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Roy woke up first the next morning feeling unusually energetic despite it being seven thirty. He decided to let Ed sleep for an extra fifteen minutes so that he could finish off the paper work he was meant to have completed by today but due to circumstances last night was unable to. He sat at his desk signing his name and trying to convince himself that the repetitive movement along with constantly snapping his fingers was not going to give him arthritis in a few years.

He woke Ed up who greeted him by shoving a pillow in his face when he attempted to kiss the boy. "No shame." He muttered throwing the blankets off and wincing away from Roy.

"You sore?"

"Not a bit."

Roy gave a satisfied smirk at the blonde's obvious denial then sat next to him on the edge of the bed and sighed. "What ever you say."

"Damn right it is." Ed grinned then allowed his superior to kiss him sweetly while tracing his fingers along the edge of his face. These were the happiest moments he'd experienced in years; selfishly he hoped that they would never end.

At work everyone noticed the better mood that both state alchemists were in and took advantage of this with Breda managing to get half the day off. Havoc kept giving Ed a leering smile which the teen threatened to 'wipe off his face' if he didn't stop. He didn't confide in Jean about the events that took place last night but the addict could guess what had taken place.

At two o'clock Edward was called into Roy's office who was more than happy to oblige. He opened the door without unnecessary kicking of punching his fist into it but stopped short when he saw the troubled expression on his lover's face. "What's going on?" He asked and his superior waved his hand dismissively.

"Nothing Ed, congratulations; your apartment is fixed." Ed felt his heart plummet and he contained a shuddering gasp after realising what this would mean. "I've called your brother, he'll be returning to central tomorrow and I've sent for someone to collect your things to save you the trouble."

"Saying goodbye would be too much of a hassle, huh?" He asked bitterly.

"Sit down." Roy said looking down at his empty coffee cup with a stoic expression. The blonde sat across from him with his fists balled but neither man spoke.

"We aren't going to pretend this never happened are we?"

"Of course not." The older man looked at him startled by the question. "It happened and there's nothing anyone can do to change that." He ran his hand through his hair then placed his head in his head and stared at the boy. "It just makes things difficult. Starting from tomorrow I'm sending you East to check up on a civilian town."

"Sounds fun." Ed groaned sarcastically.

"It will be, but who knows, you may find your next lead there." Ed looked down for a minute fighting off childish desires to stay with Roy. "You aren't a child Edward, so I'm not going to treat you like one. You can stay with me but know that will affect your research."

The teen frowned. "That's not an option," he ground out then ran a hand down his face revealing a gloomy look. "Not right now at least."

They locked eyes for a moment each reliving their time together and debating about what to say and do next. The Colonel with drew a key from his pocked and slid it with an ungloved hand over to his subordinate. "This is my spare key."

The blonde gave him a surprised look with wide eyes; blushing slightly when he picked up the key. "Is it your only spare?"

"Well, Hawkeye has one."

"For when you get drunk and can't drag your sorry ass home?" Ed joked then smiled at Roy's frown.

"At least I can hold my liquor, shortie."

"Don't call me short!" He shouted then composed himself. "I don't need this though." He looked down at the silver key which to him gleamed with hope.

"You might, one day." The darker haired man's eye brow suddenly twitched remembering the incident when Ed first arrived, "after all, I'd prefer it if my door could stay in tact."

"Yeah, yeah." He waved his hand, "pshh," Ed's eyes never left the key in his hand. "Thanks, Roy."

Roy stood up and strode to his side then slowly bent down and captured the teen's lips in a passionate but nostalgic kiss. "I love you." He whispered breaking away. Ed protested the movement by pulling on his uniform and kissing him again in a desperate attempt to be close to his lover.

After two minutes they broke away breathless but satisfied. Edward gave a wicked smirk, standing and flipping the key in the air as if it were a coin then expertly catching it. "I'll see you around then."

"Not too soon I hope; I don't want any papers that say you've blown up another bridge." He sighed knowing that it was pointless to even make this request.

"You know I don't do that stuff on purpose, right?"

"Sure Ed."

The teen turned again towards the door but stopped wanting to look back. He wanted to stay with Roy but knew it was too difficult. He could never abandon Al. "I love you too." He said suddenly then shut the door and quickly headed towards the exit despite not having a half day off. He'd never been one to follow rules.

-Later that day-

He picked his brother up from the station and they spent the night redecorating their new apartment block. Edward's belongings had been returned as promised; many which had Roy's scent on them from their time together. He held up his singlet he'd warn while relaxing in the evenings; they smelt like charcoal and cinnamon from the time they had slept together. He threw the shirt angrily to the side, cursing himself for not being able to focus on what was most important.

Alphonse filled his brother in about Winry and their yet to exist relationship then bombarded him with questions about Roy and their time together. Ed was reluctant to give details at first but by the time he had finished recounting he was bragging.

He sealed the key inside of his pocket watch to remind him that when he no longer needed the watch he could have his freedom. Tomorrow he would be leaving for East Amistris and would, most likely, accomplish nothing of great value; however, the key gave him yet another thing to strive towards. When he was whole again and when his brother had a body of his own, then, and only then, could he return to the place he belonged.

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