ed frowned looking at Roy's chest-of-drawers which had photos on the top of it. He picked up a photo of the Colonel and Hughes. Maes had his arm draped around the alchemist grinning and had his fingers in a 'peace' sign which contrasted Roy who was smirking and holding up a gloved hand threatening to snap at the camera man. Ed smiled slightly in memory of Maes Hughes, however his smile quickly fell when the bathroom door opened…

A relaxed Colonel stepped out wearing nothing but a towel which hung loosely around his waist. Ed turned to Roy and his eyes bulged. "You're early." Roy said after a few seconds of awkward staring.

Ed's hairs stood on end, "y-yeah."

Roy stepped back and slammed the door, as if animated he reappeared two seconds later fully clothed in black pants and a loose white collared shirt which he hadn't bothered to do up yet. "Geez Ed, you should have rung the doorbell." He said leaving the towel on his head and buttoning up his shirt.

Ed froze then turned away a deep red. "Yeah, yeah, just show me to my room." He said still glowing red.

Roy frowned then smirked looking down and pulling the towel off his head, "Whatever you say," he approached the blond. "Follow me." He dropped the towel on the alchemist's head who flushed again.

At first, Ed was startled by the scent of cologne on the towel. It smelt strong, like charcoal and cinnamon. "Don't dump your laundry on me!" Ed shouted throwing the towel back at Roy. The older man smirked down at the young alchemist. "Damn it! I'm not short!" Roy's only response was opening the door next to his room.

"You're kidding." Ed groaned. "It's bad enough I have to share a roof with you, now we have to share a wall? Well great!"

"You could be grateful," Roy suggested showing Ed the spare room, it was smaller then Roy's with a chest of drawers, double bed and desk.

"Why? It's like you said, you're not taking me in by choice." Ed informed him throwing his suitcase roughly to the side and shrugging off his jacket.

"Right. So what do you want for dinner Fullmetal?" The older man asked leaning on the door frame, Ed, who had his back to Roy out of embarrassment threw a hand over his shoulder signifying that he didn't care.

"I'll have what you have, I'm hungry though so get lots of it." He added on second thought pulling off his gloves and black top revealing shinning automail and toned if not slightly scared flesh.

Roy gave an exaggerated sigh, "If that's ok with you." Then he left and Ed lay on his bed with his real arm stretched across his eyes as if to block out the world. He tried to focus on anything other than the Colonel but seeing that bastard half naked was sending adrenaline through him. His cheeks were tinged pink so he pressed his automail to them to cool himself off.

When he thought he was in the clear he ventured into the kitchen. "So," he said irritated when he saw his superior pouring two glasses of wine. "How long 'till I go?"

"Not enjoying my company?"

"You sound surprised."

"About a week, can you put up with me 'till then Ed?" He asked offering the blond a glass.

Ed looked at the red liquid and made a face before shouting. "This some crack about my age! I can't drink that, you bastard; I'm a minor!" Ed was almost positive that Roy was doing this to wind him up.

"Settle down Edward." He said strictly business placing the glass on the counter. "I know how you hate being treated like a kid, I was offering you this as an equal, but I have milk in the fridge, or there's water. Ed frowned going into the kitchen and looking around for a cup. "Up here" Roy reached to the highest shelf in the kitchen and Ed grit his teeth. Was the world mocking his height?

"Why are your cups so high up?" He ground out irritated but not quite at full rage.

"Because we aren't all short, Fullmetal" Roy said simply filling the cup with tap water.

"Who're you calling a pipsqueak shrimp!" Ed yelled when Roy held out the cup as a peace offering. "And who said I was thirsty?" He muttered turning his head away stubbornly.

A vein on Roy's head bulged. The colonel considered himself a patient man (then again he also thought of himself as a hard worker), but Edward had managed to irritate him to a point beyond control. He grabbed the front of Ed's shirt causing the wide eyed blond to stumble over to him then quickly placed one hand around his neck tipping his head up and the other one poured the water messily into his mouth. Ed froze, blushed and Roy smirked; all anger melting. "That's a good dog." He mused.

"Hey!" Ed yelled finally falling back into consciousness. He attempted to grab Roy's shirt but the still dazed boy tripped over his own automail and crashed into the older man.

"Whoa there." Roy caught the boy and pushed him to his feet. "You alright?" He asked sounding almost bored. Ed sat cross legged on the floor now massaging his ankle. "Fullmetal?" He asked when he got no response.

"Shut up!" Ed shouted not looking up in fear that his face would betray him and display his embarrassment.

"Is your ankle ok?" Roy bent down and Ed grabbed his collar causing the alchemist to yelp and be pulled nose to nose with Ed.

"Your. Fault." He ground out. "It's all your fault. Don't go shoving crap down my throat!" He yelled menacingly, onyx met gold as they stared into each other's eyes; one confused and the other enraged. The door bell rand and Ed released his superior. "Get the door." He said ashamed and Roy left the younger boy to his self pitty.

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