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Chapter 10 -

"Shit." A thick voice grumbled, followed by a thud then the scraping of a chair being rustled.

Intrigued by the commotion across from him, the Detective simply raised his eyebrows in question to the dark man who had just delicately kicked his empty mug of coffee off his desk, as his consciousness wavered.

Fingering around for the finger-loop; a large hand outstretched located the item of interest then dropped it recklessly on the corner of the desk. Sitting upright, his charcoal eyes met cool blue ones; he shook his head giving a small smile of apology.

"'Sorry," he exasperated, his pouted lips curling around white teeth. "I'm jus' tired. With Liv being coddled by Cabot, and my So called 50-50 partner," his voice echoed in the empty precinct, falling on the miniscule object perched over a pile of newspaper clippings," would pick up the slack, I wouldn't' be so beat."

"I beg your pardon?" A mocking voice, hitched in faux offence interjected. "Fin, I am more than ' 50-50', just because I don't bump heads like Elliot and Liv, or shake down each perp for my leads doesn't mean this noodle isn't reliable." His left hand paused on a front page head liner, the other pushed up his fallen glasses onto the slightly crooked nose.

"Ahh," Fin Tutuola lifted his hands, shooing away the input from his SVU partner, John Munch. "Yeah well, Macaroni there,"

"-Hey! I consider me a Fettuccine man myself,"

Following suit with his previous gesture, he added the shaking of his head and decided to lock his attention onto someone solely reputable and someone he could stand as he continued, "Anyway – Mr. Oliveri May be spilling some truth, yeah he pulls his 98 pound weight, but without Liv we're just gettin' slammed, y'know?"

Elliot rolled his shoulders, before cracking his back audibly – gaining a grimace from Fin. "Well, Doc said she needed just a few days – and then we can burden her with all this drabble and get our hands dirty with some perp confessions."

"Speaking of Liv," Munch interrupted, gaining both the attention of Elliot and Fin, who held the same animosity posture of little care. "Did any of you find it odd how Cabot just offered Liv her place? I mean – I know she's human and probably caring, but – Liv? Those two are like Shark and an Alligator, both from different worlds and in the right circumstance could easily wipe the other out. Actually," he paused in thought, his sparkling eyes obscured by the dark lenses. "Think we could set up a cam in the office? 'Discovery Channel Reality, the heartless Attorney vs the Enraged Detective.' This could pull in more revenue than my bar idea."

"Well, I think Cabot just had too much guilt weighing her delicate shoulders down and she decided to let Liv relieve it. "Elliot commented, ignoring Fin's request to for Munch drop the idea of their co-ownership in a bar. "It was after all her fault, if she wouldn't have been such a pencil pusher about the case, she'd know that we had the sucker cornered and the bastard was gettin' antsy."

"Elliot you know it's not your fault, or Alex's-"Fin spoke dismissing the open rebuttal of Elliot. "'Sides, I'm thinkin' Cabot's going to keep Liv real comfortable, real comfortable." He smirked at his own words, biting back a laugh as Elliot and Munch looked equally quizzically.

"-What are you talking about Fin?"

Glass lenses fogged over as Alex's breath and body heat hitched at the close proximity of the beautiful brunette that was slowly inching closer to her side. The admission was rebounding the inner walls of Alex's minds confine; her reasoning was she misheard – that Olivia's eyes had not darkened in shades – or that her own lips were relinquished of their dryness by the tongue that snaked its way out of her fine pink lips.

Her peripheral vision was obscured by the black frames but her body temperature and blood pressure was causing her vision to hone in simply on the advancing figure of Olivia. She had to be sure she wasn't dreaming or taking on sympathy pains of delusions from Olivia's accident. She had to know – to speak,

"I'm sorry," she rasped out, her neck muscles straining against the taut skin as her breaths were swallowed in recognition. "Did you say – Attorney's? – and me?" She questioned, yet her lips were curling into a smile as her body sped up to the admission.

