(4 years later)

Over the course of time, Naruto had learned both stealth and combat. He decided to cast aside both the codes of ninja and samurai for this own reasons. He believed people should fight with the style and the teachings best suited for them. Every summer brake he would ask the old man to leave the village for training. At first Hiruzen was worried and concerned, but after his skills were tested by Hayate Gekko, he was deemed efficient enough to survive on his own. On his first training trip, he had encountered a man who didn't really have a name and was called 'Afro'. He too, was a samurai, surprising for this day and age. He wore standard uniform, and he was extremely skilled. He could have been on par with the sennin and possible give a Kage level ninja a hard fight. Reasoning being, most ninja, if not all, relied mostly on jutsus, which require hand seals. Afro had enough speed to prevent anyone from finishing a jutsu, no matter how fast they could be performed. He would have trouble if he were to fight a ranged opponent however, or should he get face a Genjutsu specialist.

He was dark skinned, had a large Afro, as his nickname implies, and had a headband tied around his forehead that read 'Number 1' in kanji. It was long and stopped were his ankles were. He wore the basic clothing of a samurai, which was a white robed shirt, Hakama pants, and the wooded slippers(1). His samurai sword was to his right, which was in a red case(2).

He had been training Naruto every time he would set out the village along with Kyuubi, who he labeled a 'slave driver'. Naruto noticed on occasion Afro would mumble 'shut up' to no one in particular, which kinda freaked him out. There were times when they were attacked, Naruto quickly learned for Afro's headband. Of course the attackers were always killed, by both Naruto and Afro. At times, Afro would leave it to Naruto to kill the attackers, considering it as 'training'. When the time came for Naruto to leave and head back to the vililage the 3rd and final time, Afro gave him his second headband, with the Kanji for 'Number 2 on it, telling him to "Were it with honor and dignity, and when the time is right, seek him out. I have been alive for centuries, this number 1 headband possess powers that would grant the holder immortality, only able to be killed by the hands of Number 2. I have not given the number 2 headband to any one else because with the age of the ninja, honor is forgotten. You must keep and protect this headband, I trust you will. People who know of this headband will come for you, so wear it when you have completed your sword training, only then will be able to wear this headband. Farewell. And Kyuubi, train him well." Naruto bowed to him with respect, and they both parted ways. Naruto knew he would see him again, and he would be prepared to kill his master or die trying.

Also while he was coming back from his 2nd trip, he had spotted a manor just outside of Konoha. At first he was just gonna leave it alone, but then he felt a slight presence that felt…unnatural. He proceeded over to the manor, only to spot ANBU guarding it. He wondered why, and got even more curious. So he sunk into the shadows and resurfaced in the manor. While exploring the residence he spotted a girl around his age painting a picture of sorts. He realized the presence he felt earlier was coming from her.


"What are you doing her?" spoke the girl cold and calmly. She didn't even look back to speak.

"Naruto Uzumaki, at your service. Might I ask why ANBU are stationed outside? No offence, bit you don't look like much of a threat. But I learned to never underestimate an opponent, no matter how young or what kind of appearance they have."

"Well, it seems you were taught by a smart person. It's a shame you won't make it out of here, though." Naruto suddenly felt pain and found a blade sticking from his chest. His eyes widened in shock. His defenses were broken through? Impossible! He looked up to see the painting, and found that it was him, impaled through the chest. The girl immediately launched forward and tackled him to the ground and held a dagger to his neck. However, she appeared dazed, weakened, and Naruto took this chance to turn the tables and had her pinned down under him. He pulled out his own Kunai and held it to her throat. She had a look of fear in her eyes, to which Naruto couldn't help but smirk. He shook his head 'Damn Kyuubi, twisting my mind'.

"Now can I ask why you attacked me? That isn't very nice." He said pressing down on her neck. He looked into her eyes, and saw something surprising. They were red, and flaring dangerously. He decided to peer into here mind, and his skin suddenly turned extremely pale. His hair blackened and began to grow in length. It rapped itself around the girls frame, and they both began to sink into the floor.

