Title: Flattery Will Get You Into trouble

Law & Order, Special Victims Unit

Pairing: Olivia Benson/Alexandra Cabot

Summary: Why is it, when the pieces of the puzzle are staring you in the face, you keep reaching for the corner piece that never fits? Olivia and Alex learn that two are better than one.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, their background, nor do I intend to profit for writing my stories. I am just writing to entertain my own musings, and continue to dream the Olivia/Alex subtext would come to life on screen! But since it hasn't... I will write purely from my own imagination! J

Well I hope my other story was okay for you readers, Lol, I decided to hell with it- I will attempt another. hopefully this one is just as good.. and will keep your attention for a little bit anyway, Lol. Thanks again for everyones comments and reviews. It is appreciated; really. :)

Chapter 1 –

An array of Blonde hair curtained the hallways and whipped past the bemused patrons. Amongst the hustle and bustle of New York Cities Special Victims Unit, eyes always followed the blazing golden trail of the 'Ice Queen'. Two male officers, collared in blue practically dove out of the way as an enraged ADA cast them aside, opening her path toward the precincts Interrogation Room.

"That's right, Olivia, get the bastard talking. " Elliot, her partner nodded in approval, his eyes trained on Olivia's frame sauntering around the interrogation table. Olivia Benson wasn't an A-Lister, but she sure as hell could put on an act.

The sicko this afternoon was their first suspect in a double homicide and rape of two sisters from Queens. They were both found, bodies bruised and bloodied, lacking clothing and screaming 'sexual assault' as their compromised positions presumed. Neighbours in the buildings loft apparently all were deaf between 12 midnight and 3am, no one heard a peep or even prodded their heads out the door as the homicide took place.

Detective Elliot Stabler was a little uncomfortable with the situation, as Olivia shot him a look of feigned disapproval, and ushered her male partner out of the room so she could pry a confession out of the guy. It's not that Elliot didn't trust his partner of many long faithful years, but his issue of trust lay within the pervert smiling cockily up at the female detective, who focused on keeping her smug expression painted on her soft tanned features.

Inside, Olivia's mind was churning with her next step of action. Not only was this guy a smug bastard, but he also somewhere in that ugly mug – had a brain beneath, too, because he wasn't spilling anything to Olivia. During the investigation, before the arrest, Olivia and Elliot had spoken with their FBI Psychiatrist Dr. Huang. He surmised the perpetrator was one who emitted self-control in outer aspects of his life;

"Probably a professional, business man – broker, manager maybe, Based on the scene of execution, I'd rule out anything in the physician department. It was pretty sloppy; it wasn't a cold and calculated offence. "He explained, trailing his fingers over each picture as he categorized a plot from each blooded depiction. "He seemed to have control over the situation, "he tapped lightly on the second photo – perfectly tied twine, three loops and a fisherman's knot. "But somewhere along, he lost control – his slick demeanour and that's when he bludgeoned the sisters with the lamp," lastly focusing on the blown up photo of a crimson lamp shade; spoiled with deep maroon and black halo's of dried blood.

Olivia just swayed her head from side to side, trying to piece together the information, quirking her eyebrow. "So, what you're saying is, in his work life he is strict and a man of polic-"

"Yeah, so he rules his company or employees with a firm wooden handle, then when things don't go his way in real life the bastard beats the living shit out of them, yeah, I think we got it." Detective Stabler butted in, finishing what Olivia had orchestrated in a less subtle way. It was Elliot's specialty to get to the point.

The psychiatrist simply nodded, closing his eyes and grinning in hesitance. "Well, yes – basically. "He inhaled as he continued with his observations. "He obviously came to their house ether invited – or managed to find a way in somehow. There was no trauma to the door or any other entrance. I'm guessing he knew them, or the other way around. Question is, if things went so smoothly what set him off – and what coaxed him into using the secondary method or torture and rape?"

"Good question, Doc," Elliot blew him a full smile, patting the smaller man on the back – causing him to heel forward. "Let's go ask him ourselves, shall we? Liv?"

Elliot just sat on the balls of his feet, swaying back and forth with anxiety. Olivia usually would go for the kill if necessary; by all means necessary, that's why he liked her – but just as a big brother would to his sister, he still worried and would have her back if anything went array. He saw a flash of Blonde in the corner of his eye and his rocking halted, as a voice cut through his inner musings.