Olivia's hand that had been supporting her venture halted on the outside of Alex's waist, resting precariously against the smooth fabric. Her Brown locks dangled slightly in mid air as she hovered over the ADA, whose voice had ridden the octave rollercoaster at Olivia's admission and proximity. "Alex," the Detective exhaled the words, her eyes crinkling in adornment and slight infatuation. "If there were any other Attorney's named Alex, Elliot would have a heart attack." She laughed, causing her chest to rebound and miss the rise and falling one of the shocked captive below her.

Alex's eyes mirrored the humour, her cerulean blue eyes glazing over into a cobalt blue, as they met the focused ones of Olivia's. "I don't think he could honestly take two of me, I don't think you could either Detective."

Olivia bit back a groan as a blur of two Alex's rushed behind her closed eyelids, causing a flood of emotions (not just emotions, either) to burst. "God, don't even get me started on handling two of you. I 've.." She paused, swallowing and cursing herself for losing her words.

"No," Alex insisted, placing her finger on the pouty lips of Olivia. "I don't want you to think of two of me, I don't want you to think of Elliot –"Alex squeezed past Olivia's body bridge and sat up slightly, bringing her body flush with the Detective's – who gasped at the contact. "I want you to think of me. Because all I have been thinking of you, all of you - seducing you," her cheeks were fighting the urge to darken in embarrassment, but her pride, prestige and persistence to the situations were rivalling well and caused an urge of dominance to submerge. "Touching you," her ivory tanned hand found the Pyjama clad side of Olivia's, and nestled between her hip and waist. Relinquishing eye contact they drug downward and landed on the pursed lips of Olivia's waiting lips.

"So you admit it, you have been trying to seduce me." The voice of interrogation crept in, but held a husky after tone.

Cocking an eyebrow upward, her eyes trailed down the slope of Olivia's plunging neckline. "Ah, what can I say? Guilty as charged," Alex spoke, her voice dropping its glee and merging in sexual defiance.

"You know, Alex" she whispered as the visage of Blonde hair became more eminent as the Attorney's lips came to hover over the strong collarbone of Olivia. "Flattery will get you into trouble."

Alex's eyes had diverted from Olivia's piercing gaze to her lips – just catching the insinuation as it was whispered. Her body was intensifying in response to Olivia's words at an alarming rate – and for once in their three plus year relationship she did not give a damn on denying it, rationalizing it, or burying it deep in mindless paperwork and crisp spines of lawyer gab; be-damned the consequences. Inching a breath apart her head rested level with Olivia's, their noses almost brushing.

"I'm a rebel, Detective. "Hot breath tickled the pursed lips above hers, Blonde hair fanning behind her head. "So shut up, stop interrogating me, and kiss me."

"I don't take orders from you," Olivia feigned authority, all the while losing all her inhibitions while her eyes darted back and forth from sparkling Blue eyes and pink lips.

"Damn right you do." With that, Alex snaked her left hand above behind Olivia's head, threading her long fingers in the tresses, and forcing their mouths together in a long-awaited heated passionate exploration.

Olivia's strength in her arm wavered instantly at the contact – she almost collapsed her entire bodyweight onto Alex, but refrained and shakily kept upright, all the while languishing in the silken taste that is – Alex.

Their movements became less erratic, and they found a steady rhythm of give and take. Olivia's hand wound its way into the fabric of the Attorney's side, slipping her index fingers under the hem and finding porcelain flesh. Her short nails hitched the fabric higher – using the tips to scrape lazily up and down; emitting a pleasurable grown from Alex's throat.

Alex used the tip of her tongue to ask for entry into the Detective's hot mouth, Olivia's lips parted in acceptance and she found the intimate gesture utterly mind blowing. All they had been reached thus far was a kiss, but all the sexual tension that had been danced around was elevated in their intimacy.

