The Malfoy Family Code of Conduct

Every little rule a member of the illustrious Malfoy family needs to live by in high society.

Rule Number Fifteen: A Malfoy always gets what a Malfoy wants.

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Harry couldn't believe that he was finally here. It was a day that before Voldemort's fall he never would have hoped to imagine could happen to him. Many people had attempted to get him to speak on the subject before but this was entirely different. This was happening after the Dark Lord's demise another seemingly impossible thought. Harry was at his own wedding.

The ceremony was beautiful. Lilies decorated the tables and the white sheets and silver cutlery were just an added decadence. There were hints of green and blue amongst the china and throughout the decorations. It was lush and rich an entirely perfect setting for a Potter and a Malfoy to get married. Nothing could have been more perfect for them.

So far everything had gone off without a hitch. The guests had arrived and watched as Draco and Harry exchanged their vows. They had gathered for the photos and now they were eating their lunch which provided by the Malfoy house elves was rather satisfying. All in all, the entire day so far was absolutely perfect. Harry certainly couldn't fault it and neither could the guests around them.

At the head table, there was only Harry, Draco, Lucius, Narcissa and then Remus. They were really the only family they had now so they were the only ones there. Other tables were full with people wanting to get closer to the bridal table but spells held the back. There were simply so many people present that Harry didn't know but would need to eventually learn. It was quite overwhelming.

Yet everyone that they knew well was close to them. The Weasleys were at a table to Harry's right all chatting excitedly amongst themselves. Hermione was also seated at their table and enjoying speaking with Charlie who as it appeared had quite the mind for other things besides Dragons. A little behind that was the Quidditch team, he'd often played with them consisting of both new and old players. Suffice to say that they were really the only people apart from the Order that were close enough to them to be seen properly. Everyone else was behind a lot of protective spells.

"I'd like to thank everyone for attending. Thank you for all the wishes of good health. May you all have a wonderful life as I know I shall." Draco spoke.

He was glad that today had gone off mostly without a hitch. There had been a problem when Dumbledore had turned up demanding to know why he wasn't on the guest list but Harry hadn't witnessed that. None of the guests did so it wasn't of any concern.

Now Dumbledore would be facing charges over crashing their wedding. After all, the man hadn't been invited and he certainly was meant to remain as far as possible from them at all times. Draco wouldn't have Dumbledore interfere with Harry's life again. He wouldn't allow his fiancé to go through that.

The people gathered cheered as Draco and Harry rose their glasses to them. It was the end of the day and they were beginning to prepare for their honeymoon. However first they needed to thank everyone for gathering and wait for them all to leave. It was at this time that Ron and Hermione walked over to them and spoke directly to Draco.

"You'd better look after him properly." Hermione warned.

Ron was too busy stuffing his face to look up at who Hermione was speaking with. He'd brought an entire plate with him that was from the buffet table. But he did offer his support with a glare in their general direction.

"You don't have to worry Granger. Harry will always be protected when he's around me. I won't allow anyone including myself to harm him."

Hermione's gaze narrowed but she was satisfied and gave Harry a hug before pulling Ron away. They weren't going to overstay their welcome and intrude on what Draco and Harry had planned next.

The next group were the remainder of the Weasley's who all offered their congratulations before moving off in a large mass. They were only bound to grow as Bill and Fleur were already looking forward to the birth of their first child and Percy was engaged to someone within the Ministry. Family Reunions there would be hectic.

"I hope you live a happy life cub." Remus offered before nodding towards Draco and leaving.

Harry knew that Remus would have said more but he didn't want to be away from Tonks for too long. They were having problems with Teddy at the moment and couldn't really be left alone for too long.

With everyone of importance gone, Harry turned towards Draco whose parents were just leaving as well. Harry smiled. Draco looked so happy to be there with him by his side and Harry couldn't have had it any other way.

"What do you say we get going?" Harry smiled, wrapping his arm around Draco.

They had a portkey to catch to a Villa in a secret location only Malfoy's knew about. They would spend at least a month their before returning. It would be a time of relaxation from everything in their lives and a time to truly work out what they were going to do in the near future. Harry certainly was looking forward to going to the beach for the first time in his life. Draco however had other things on his mind and Harry picked it up immediately.

"What are you thinking about?" Harry enquired as the portkey counted down.

Draco smirked. "A Malfoy always gets what a Malfoy wants."

And with that they were gone.

- The End -

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