"Sleep, sleep

Live in peace

All is calm

So sleep" Mara Jade Skywalker sang softly to her son, Ben, as her husband, Luke, hugged her from behind. Once Ben fell asleep, Luke voiced the question they feared the most.

"How long will this calm last?" She looked at him with her solemn green eyes.

"Hopefully long enough," she said softly. She glanced at her sleeping son. "For Ben's sake."

"Yeah," Luke agreed quietly. "For Ben's sake." And together they hoped for a bright future for Ben.

A/N: The song Mara sang is from the beginning of Sanctus Real's rendition of the classic Christmas song, "Silent Night." I wrote this in my head one day during P.E. and then I added a few words and descriptions and got this lovely drabble. I'm imagining this takes place not long after Ben's birth on a quiet night. Please review and tell me what you think.