Alex's tongue lay flat as it brushed the roof of Olivia's mouth, before pulling out all together as she gasped for air, her eyes in dilation; trying to focus on the face mere breaths away from her own. Olivia's eyes were still closed, her lips swollen and her hair sticking out from all angels – which was a feat in itself, given its longer length.

Alex had to suppress a smirk of self satisfaction, she not only left her rival word combatant breathless, but she looked so damned sexy breathing for air, her lips still parted. Alex's chest was slightly compressed by the weight of Olivia, and their breasts were pressed into one another – Olivia's nipples were hard peaks the instant their lips first met. Alex always knew Olivia's arousal would stem first from her ample bosom, it was just an assumption that played in her countless late night office fantasies – and to be living it in the moment was incredible.

Licking her own lips, Alex's eyes wordlessly pleaded for Olivia's comforting Chocolate Brown ones to meet her own. Without a millisecond passing – they opened, and a wave of emotion glossed over as their eyes locked. Quirking her lips to the side Alex was the first to speak.

"Not so bad if I do say so myself, Detective," she spoke cockily, her hand leaving the messy hair to trail down the pronounced collarbone of Olivia's, just missing the underside of her breast. "I told you I always win, in and out of the courtroom."

Olivia's laboured breathing became steady – as her hours of intense cardio aided in her quick composure. Giving her own trade mark grin she shook her head slightly. "Alex you're impossibly self-absorbed."

Alex content in her position relented in meeting Olivia's body height and settled for cocking her head to the side in fake admonishment. "I'm self absorbed? Olivia, you strut around the Precinct so often I could lay a Femme-Butch Cat walk under you and we'd have a runway."

Quizzically Olivia's eyebrows knitted, her eyes trained hard on the firm ones of Alex's; challenging the assumption. "Alex, you are the runway. Don't tell me your parading of thigh-length skirts is for the courtroom etiquette – no one has played the tease better than you."

Alex's hand gripped the side of Olivia's shirt- slipping a finger under the sports bra strap, eliciting a 'snapping' sound as she released it. "Liv, how many times have you paraded into my office – Jacket open and ..." Blue eyes trailed downward, resting in view of the hardened peaks on display. "and.. had those standing at my attention? Don't call me a tease; you're just a walking, talking show." She laughed, seeing the maroon color work its way up the tanned exterior of Olivia.

"I can't help how my body reacts to you, Alex" Olivia confessed, she clenched her jaw singularly, lowering her voice. "First time I saw you – I knew I was in trouble," She used her non-bearing hand to ring the t-shirt of Alex's.

Gaining a rasp in her voice she smiled up at the older woman. "I know," Alex commented. She always had a suspicion her feelings were reciprocated, but in all honesty she never knew that her lusting would get so out of hand, and now that Olivia had dropped the veil of assurance and strength – for Alex, the thought of more scared her – all the while exciting her. She choked back her emotion and bit her bottom lip, catching Olivia's downward gaze.

Olivia's mind was churning with possibilities she herself never admitted to believing. There was never a question of whether or not she was comfortable with liking a woman. Hell, when she was a teenager and her mother had been drink- binging, she would just get out of the house and go to the local club. But the inner-Detective in her always played it cool, never caving to drugs, pot or – alcohol at the least. So when she was approached by male and female counterparts, she held no diluted bias, she just went with how she felt – lived the moment. She fell for people – not gender. Whether or not she would readily admit she had fallen for the Attorney was another equation altogether.

"I don't want to take things too fast," Olivia spoke, a small tinge of fear dancing behind the forced strong facade she always held.

"If you hadn't noticed, Olivia – I was the one who invited you to my place, I was the one who suggested you sleep here – and I was the one who initiated the kiss. If that's not enough consent for what we both want, I don't know what is. "The Attorney ruled, her blonde hair sitting steadily on her shoulders, splaying behind her back as she slowly inched upward.

