Chapter 1


I was in front of Dimitri's group when I felt nauseas, I kept going and blocked myself out of view from my group to stay behind with Dimitri's, I crept into a small side way in the cave where no one could see me. Yes I know stupid but what can you do when you're in love. I heard someone scream and I knew the strigoi got Dimitri's group just like I expected. I heard a lot of people calling out for me but I didn't listen to them until I heard a voice my soul would know anywhere cal out. "WHERE"S ROSE!" Dimitri shouted, uh oh, now I truly am dead! I felt the nauseas kick up and knew one was close I looked out from my hiding spot and saw a strigoi with his back to me fighting a guardian. I jumped out and stabbed the strigoi in the back. The guardian then staked him and shot me a grateful look. I nodded toward her and went to help fight.

Dimitri was fighting a strigoi with black hair that stood out very much because of his deadly white skin. None looked like they needed my help so I started towards Dimitri to be his back up and him mine the way it should be. Dimitri faltered, something I've never seen before, I was shocked frozen still I saw the strigoi throw him into the wall, I mentally slapped myself and ran over to stake the strigoi before he got to Dimitri. I ran harder then I ever have in my entire life towards him, when I got where I was Dimitri was being thrown against the wall again. Oh no he didn't! That strigoi's going down! I ran the rest of the way to the strigoi just as he turned around toward me I staked him, his eyes went wide then he fell to the ground.

Ha mess with Rose Hathaway's man. You mess with Rose Hathaway! I ran over to where Dimitri was on the ground and helped him up.

To say he looked shocked was literally dumb; he was way over his head. "Don't you dare ever and I repeat ever scare me like that again," I cried to him before throwing my arms around him and hugging myself to him. It didn't take more then a second for him to be hugging me back. "Me scaring you Rose, when I didn't see you go out of the cave and your mother go into a fit about no one knowing where you where, lets just say I was a little more then scared I felt murderous about who took you and what happened to you and speaking of that we'll talk about that back at the academy" he said in a soft yet firm hard voice but the love always finding a way into the way he spoke to me. And I loved it. We broke apart to get back to work. He nodded to me with love gleaming in his eyes before turning to help the others with me.

We ran over to the others just in time for another batch of strigoi to come out from hiding. I started fighting any strigoi that got in my way I took about 4 down out of about 16. I took 2 more down before the blonde strigoi that threatened Lissa and me the day of the attack at the school. Oh yer he was so going down. It was an even match until he caught me off guard for even a split second. He grabbed my hair and through me to the ground. He lowered his face to my neck, I was expecting the bite but it never came, instead he whispered "Well well well what did I say Rosemarie I told you I would get you and Lissa now didn't I!?" he laughed before pricking my skin with his teeth only the bliss never came he stoped before it did.

He then grabbed my hair pulling me up with him. I screeched with pain from the bite and from my hair practically being ripped from my head. "COME ON LETS GET OUT OF HERE" The blonde strigoi screamed around him to the other strigoi still alive and possibly more strigoi hiding out. He started running through to the back of the cave with the other strigoi trailing behind us. "DIMITRI" I screamed out to no particular place since I had no idea where he was. I heard someone grunt and looked around my eyes landed on Dimitri. He looked terrified, but not for himself he was terrified for me. Our gazes locked just before everything went black.