Easy Access

By Symbion

Summary: In which Ichigo learns that garganta can be used for this kind of thing… drabbles; side story from Alive.

Disclaimer: I don't own Bleach; Tite Kubo does. He's the god of Bleach, hail him…

It was one ordinary Sunday in one Kurosaki Ichigo's ordinary life.

He was lounging around on his bed, listening to his newest collection of music via CD player. His eyes were shut and his fingers drummed on his chest in rhythm with the music. A faint smile was formed on his lips. All in all, he seemed relaxed.

This Sunday was his holiday. He hoped by his heart that there wouldn't be any hollow attacking Karakura at that time. He didn't want to run around the town chasing hollows in his relax time.

Nevertheless, he remembered that he didn't have to worry about small hollows anymore. He was a taichou now; and as taichou, he had authority to place one or two shinigamis, namely his subordinates, in his post at Karakura. They could handle the small fries, while he himself would handle the big one; in case there was any. He hoped not.

He recalled assigning two of his subordinates as temporary responsible shinigami for Karakura Town; at least for a week.

A year ago, Kurosaki Ichigo and Shizu Uriya—formerly Fourth Espada, Ulquiorra Schiffer, who was reborn in Soul Society, courtesy of Urahara—were assigned as 5th division taichou and fukutaichou, respectively. Since then, the two had been busy maintaining the un-kept division, due to Aizen's desertion and Hinamori's neglect. Ichigo, for all his business and new position, had been staying at Soul Society for almost three months after his assignation before he finally went home. After that he went to Seireitei occasionally or when needed.

At least Kon had been a bit matured now. He didn't really cause much trouble within Ichigo's body.

Daydreaming, Ichigo couldn't help but thinking about his division. Inwardly groaning as a thought of paperwork invaded his mind, Ichigo mused about how stressful maintaining paperwork could be. No wonder Rangiku-san fled every time Toushiro yelled at her to do her paperwork. Paperwork was booorrrrriiiinnnngggg—


A sudden ripping in thin air right above his head startled him. Ichigo opened his eyes and gaped as a dimensional crack formed above his face, seemingly appearing on the ceiling.

"What the hell??!! A garganta?!"

Moment later, Ichigo yelped as several bunches of paper being thrown at him, successfully hitting his head.


"Owww!! What the—wha??!!!"

Ichigo rubbed his head as the garganta closed. He finally glared at the paper and was shocked as he found out that those papers were his divisional paperwork.


Suddenly his SoulPhoneTM went off—a text message.

Notes: SoulPhoneTM was one of newest Urahara Kisuke's inventions in hollow-detection hand phone which could be used as ordinary phone—in human world or Soul Society—internet and WAP, text message, picture message, camera, FM radio, MP3 player, etc. with reachable price, since it was still prototype. Urahara wouldn't be responsible for any error from the phone or if the phone self-exploded. However, he still developed the phone so he could sell them to the shinigami who needed; much to Mayuri's grumbles.

Oh, the phone was also available in 5 colors: blue, red, black, silver, and stripes of white and green—this one would be sold in special price. By the way, Ichigo's phone was red in color.

Ichigo grabbed the device and pushed the button. He scanned the message and glowered.

It said: [From: SullenFace. here ur pprwrk 4 a week. i'll take tmrow. gdluck, trash.]

"…Uriya …I swear, I'm gonna kill you…"

A/N: This is short and kinda crazy. I just got an idea and wrote it in thirty minutes, haha…