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Atem was retained in the hospital for another night for observation and upon release, met Yugi at the entrance to the hospital wearing the clothes that Yugi had gone to get him after he had to leave in the morning. He smiled warmly and leaned down to plant a kiss on Yugi's lips before grabbing his hand softly. Yugi looked up at him and smiled brightly before taking care of Atem's bill and leading him to the car.

"Where to my Pharaoh?" he asked, violet eyes shimmering with glee. Atem laughed at the formality before settling himself in the car.

"I believe we have obligations to either visit either friends or your Grandfather," he replied, his crimson eyes revealing his obvious amusement.

"Well, Joey's working and Tristan and Serenity are looking for stuff for the baby, so I think it's time to see Gramps," Yugi said as he pulled out of the parking garage and drove home. The ride home was silent but the two held hands and smiled, both relieved that he was going to be fine and that he was back in this world with Yugi. Yugi put on the turning signal and pulled onto his street before pulling into the garage behind the game shop. Turning off the car, Yugi turned to face Atem.

" Perhaps I should give him a warning so as to not scare him to death?" he said, opening his door. Atem had unbuckled and was out of the car by the time Yugi closed his own door.

"Nonsense, I believe surprise is far more entertaining and Grandfather is a very strong person, therefore I believe he will be fine," Atem said, walking behind Yugi as the smaller boy unlocked the door.

"Hope you're right. Gramps I'm home… and you'll never guess who's here with me," he called, smiling brightly as he waited by the end of the staircase. Atem waited just beyond visible range and waited with hands behind his back.

"Yugi! I was wondering what happened to you. Now you know I'm bad at guessing so just -," Solomon said, freezing mid-step as he noticed the tanned figure just barely visible from where he was on the stairs. "Yugi?" he asked, looking at his grandson, plum coloured eyes filled with confusion, disbelieve, and extreme happiness. He rushed down the rest of the stairs and stared at the form of the former Pharaoh. He blinked, rubbed his eyes, and then looked at Yugi again. Yugi couldn't refrain from laughing.

"It's really him Grandpa," he said, looking at the Pharaoh with obvious love and adoration. Solomon laughed and rushed over to Atem with surprising speed for someone his age and pulled him into a tight hug.

"I don't know how you managed it, but trust me when I say you are more than welcome home," he said, letting the Pharaoh go and looking up at him. Atem smiled brightly and leaned down to give him another hug.

"Oh trust me, Grandfather, I would rather be nowhere else in all of space and time than right here," he said truthfully, glancing at Yugi with equal amounts of love and adoration. Solomon noticed the looks and smiled, mentally noting that he was right.

"Well boys, you hungry?" he asked, looking at them expectantly. Atem let out another smile.

"Actually I am," he said, glancing at Yugi in question. Mentally he added, 'I'm definitely hungry, although not necessarily for food.' As if hearing him, Yugi turned a bright shade of red before nodding to his grandfather. Solomon had to refrain from laughing as he walked upstairs to the apartment to make some sandwiches. Atem's gaze was suddenly darkened as he walked over to Yugi. Yugi glanced once upstairs before he looked back to Atem, surprised to see him in front of him so quickly.

"O-oh!" he said in surprise. Atem laughed lightly before leaning down and kissing Yugi hungrily. Yugi's knees practically buckled under him from the sheer force and he was shocked to find himself still standing. When they broke apart, Yugi looked up at Atem.

"Y'know, neither of us are going anywhere… I'll be here all day," he said, snuggling into the taller man's arms. There was a flash of fear and pain in Atem's expression, but Yugi did not see it. What if Atem wouldn't be here forever? What if Ra returned him to the afterlife? Atem was not ready to part from his aibou again… he doubted either of their souls would be able to survive such a parting again.

"I know," he said, knowing full well that it was practically a lie. "I just couldn't stand to see you looking so cute without me by your side," he added, peeling Yugi from him and looking down at him, a warm smile on his face regardless of the fear in his heart.

"Let's go upstairs," Yugi said pointing as he grabbed Atem's hand warmly. He gave a little squeeze before leading him upstairs.

Solomon whistled happily as he made the sandwiches. He knew something had been up with Yugi for a number of years, and he had had a large hunch that his grandson had felt a love more than friendship and different than a brother for the Pharaoh but hadn't realized it until that final duel. He had watched as Yugi came to realization right before he destroyed the Pharaoh with the Silent Magician and watched as Yugi's heart broke when the Pharaoh left. Solomon smiled warmly as he placed the food on plates and set the table. 'Perhaps they can mend each other's broken hearts,' he thought as the two came and sat.