-The shadow realm-

The girl and Naruto found themselves in a dark abyss. She was frightened and shouted "What's going on? Where am I?"

"Do not be afraid, girl. I am here to help you." Suddenly there was evil laughter that came from all directions.

"YOU? HELP HER? HA HA HA HA HA! Boy, you shouldn't have come here. Now is the perfect chance to take control of her body. All I have to do now is kill the both of you." Said the unknown demon. The girl had a terrified look on her face. Naruto only looked on in mild curiosity.

"What's going on here? Who are you, demon? Show yourself so that I may cut you down. This is MY world, fool. YOU can do anything here." The demon chuckled.

"Foolish human. Who do you think you are, boy? On second thought, it doesn't matter. You'll be dead anyway." Suddenly a gold serpent-like creature charged at Naruto, but he had just enough time to dodge. It was just as large as Manda, and just a little smaller than Kyuubi. Its eyes were blood red, screaming with madness. It was, however, twice the length of Manda. It glared furiously at Naruto , who only looked on in boredom. Naruto then started laughing, much to the anger of Ido. "You dare mock ME? Have you no fear of death, human? You can't not hope to defeat me!"

"I know, I'm only human. But I know someone who can." He smirked and suddenly, Ido found himself being pinned down, his neck in terrible pain. He looked up, only to see that a giant fox had its jaw clenched tightly around his neck. His eyes widened in shock and terror, and he managed to choke out one word. "K-Kyu-Kyuubi?". Said beast smiled, but it looked like an evil grin from Ido's standpoint, before picking him up with her fangs, and roughly tossing him out of the way. Kyuubi walked toward Naruto, and just sat there, hoping, begging for Ido to try something, so she could tear into him painfully and mercilessly. Ido began to get up, and stared in shock and pain at the legendary beast. "Wha…what are you doing here?" Ido said in fear. The Kyuubi merely smirked.

"It looked as if you were attacking my host. I merely stood in his defense." Ido's eyes widened in shock.

"Your host? Are you saying…I knew it. You are too strong to kill, at least for mere mortals, so the only other option was to seal you. May I ask for your forgiveness? If I had known-"

"It isn't up to me. It is up to my host. Ask HIM for forgiveness." Ido looked at Naruto in disgust. He would not lower himself to apologize, to a HUMAN, of all things.

"You do not need apologize to me, I can tell you are to proud for that. However, I will ask this girl a question, and it depends on here answer should I forgive you, and you know what no means." Kyuubi smiled and licked her lips, much to the fear of Ido. Naruto turned towards the girl in question and said "First of all, what is your name?" She looked upon him in fear. It appeared as if you was somehow in control of Kyuubi, so who wouldn't be a little scared in this situation.

"Ya-Yakumo. Yakumo Kurama."

"Like I said before, you do not have to be afraid. Has this demon done anything to you physically and/or mentally to you, Yakumo?" She relaxed a little bit, but not much.

"Yes, to both. He weakens my body from being able to do the most simple of things such as running. And I have a kekkei genkai which allows me to have complete mastery of Genjutsu, but I can't use it to it's fullest extent without him trying to take over." Naruto nodded his head looked towards the demon.

"Is that true?" Ido had a fearful look on his face.

"Yes. And I admit, I only did it because of my selfish desires to have her body. But before you do anything, reconsider. I could improve her body and her bloodline as to where her powers rival the Sharingans most powerful Genjutsu, Tsukuyomi. I could make it so not even when the victim cast pain upon themselves would the illusion break. I could make when genjutsu is her using here elemental affinity, the victim actually receives the damage to the fullest extent. With my demonic chakra, the possibilities are endless." Said the demon, trying to bargain with his life. Naruto looked at Yakumo with a look that said 'Well?'. She nodded her head to him, and he looked back to Ido.

"She forgives you. You live. I hope you don't cause anymore trouble for the Yakumo. Who knows, this might actually work out for her, now that you guys are on more friendlier terms. We are done here, let's go, Yakumo. He he, that rhymes." He grabbed on to her and they faded out.

