I am in love with The World Ends With You, and Sho Minamimoto is one of my fangirl crushes.

I decided to make a wonderful story about one of my Original Characters and Sho.

A story of sadness and betrayal and death. Lots and lots of death.

I have a picture of Hayako and Sho together that a friend of mine drew.

I'll get to putting it up eventually.


My name is Hayako. Hayako Yuzu. And I know exactly how I died.
I've never been pretty. Or popular. Or athletic. Or anything that would make me stand out. Well, except for my art and my singing. I've just always wanted to be heard. Maybe that's my real problem...
I was in school. It was a Friday. I was going through my usual silence in History, and suddenly, people started screaming. A boy, one of the nerds who always got picked on, Tomo, brought a gun. I didn't really know him that well, but he wasn't a bad kid. I would've never saw him becoming capable of this. I was the only one in some of my classes who was even remotely nice to him. He made us all line up against the wall. He was going to shoot the ones who caused him pain.
One idiot decided to try to be a hero. He jumped, caught the kid on the side. But he still shot. And that bullet went, almost in slow motion, straight into my stomach.
I bled out. I staggered backwards and slumped against a wall. Everyone just stared. Stared with their mouths open. Some of the girls were crying. Why were they crying? They hated me. Tomo was crying. He dropped his gun and fell on the floor. I heard sirens, very faintly, and I saw the blurred outlines of police officers as they charged in. And while they were cuffing the boy and dragging him away, I heard the last words I would ever hear...
I don't think anyone tried to save me. I can't remember much after those words. Everything sorta blended together. And that was it...
But I never expected...that I would wake up against a wall in a Shibuya alley...

Day 1::A Pact

Where am I...?
How did I get here...?
Tomo shot me! Why I alive?!
It's okay...Just stay calm...

I slowly and shakily got up. The first thing I did was check my stomach. No entry wound. No blood. Nothing. Just clean skin. This didn't add up at all. I was scared, confused, and totally lost. So I started wandering, and found myself in the middle of Scramble Crossing.

Huh?! How the Hell?!

Of course, as soon as I thought that, the world stopped. There was a flash, and this group of frogs was attacking me. I couldn't fight back, so I had to run as fast as I could towards the statue of Hachiko. They followed me, and I ran faster. Then, in front of me, I saw a boy in a similar situation. He was wearing a black hoodie, ripped up jeans, and was desperately trying to get away from the things attacking him.
His eyes met mine, and there was a burst of lights around the two of us. Suddenly, I felt connected to the boy. And it was a connection that made me feel a bit better. And then we were totally surrounded. My hands were empty and I had nothing to fight with. Until I looked down and saw something...that wasn't supposed to be happening. My shadow was moving on it's own. My eyes widened. One of the frogs jumped at me and I lashed my arm out in an attempt to fight back. To add more shock, my shadow leapt straight out of the ground and attacked the frog, then waited for my next command. So all I had to do was move my hand and it would attack for me! Made fighting much easier. When the battle was over, the boy grabbed my hand and started running until we were back at the Crossing.
We were gasping for air. The boy looked at me with a little smile.

"Nice fighting! I'm Jin Yukiro, your new partner." He said.

I smiled and opened my mouth.

Hayako Yuzu.
I-I can't talk?!

My hands flew up to my throat and my face drained of color. I was voiceless?! I heard a giggle by my feet.

"Her voice was her entry fee. This is Hayako Yuzu."

My shadow was talking for me? This was way, way too wrong. Jin frowned.

"Harsh, Hayako...It's okay. Just seven days and we'll both get our things back!" He said.

How could he be so upbeat?! We were all dead! I slowly shook my head, but he was looking towards the 104. I heard my phone start to beep and pulled it out.

Incompletes will be erased.

There was a shock through my hand and I flinched. When I looked, a timer appeared. Jin growled and shook his head. My shadow laughed again.

"30+74=104" It said in a sing-song tone.

"Oh...Right! C'mon, Hayako!"

We ran off towards the 104. When we got there, we were confronted by a huge heap of junk. Something about it...just seemed really familiar. I took a few steps closer while Jin muttered something about being confused and whatnot. It took me a while to register the different set of footsteps coming towards us.

"Soo Zetta slow! Do all of you radians like keeping me waiting?! You're hardly worth my time anyways."

I recognized that voice. It was the only voice that could get my heart racing and my stomach tightening. I slowly turned around with wide eyes to confirm my suspicious thoughts...And they were right.
It was my childhood best friend. The boy I never got to say, "I love you" to.
Sho Minamimoto.