Riding Into the Sunset

"Hrm...that dreaded 'Mother's Day' as humans call it is coming up..." Fujimoto dug his feet into the wet sand in frustration as he growled.

Howl sighed as he looked up at the clear blue sky, "...I can't think of anything besides flowers and sweets...!" The raven haired plopped onto his back as he groaned. The two were sitting on the sand in their swim shorts-Fuji in red and white strips and Howl in light blue-while the ocean licked at their feet. Mother's Day was a few days away and they could not decide what to give to their wives for the special occasion.

"...We should-! No no no that won't do..." Fuji plopped his head onto Howl's stomach, tired of thinking.

In the corner of Fujimoto's eye, he saw a flash of light, "What was that?" He sat up on his elbows and stared out into the water by the rock wall.

"Must be glass." Howl curled up on his side and closed his eyes.

"Look! There it is again!"

"It's just your imagination..." The raven haired waved it off and went back to his light doze.

"We should check out what it is! It might be dangerous to my-"

"Dangerous. Yes. So you shou-"

"Howl! Stop being such a jerk! Come on!" Fujimoto pulled Howl to his feet and dragged him towards the rocks. Once they got there, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary.

"I saw it! I know I did..." Fujimoto clambered all along the rocks, looking in-between the cracks and crevices.

"It was your imaginati-" Howl huffed as he put his hands to his hips, but was cut off when the red head squealed.

"I found it!" Fujimoto pulled out this plastic pink and purple unicorn/pony toy out from in-between the rocks.

"A child's toy?"

"AHH! It moved!" Fujimoto dropped the unicorn in surprise. The toy pony picked itself up and it looked indeed angry that it was disturbed.

"Oh boy. It's mad." Howl and Fuji began to slink away when its colorful beam of light came from its horn and covered the two.

"W-we're shrinking!" The red head shrieked as the colorful light began to spin around them at a dangerously fast pace.

Fujimoto found himself on the rocky floor with a headache, "Ugh...what happened?"

"...We must have blacked out..." Howl said beside him as the two sat up...or they tried.

"WHA-? HOWL! Y-YOU'RE-WHA-!" Fujimoto and Howl found themselves in horse-form. The red head was covered in red stripes while the other had blue stripes.

"ARE WE STUCK LIKE THIS?" Fujimoto panicked as his new hooves slipped on the rocky floor.

"Who would be responsible..." Howl paced as he dug deep into his list of enemies.

A splash of water took both men-ponies off-guard as a red head came out of the water, "Ah! It worked!" A familiar voice sang with glee.

"GRANMAMARE?" Howl and Fujimoto screamed in unison as Granmamare swam toward them with the waves and propped herself onto a nearby rock.

"We did great didn't we Lucas?" Another voice appeared behind the rocks as a certain silver haired walked into view with THE pony on her shoulder.

"Sophie?" Howl's shoulders slumped as he moaned in agony.

"Oh please it's not that bad. Markl and Morgan will have a great time with their new pony~!"

"I'm sorry if we said something or done something-what can we do to-" Howl was scrambling on the floor towards Sophie's feet.

The silver haired shared a look with Granmamare before saying, "Give us a total spa treatment and...spend more time with the kids."

"Alright alright..." Fujimoto and Howl sniffled as they agreed to the deal.

Granmamare and Sophie high-fived each other as the red head whispered into her partner-in-crime's ear, "We won't tell them the spell wears off in 24 hours!" They giggled to each other as they watched their blue and red striped ponies trying to get used to walking on four legs.

"You two will pay for this...!" The raven haired whispered as he comforted his lover.


A/N: Yay! Finally another chappy here :P Story based off of this pic by paje(dash)chan called Ghibli Ponies. Hopefully you can find it... Blasted Fanfic for not being able to save the whole url...XP Sorry. For some reason I haven't been "focused" enough to write any-or finish any stories XP All the ideas are there it's just...:P Sorry for all the silliness in this chappy XDD Anyways hope you enjoyed it! HAPPY -almost- MOTHER'S DAY! XDD