Olivia's hand was past the point of asking, her steady fingers inched the fabric higher until a blue lacy bra was visible. Her breath caught in her throat and she shifted her position so her thighs were straddling the outside of the Attorney's. Using her free hand she pushed herself backward, to admire the beauty beneath her – all of her. Alex wasn't just a random hottie – she was a gorgeous strong woman with sculpted features and endless legs. She was the most beautiful thing Olivia had ever laid eyes on, and she was Olivia's. Mine. It was almost incomprehensible.

Alex herself had some experience in the female plumbing department, none of the pipes or instructions was foreign to her – the female body was a beautiful instrument and she had always thought so. But Olivia's was different – it was the basis of all attraction and beauty. It was breathtaking – and she had to experiment with it herself. Both her hands found the side of Olivia, and her fingers curled underneath the taut material, looking upward for confirmation. Seeing a firm nod, she wove the material upward – meeting Olivia's dipping head to remove the shirt from her body.

All her dreams couldn't prepare her for what was sitting above her. Olivia's body was magnificent. It was toned, tanned and rigid in all the right places. The Grey and Black sports bra that encompassed her globes barely contained them – and the abdominal muscles that lined their underside were a perfect compliment. "God, Olivia. You're so beautiful."

"Alex," Olivia whispered, her topless torso lowering and meeting the rougher clad fabric of the Attorney's beneath her. "I will do everything tonight, to make you feel as beautiful as you are." With the words spoken she met the advancing mouth before hers and lost all her inhibitions in the kiss.

She was a woman of her word and she showed Alex just how beautiful and deserving she was, over, and over and over again into the early morning.

Sheets were wrapped like a cocoon in the moulded figures wrapped around one another. Their bodies were slick with the dew of love making, and their hair were a matching dampness, as hands ran lazily around the circumference of their frames. It was a 360 of continued exploration and remembrance.

Alex laid partially overtop of Olivia's side, her right hand wrung possessively around the full hip, her long nails creating a soothing friction as they ran up and down. "I think I almost passed out the last 30 minutes, "she confessed, smirking and bouncing as the Detective below her laughed.

"I think I did pass out the first thirty minutes, "she joked, catching Alex by surprise by initiating a quick peck. She couldn't quite get enough of the younger woman. She was her drug of choice and couldn't have just one taste, lick – or bite.

"Mm, good thing you're on leave. Cause I won't let you out of my sight for a good while. That and I think my legs are broken. Good thing we're lying down."

"Agree-"Olivia countered, only to be cut off by the shrill ringing of her phone sitting cautiously on the edge of the nightstand. "Crap. I know I'm off duty, who the hell could be calling?" Olivia regretfully sat up; the sheet that covered her torso had been discarded. Unknowingly by an ivory hand that plotted the movement; the sheets material bunched in the palm. Olivia feeling the cool air breed with her moistened skin shivered slightly, and then looked over at the smirk on the woman across from her. Shaking her head she laughed, "You're bad."

Alex's frames having been left on during the entire time, were sitting low on the bridge of her nose, blue eyes were peering over top and shifted upward as she snorted a reply. "And you love it."

Olivia shooing the insinuation, picked up her phone and flipped the underside open echoing her usual greeting. "Benson."

Olivia paused, a small smile gracing her features as the voice on the other end permeated through the silence of the room.

Alex, arching her eyebrow at the affection

"Hey, El" Olivia beamed, though her voice was slightly gravitated to exhaustion.

"Liv, I didn't think you'd be awake this early. I thought Cabot for sure would have gone with Cap's' orders and gotten you bed rest."

"Yeah yeah, she has – been very strict that I am to remain in bed."

Alex's questionable gaze morphed into recognition and she sat up from her distant position and prowled forward, biting her bottom lip as she slipped her hands to the sheets covering Olivia's lower body.

"So you think you'll make it through the next few days there? I know you were kind of upset earlier on how I didn't invite you- but Kathy and I talked and she said she'd be glad to offer up one of the kids rooms."

