Naruto's Grudge

A five-year-old Naruto was walking in the rain at night. He had just been kicked out of the orphanage and was looking for food. At least the orphanage gave him food, if only enough so he wouldn't die. He had a cold live which evolved around hate, fear, and hope. Hate at the villagers for what they have done to him. Fear at the worry will he die today of tomorrow. Hope at will his suffering ever stop. He always wondered why he was hated… no that's not the word, despised is more like. He didn't know his parents or if they were alive or not. We see him now searching threw garbage for food. He found a half eaten candy bar and ate it, not worrying about the risk. He had been poisoned hundreds of times; they either put him to sleep for a few days or did nothing at all.

Unfortunately for him he was digging through a shop owners trash and was spotted. He was having a party because it was some guys birthday and was about to throw out the trash when he saw the kid. "Hey demon what do you think you're doing?! That's my garbage!" he yelled, attracting a lot of attention from his guest.

"O-oh nothing. J-j-just looking." Naruto fearfully said in a low voice.

"You trying to steal from me boy? I'll have your head for that!" and punched him in the face. Naruto stumbled back and held his broken nose. The others inside heard the commotion and ran outside to see what's going on. They arrived to see the demon-brat and smiled. They were all drunk and smiled at Naruto evilly. They walked up to him and dragged him into the back alley and grabbed anything they could: trash cans, pipes, glass bottles, anything an alley has. The beating lasted for about an hour and they all walked cheering at their cruelness. Naruto lay there unconscious and dying. The ANBU assigned to watch him jump down and pick up the boy, knowing that if he died it would be on their heads. They did a hand seal and appeared in a hospital. They had to force the staff just to take the boy. They notified the Hokage and he was angry at their lack of help but couldn't do anything about it.

-the next day-

Naruto started to wake from such a night to see a smiling Hokage. "How are you feeling, Naruto?" he asked.

"Good, I guest." Naruto replied.

"Good, I'm glad. Uh, Naruto? Why were you out at that time of night? Shouldn't you have been at the orphanage?" the 3rd asked.

"They kicked me out. I didn't do anything wrong though. Why are people so mean to me?"

The old man was shocked. 'They what?! I'll have to deal with that later right now Naruto needs me.'

"I don't know Naruto. People are just stupid sometimes. They'll lighten up one day Naruto, you'll see."

"I hope so. Where am I going to live now?" asked a sad Naruto.

The Hokage looked one in thought. Then an idea came to his head but should go though with it? ' Should I really put Naruto there after the incidents? But that happened years ago. No way it would start again after all these years. Besides the killings have since stopped.'

"Well Naruto there is a place where you could stay. But tell me if anything strange happens, absolutely anything. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir!" exclaimed a happy Naruto.

"Good. When the hospital checks you out, come to my office for the directions."

"Ok! Thanks Oji-san." Said Naruto

The Hokage smiled again and got out his seat. He hugged Naruto and walked out the door. Naruto couldn't wait for his new home.

-Later that day-

Naruto arrived at the Hokage tower with a smile on his face. He walked in after clearing it with the woman at front desk the Hokage told him to come. "Hey Oji-san!" he yelled happily. The 3rd noticed Naruto and immediately put his book away.

"Oh Naruto. I almost forgot. I've got the keys right here. Lets go, I'll walk you to your new home." Said the old man. Naruto jumped up with joy and hugged is grandpa figure and they started walking to their destination.

When they got there, it was an apartment complex. It was 3-stories tall and was in bad shape. The paint was coming, spider webs could be clearly seen, and it looked like a clubhouse or daily meeting for insects.

"I'm sorry Naruto for the conditions but this was all-" he was interrupted by a crying Naruto hugging him saying thank you over and over again. The 3rd looked at Naruto in surprise. He would have expected Naurto to at least complain about such living conditions but he was happy like this was his first give ever. 'His life must have really been hard. I'll have to make it up to him someday." Thought the 3rd.

"Ok Naruto that's enough. Here are the keys. You have every key to every room since no one else lives here. Remember if ANYTHING strange happens while you are here let me know, understand?" he said firmly. Naruto nodded his head and ran in to have a look around. The 3rd was going to check on him but had work to do so went to the tower.

-Later at night-

Earlier, the 3rd had taken him shopping for a bed, refrigerator, and a lamp; all the things he could live on for now. Naruto was now preparing to go to sleep when he heard something. It sounded like a… meow? Naruto got up and put his lamp on. What he saw surprised him and frightened him a little. There was a boy, standing there looking dead at him. He was literally as white as snow. Naruto just stared at him when the boy made a cat noise. It sounded too much like a cat to be fake and Naruto freaked out. Then from the shadows, black string like things started to come out the walls. Upon closer look, Naruto realized it was hair! From the shadows the appearance of a women came out crawling on the floor making noise that sounded like burps came out. Naruto was so scared that he couldn't even scream. She started crawling towards him in a really freaky way. Naruto backed back onto the bed but she appeared right in his face.

She was about to grab at him but then red chakra appeared out of Naruto and rapped around the woman and the boy. They were pulled inside of Naruto and seal that looked like a cat appeared on the back of Naruto's neck. He didn't know how but he somehow knew it was on his neck and was afraid. He was about to run to the Hokage and tell him what happened but then thought the Hokage might put him in another apartment complex with bad people and decided not to tell. He'll just have to wait and see what happens.

-Meanwhile inside the seal-

"Damn! Good thing those things were spirits or he would have died. Lets just hope that nobody finds out about that seal or something bad might happen. " Said a drain Kyuubi.

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