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A/N: I saw something sad on my way home the other night. It's really been stuck in my head so I wrote these two drabbles as a kind of therapy for myself.

What House Didn't Learn in Medical School…

For the first time in his life, Gregory House realized that medical school had been a complete waste of time. For all the things they'd taught him, there were so many more things they hadn't.

Like how to stop a drunk driver from running over a pedestrian in a crosswalk.

Or how to staunch blood flowing from someone who's practically been skinned alive.

Or how to fix someone whose head and back are facing the same direction.

As House stands over the victim, he can't help but think the M.D. after his name might as well stand for Majorly Deficient.

…He Learned From Wilson

Medical school might have let him down, but House had learned a few things from Wilson during their friendship.

When someone is bleeding out while lying on cold asphalt, it's thoughtful to cover him with a blanket.

And when he tells you he can't feel his body, you assure him it's because he's in shock.

And when he asks if he's going to die, you place a hand on his cheek, stare into his brown eyes and promise that he's going to be okay.

Wilson hadn't needed to teach him the last bit; House had always known how to lie.