"Yer, ow that was a big blow" I said as he helped me up, I had to act like it actually effected me but not to much, when I was standing he let me lean into him as we walked, from a distance you would have thought that we were a couple but anyone who looked closely would know that I was hurt and needed support. Once we got out side, it was like there was a maze; I let go of Nathan and began walking forward looking around, I turned back to him with a big smile on my face, "This place is even more wow outside" I said in awe.

"Yer" he said shrugging like it was no big deal, I rolled my eyes at him before turning around and looking around again. "You sure your ok" he asked concerned, I turned to find him right behind me instead of back at the door, he wasn't as tall as Dimitri but he was close to it. I looked up at him nodding "Can we go, wait wont the shops be closed it is night you know" I said pointedly.

He smirked at me "Yer that's why were going to a 24 hour open shopping centre, you'd find it amazing how many people shop at night, humans are odd things" he said as he lead me down through and out the maze to where a whole lot of cars where. "Wow how many people need cars in that place" I said in astonishment at how many cars there were.

Nathan laughed at me before walking over to a black jeep, once he jumped in I ran around to the passenger's side and jumped in to, after that he put the radio on, Gives you hell was on, I knew the song and apparently so did Nathan cause he mouthed the words while I started singing. "Come on sing with me" I shouted to him over the music that I had turned up when the song came on, he turned to look at me for a second smiling broadly before focusing on the road again before long he was singing along with me.

We arrived at the shops within an hour. I jumped out of the car and ran inside the shopping centre, it was huge I looked around; it had been so long since I had last gone shopping. The shops didn't have as many people as it did in the day time, maybe about half the people it usually had, but oh well that don't matter, shorter lines and more clothes, yay for me.

"Ok first where going to get you pyjamas then were going to get you casual clothes then night club clothes then fancy clothes" Nathan said tick them off with his fingers. He look over at me and smiled a flirt smile, I smiled back as we set off to shop.

I ran into this pyjamas store and let me tell you there were some pretty hot clothes in here. I grabbed some flannel pyjamas pants and crop tops completely matching in colour and patterns, I also grabbed some boy shorts and tight fitting and loose shirts to go with them. Next we went to go get some casual clothes.

I bought some all-different types of jeans, like literally every type of jean shorts, skirts, pants you can imagine. I bought some hot shirts and a few casual dresses. Next we went to get some clothes to go night clubbing in or somewhere, I bought a few low cut dresses, which were totally hot, then we set off and bought the most beautiful formal dresses there were. I also bought some under wear, bras and personal things.

"Ok I'm stuffed can we go eat or something please" I practically begged once we finished buying the last set of clothes and were sitting down on a lounge chair in the middle of the shops. I really was starving and if you don't give me food when I'm hungry you better watch your back.

"Yer, and we don't eat we…oh right you're an odd case" Nathan said smirking at me before standing up and picking up some of the bags that we hadn't already put in the car. I stood and picked up some of the other bags as we began walking. "Ok well we'll go eat then go get your licences then a car" he said as we walked to the food court.

Once I got a burger, fries, a coke and a chocolate glazed donut we sat down at a table. " Ok so first thing is first how am I getting my license? And secondly how am I getting a car at this time of night well day or well you know what I mean" I said getting frustrated with myself for being tongue tide.

"Well my dear Rose, that the beauty of compulsion" he said smiling at me quickly flashing his fangs before hiding them again. I rolled my eyes at him and finished eating my food. Once we put everything in the car we drove for a while before we pulled up at a car shop that was quite surprisingly open still.

in it as I could. He nodded completely in a daze.

For Any Confusion

The reason Nathan is nice, almost human/dhampir nice is because Rose has this sort of compulsion,

when she looks at him its almost like when Dimitri has the ring on, in BP.

So thats for anyone who has been confused or just didnt know that.

Sorry I'm never Up Dating but (not to bore u bleh) but im extemely busy andd got family troubles (blah blah blah) like i said not to bore u :)

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