"Elliot!" The Blonde Attorney bellowed, saddling up beside his focused frame on the scene before him. He merely nodded, acknowledging her presence.

"Hello, Alex,"

"Don't get coy with me, Detective. I want you to shut this interview down, now. I had been informed you wrangled up Mr. Nesbit from his office, in front of dozens of employee witnesses who all but claimed the defendant screamed he wanted a lawyer. So, either he's forgoing his lawyer, both of you suffered amnesia, or you two just didn't let him call one. Which is it?" Alex's eyes held a predatory glare, just daring Elliot to attempt to shade her, and pull the vacant wool over her blue eyes.

Elliot just rolled his eyes, turning toward the fuming Counsellor. "Look, Alex" his hands raised and achingly close to pushing the ADA out of the viewing area – so he could buy his detective just another minute.

Alex rattled her head in astonishment. What the hell was Elliot thinking; he can't always bend the rules as he damn pleases. "What are you a rookie Detective, walking the beat and aching for a first break? Elliot, anything he says is inadmissible! It is the man's constitutional rights – barring him being guilty, to request a lawyer, and by denying him those rights you are denying the law th-"

"Princess – the man's as guilty as they come. I don't care what all of your hundred dollar stuffy spine lawyer books tell you, this is life an-"

Meanwhile, inside Olivia and the suspect were getting acquainted, the Brunette was finally beginning to see the egotistical persona Huang was referring to, and she could also sniff out insecurity towards powerful women. All of which aspects she wore in her lean muscular frame.

"Mr. Nesbit," Olivia started, but backpedalled and softened her features. "Or Jerry. Mind if I call you, Jerry? Last names are so informal," she laughed lightly, shaking her mid-length brown hair to the side.

Jerry just gestured approval, tipping his chin upward, his facade of non compliance slowly wavering.

'Yeah, that's right your majesty, I'll just roll out the carpet for you like you deserve, huh?' Olivia left her distant position and sat facing away from the two-way mirror, and casually tossed her head back, pushing another stray hair behind her ear. Keeping her eyes upturned on the ceiling she continued with her good-girl facade. "I know you're innocent, "she confessed earnestly – and was gratified as his posture became relaxed and he puffed his chest outward.

"Yes I am, "soft hands reflected his power as they took to his red tie, adjusting it closer to him. "Like I told your partner, the Hulk out there" his finger protruded and gestured toward the unknown scene that lay apart from the double sided-glass. "

"Elliot, get Olivia out of there – Mr. Nesbit's lawyer is on his way and I'll be damned if you mess up my prosecution, " her body shook with rage as she kicked forward, her heels scuffing the surface of the pale linoleum floor, as she forced her way to the door knob, before Elliot caught wind and grabbed her forearm.

"Yeah, I work hard – like all men should, to support his company, his life – his lover," a cocky smile erupted, curling his lip in self preservation, but causing Olivia's stomach to churn in disgust.

"-Get your hands off me, El." Two eyes cast towards Elliot's soft blue ones – which were hardened in the same appearance as the ADA's. Elliot relinquished his grip and threw his hands up in submission.

"Yeah, they both liked my position too. " He thrust his hands backward, resting them behind his head casually as he reminisced to the other night. "They came waltzing into my office, requesting to open a set of Savings Accounts; both of them had a thing for me – of course. But they 'forgot' their Statement of Earnings from '09, so I had to deny their request until they had their papers in order. Luckily – their address and everything was on their T4's, so yeah, I looked it up and thought I'd surprise them, being the gentlemen that I am and make a house call to finish up our previous arraignment."

"I'm sorry, okay. I just – we're so close and I want this son of a bitch to eat the fucking glass shards he embedded into the two victims," his jaw clenched visibly, 5am stubble only partially obscuring the movement.

Alex's hand still on the doorknob as she exhaled, letting her pissed-off persona melt slightly at the defeated look of one of her favourite Detectives. A curvy brunette Detective, – being her first. "Just pull him out of there and we will nail him the legal way, I promise." Her tough features relaxed into a comforting grin, blue eyes twinkling amidst her designer frames.

It might seem like a short chapter, but its kind of the beginning. Basically... My "One Shot"I was attempting started to go into 7 pages *Sigh*(lol)so.. I had to cut it SOMEWHERE.. to initiate Chapter 2, (the later, and will post ASAP if anyone wants me to continue)...Anyyywayyyy.. thanks for reading.