Love Potion

Author's Note: There are some SPOILERS! XD This story is based off of a drawing on DA. This is for Paje-chan. XD Enjoy!


"Hm?" Fujimoto raised a brow as he bent down to pick up a piece of paper from under a door he never seen before. He felt something familiar to his own work but luckily nothing that could harm him. He opened up the folded paper and couldn't read what was scribbled on it at first but then figured out that it was a letter to him.


Go through the door.


"Howl?!" The red head jumped back a little as he stared at the piece of paper for a while. He had met the other wizard a couple of times before just to trade some potions and information. But he couldn't contact the blonde (or was it raven haired) after their meetings, for he figured out that the other man was from another world.

Fujimoto contemplated over the matter before coming to a conclusion. He stuffed the letter into his pocket before walking toward his many daughters.

"Daddy will be back. I won't be gone for long." He told them as he lovingly pressed his hands against the sides of their magic bubble. A smile grew on his lips as he felt his daughters nibble against his palms. After deciding he should leave now, he glanced back over his shoulder one last time to look at all of his daughters watching him leaved before walking though the magic-made door.

Everything was dark around Fujimoto, but surprisingly not cold. He tried to figure out where he was, but as another second passed, he thought he was in a tunnel because out of the corner of his eye, he saw a small light. He walked toward the light and as he assumed, the light grew bigger and bigger before it consumed him. He shielded his eyes for a moment before he found himself at the bottom of a few steps. He could feel and hear a fire going, making him slap his forehead. He forgot to bring his watering system.

"How could I forget something that important…?!" He shouted in his mind as he quickly turned around, already feeling stiff by the minute.

"Ah! Fujimoto! I see you've read my letter." A voice behind the red head spoke, making Fujimoto stop.

"Yes, well long time no see, Mr. H-" He forced a smile as he turned his head to look at the blo- well, now raven haired. There was a grin on the pale man's face as Howl abruptly pulled Fujimoto by the collar.

"You don't have to be so formal! Come on in! I have a present for you!" The red-striped clothed man could smell a familiar potion on the excited man's breath.

"He's drunk!" He noted as he let himself be dragged by the tipsy man. Well, he couldn't work his legs anymore…for the time being. He needed water…

"Up we go!" Howl exclaimed "happily" as he ran up the stairs, with Fujimoto in tow. A second later, they were in a bathroom, spiking a little hope in the red head's heart.

"No! It has to be pure wa-" Fujimoto argued in his head. But his thoughts were interrupted as he was thrown into the white, sparkling tub.

"Ah! No, no, no, no, no!" He started to rant and mumble to himself as he thrashed about in the tub, splashing water everywhere.

"Relax, Fujimoto! Calcifer uses water from the purest of lakes!" At that, Fujimoto stopped thrashing. Even though he always used pure ocean water, surprisingly, he felt hydrated. He even could use his legs again.

"U-uh…thank you, Howl." He said in a low voice as he ran a hand though the water he was sitting in, slightly amazed.

A moment later, a green odd-shaped glass bottle was in the red head's face, "Here, drink up." He nodded as he took the offered bottle. Taking his own advice, the raven haired downed his own odd-shaped bottle, but his was purple. Fujimoto swirled the liquid inside the bottle before sniffing it and having a taste. He had made that formula a couple of times before, but he noticed that this potion was thoroughly made.

"You are very skilled, M- Howl." He quickly corrected himself before taking another sip of the strong smelling liquid. The red head almost jumped out of the tub when he saw blue eyes right in front of his face.

"Really? Well we do have a beautiful son-"

"No, no, no! I mean your magical talent!" He quickly saved himself once again as he held up his hands.

"Really…" The raven haired's smirk turned into a frown as he reluctantly pulled away from his 'friend', "Well, I have been running away from the kingdom and the Witch of the Wastes for this long…but luckily the witch is out shopping with my wife and kids and their dog…!" Howl had his grin back on as he drank another bottle down, a blue one this time. Fujimoto barely finished his first one as he drank quietly.

"…Brunhilde- I mean, Ponyo…you remember her, right? …Well…s-she's doing fine. She's becoming a beautiful young lady…" A pained smile formed on the red head's lips as he chuckled. But then he inhaled sharply when warm, soft lips met his, his arms instinctively pressed against the raven haired's chest.

"What do you think you're doing…?! We both have a wife and kids!" Fujimoto harshly whispered after he broke the kiss.

Howl smirked as his nose was inches away from the red head's own, "Well, they're not here now, hm?"

"That's not the point! Mmh!" The raven haired pressed their lips together once more, feeling his guest squirm under him them relax when he deepened the kiss. The red head cursed in his mind, blaming his actions on the strong alcoholic potions as he felt his body give in. Grey eyes closed as he could feel his 'friend' shift. Small waves brushed against Fujimoto as the raven haired slipped into the tub. He could feel the "talented" wizard's hands slip under his shirt as he dug his hand into soft, short hair. The forgotten odd-shaped green bottle floated in the water, leaking its contents, making the tub water a little pink. Unintentional moans escaped the red head's lips, letting his 'friend' unbutton his red-striped shirt.

Fujimoto's head was almost submerged underwater when they heard a woman's voice from below, "Howl! I'm home!" Howl cursed under his breath as he wondered whether to answer or not.

"…I-I should go. I told my daughters that I wouldn't take long here." The red head squirmed out from under the raven haired as he re-buttoned his shirt. They both reluctantly got out of the tub, Howl looking for a drying spell while Fujimoto got ready to leave.

"Howl?" The woman called again, making them hurry.

"Just go though the same door you came in. It should take you back home." The red head heard his friend whisper in his ear. Howl turned Fujimoto's head so he could plant a brief kiss on the rosy lips before sending the red head off. A blush was on both of their cheeks as his guest politely bowed before hurrying back down to the first floor so he wouldn't dry out again. Howl could hear mumbling and grumbling before the doors slammed. Confused whispering echoed throughout the quiet castle. The raven haired smirked as he leaned on the door frame, amusement in his eyes.

"I gotta invite him here more often." He mumbled to himself before lifting himself off of the door frame as he heard footsteps.

"Master Howl! Wasn't that Mr. Fujimoto?!" He heard Markl ask as the boy ran up the stairs. He also heard his son, no doubt in Sophie's arms, make bubbles from his spit. He could also hear Calcifer whining about the witch staring at him all the time.

Howl laughed to himself when he and the brunette met faced-to-face, his apprentice bouncing on the balls of his feet as he kept saying, "Fujimoto? That was him, right?!"

"See you soon, Fujimoto, and good luck."


On Fujimoto's side, the red head had been apologizing to his daughters but then calmed down when his daughters smiled and brushed against his palms. He shivered as he remembered what happened moments before, feeling a little guilty for accepting the invitation the raven haired had left for him at the magic-made door, which was still there. But he also felt relieved that nothing made the world unbalanced when he was gone.

"I'll go and see if Ponyo is all right…"