"No I'm fine here Ell-LIOT-"Olivia almost screamed as a talented hand found its way under the sheets confines and found an already waiting body part.

"Liv – Liv, you Okay-"

"Yeah, yeah, i'm, "Olivia looked up to the ceiling, cursing the spike in her breathing. "I'm fine, just twisted the wrong way."

"Well, the offer still stands. I know Cabot can be such a prude, if you need to get away from her just let me know."

Olivia nodded to no one in particular, but her head shot to the side as she heard an audible 'click' and the cool burning of metal clamping around her wrist. Seeing the smug expression of Alex, she knitted her brows together, mouthing 'Did you just handcuff me?'

Alex too met the expression, grinning with mischievousness, lowering her voice so as not to rouse suspicious from the phone counterpart she nodded. "You're not going anywhere, Detective."

"I can take you." Olivia spoke, forgetting she was amidst another conversation.

"Take me where?" Elliot questioned.

Fuck. Olivia berated, glaring at Alex whose hands had disappeared underneath the sheet once more. "-Up on your offer, look El, I'm real tired I gotta go-" she felt Alex's finger curl inward; exactly where she know she needed it. "NOW, BYE-"

And she hung up, leaving the dial tone to permeate Elliot's attention.

Elliot pulled the receiver from this hear, looking at it with astonishment. His partner, of so many years had just – abruptly hung up on him. It didn't make sense. He was her partner, they had been friends and spent hours consoling one another, fighting crime and chatted in the office. Maybe she was in trouble – maybe something was going on. Shit, maybe I should go over there.

Coming to the conclusion Elliot defied his small inkling of possibility and reached for the back of his chair; aimlessly searching for his dark jacket.

Fin who had been listening in on the one-sided conversation bolted from his chair and intervened in Elliot's path, which shook him off easily.

"Where the hell are you goin' at this time?"

Elliot looked forward, stalking toward the office doors. "I'm going to see Liv," he responded coolly and simply as the answer was obvious.

"Oh no, Nawh, hey-"Fin jogged forward, putting himself between Elliot and the doorway. "You do that and you're going to have two angry ass women on your case. Not to mention the silent treatment. "

Elliot stepped back, arching his eyebrow and squinting in confusion. "Fin, what the hell are you talking about, Liv-"

Fin shook his head, raising his arms in exasperation. "Liv and Cabot are keepin' each other company, you know... Company? Like the kind us guys drool over? Now I know I don't know Liv as much as you do, but I sure as hell know if you barge in there with your hormonal adrenaline, you're going to regret it, Bro."

Elliot jerked his head backward, shaking his head and readied his mouth for a rebuttal until it slowly dawned on him. The Detective who owned interrogation, scaled walls, and knew Olivia better than he knew himself was finally coming to terms with the blatant obvious. Losing his determined expression his features fell into one of recognition then his lips curled into an elfish grin that he wore so well.

"Ah," he lifted his large hands and ran it across his scalp and settled on the back of his neck. "I should have known. " His head shook to the side, meeting the grin of Fin before him.

"It's alright, I didn't really know until a few days ago. But don't y'know, go hunting her down and pushin' the subject. She'll let us know when she knows. "

"Yeah, I know." Elliot exhaled, feeling comfort in the fact that he wasn't the only one out of the loop.

"Eh, em," a voice echoed through the precinct, and a pair of eyes drug over to a figure sitting casually in his desk chair – the long lean legs intertwined and sitting atop the metal desk. "For the record," Munch spoke, smiling like a cocky child. "I knew."

Fin and Elliot exchanged looks, and both turned simultaneously towards the exit of the precinct. They looked at one another once more in recognition before speaking in unison, "Shut up Macaroni."

On their way out a voice bounced over the walls and desks and caught the last bits of their retreat. "FETTUCINI"

The End.

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