-The real world-

They were back in her room, everything looked as if nothing happened. Naruto got up and looked over the room. "This is a pretty nice pla-"He was interrupted when he was tackled by Yakumo to the floor. She was crying hysterically on his chest. Naruto just sat there a rubbed her back. He knew they were tears of joy, tears of a lifted heavy burden, tears of freedom. "There, there, it's gonna be ok. You've got a shoulder to cry on." She cried even harder from his words. 'Good thing I put a darkness barrier around this room, or the ANBU would hear.' Naruto began to run his hands through her hair as she still cried away her pain and despair. A smile came upon his lips. Soon he noticed Yakumo had stopped crying and had fallen asleep, so he carried her to her bed. He looked at her and smiled; glad he was able to help. He decided not to leave at that point, wanting to get to know the girl, so he laid down on the floor, not minding since he slept outside on his training trips.

-The next day-

Naruto had awoken to find that Yakumo was still asleep, not surprising considering the events of yesterday. He prepared himself to leave when he heard "Please don't go." He turned around to see Yakumo was actually awake. He gave a comforting smile and said,

"How are you feeling?"

"Great," she replied. "Better than I have for as long as I could remember. Thank you. I…I don't know how I could ever repay you."

"Don't worry about it. I did it because it was right, not because I needed payment of any kind. The only payment I need from you is to grow stronger and to follow your dreams, whatever they may be." Yakumo just smiled as a few tears ran down her cheeks. She got up off her bed and walked over to hug Naruto, who returned the hug.

"Thank you so much. I hope it isn't too much to ask but…can I come with you? I'm tired of being here, alone and isolated from the world. And I know should I reveal I am able to be a ninja, I'd most likely be put into the CRA if they hadn't already decided that already for when my body matured, and I don't want that, at least not with some stranger or some forced marriage. If it comes down to it, I'd rather be with someone I love." Naruto looked on in thought before replying.

"Yakumo, you are beyond your years in terms of wisdom, I could see that now. Alright, I will take you with me, but your true identity must remain unknown for now. I'm sure your Genjutsu skills can help with that. Let's get out of here." Yakumo held onto Naruto as they both began to sink into the ground into the shadows.

-End Flashback-

After the incident, Naruto had Yakumo play the part of a homeless child he had befriended while away. With the help of Ido, she placed a Genjutsu on the old man that not even he was able to sense. It was made so he didn't have any memory of her, but she did have to change her name Yakumo Kurama to Tira Miyamoto. She was going to be placed under the care of Naruto. It worked out perfectly, and Naruto now had a roommate. Over the 2 years of them knowing each other, they were both trained by their demons. Ido had actually become friendly-no that isn't the word…tolerant of Yakumo. He would help her in any way he could, as long as it aided in her survival; the longer she lived, the longer he lived. Yakumo had been training mostly on chakra control and physical strength since that were her weak points. Since she had a demon inside her as well, her reserves were large for a female. So it took a while, but she eventually got tree climbing and water walking down. As for physical strength, she had gotten stronger in that department as well. She had gained some muscle, not enough to affect her attractiveness, but enough to have the average kid her age say 'she could kick my ass'. She had also taken interest in weaponry like Naruto, she however preferred the bo staff. Her appearance didn't really change much, expect her chest size. She went from the normal size for her age group of A cup, to a B cup. That normally wouldn't be bad, but for a 12 year old, she cursed her demon, making her have to go buy a bigger bra size. Naruto, however, wasn't complaining. She brought that up with him; he just said "Demons love appearances, I guess. Just look at Kyuubi." She was satisfied with that, but Naruto was killing himself. Even with his training and self-restraint, he had to force himself from looking at them. He had also told Yakumo about his number 2 headband, and how dangerous it was. It didn't matter to her, she'd stick by him no matter what.

Tomorrow was graduation, and he could be happier. 'Finally, I'm done with the academy'. The only reason Yakumo wasn't in the academy, was because she wanted to graduate with him, and Hiruzen didn't believe in special treatment. It didn't matter any, they'd be leaving as soon as the chance presented itself. And they'd wait, no matter how long.

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