After Sam killed the demon that had taken hold of his former friend, he stumbled over to Dean; crushed. Killing a familiar face was never easy. Dean wrapped an arm around his brother, and led him to the car.

Crowley was leaning against the Impala, looking for all the world like he belonged there. He stood straighter as the brothers approached.

Sam glared. "What are you still doing here?"

"Thanks to me helping you lot, I've lost my home, and I'm on every demons hit list."

Dean shifted uncomfortably. "Yeah, so?"

"So I might as well stick around with you two for a little longer."

Sam looked like he still wanted to fight, but Dean silenced him with a look. With a playful grin Crowley got into the back of the car. For a moment, something in Dean's chest tightened. That was where Cas sat. He felt like he was betraying his friend by letting the demon in. He didn't want to act like a girl though, so he let it pass and got in.

While he knew they needed to hunt down Pestilence, Sam dozing against the window convinced Dean that finding a motel was a higher priority.

Dean drove for a few hours before settling a motel that seemed decent. He parked the car and paused, turning to face Crowley. "Um. Do you want a bed or a… room or something?"

Crowley grinned mischievously. "I'm sure something will turn up. You should worry more about getting Sammy here to bed."

Crowley stepped out of the car and strutted to the main office. Dean was stunned. The demon walked like he owned the place; Dean had to move quickly to catch up with him.

The second they opened the door, the manager was smiling happily at Crowley, and handed him a key to a room. He turned expectantly to Dean; a large frown now dominated his face. "Do you have a reservation?"

"Uh. No. Uh. Do you have a room with two beds?"

The manager grunted something unintelligible, and ran Dean's credit card before handing him a key.

Dean hurried outside and found Crowley leaning against a wall waiting for him. "What the Hell was that? What did you do?"

Crowley smirked, "I just expect a room to be open."

"And that works?"

"Every time."

Crowley turned and walked towards his room. He opened the door, and Dean was sure the room had not been that nice before Crowley had entered. There was a fireplace with a fire roaring in it, a huge flat screen television, and a bed that looked like something a king would sleep in. Crowley winked. "See you tomorrow then, yeah?"

"That bastard has style." Dean shook his head, and made his way back to the Impala. He shook Sam awake and helped him into their room. It was significantly different from Crowley's. Sam quickly claimed a bed, and snuggled down into the sheets, Dean followed shortly after.

The next morning, Dean opened the blinds to gaze out at the parking lot. Everything was normal; two people headed back to their rooms carrying buckets of ice, one person was buying a can of soda, someone was leaning against his car. Wait. Someone was leaning against his car? Someone was leaning against his car?! Dean ripped the door open, and all but ran to the Impala. Sam followed quickly behind him. Probably to keep him from killing the guy.

"Hey! What the Hell are you doing? Get off my baby!"

The man had blonde hair that was almost glowing in the light and he was wearing some old tartan suit. As Dean approached, he looked at him with wide eyes, and then smiled gently. He radiated calmness. Dean stopped and suddenly felt… at peace. He wasn't angry anymore. The man stood and reached out to shake his hand. Hesitantly, Dean took it. Sam stared at Dean, shocked.

"Hello, Dean Winchester." He nodded at Sam. "Hello, Sam Winchester."

"Um… Hello?" Dean wasn't sure why he felt this man wasn't a threat, but he couldn't help it. Sam was instantly suspicious. He grabbed Dean, and dragged him away.

"Who the Hell are you, and what have you done to my brother?"

The man looked at him innocently. "I haven't done anything to your brother, my dear."

"How do you know who we are?"

The man smiled mysteriously. Behind them a door opened.

"Angel! I was wondering when you'd get here!" Crowley strode forward, a large smile on his face. He grabbed the man and kissed him soundly.


Annoyed, Crowley turned Sam, his hands never leaving the man. "Yes, Winchester. An angel. Unlike you lot, I haven't lost mine."

The angel smacked Crowley lightly. "Be nice, dear."

Crowley turned back to his angel, pouting. "No, angel. I'm a demon. I'm not supposed to be nice."

"Hey!" Sam shouted, bringing their attention back to him. He dragged Dean forward. "What did you do to Dean?!"

Crowley took one look at Dean, and turned back to the angel frowning. "Angel, that's cheating."

"What did he do?!"

"It wasn't cheating, dear; it was merely seizing an opportunity."

"An opportunity to do what?!"

The angel smiled. "To spread a good influence."

"What the Hell does that mean?!"

Crowley sighed. This was rather annoying. "It means he made your hot head of a brother relax. Now, calm down would you? Angel, would you stop? I'm sick of him yelling."

"Oh, alright, dear."

Dean went rigid and sagged against Sam. He straightened. "Whoa."

"Dean, are you alright?"

"That was. That was just. Whoa." He looked at the angel. "And you can just do that to anyone?"

"Well, yes. It's my job."

"Then why don't you do it to everyone? That was amazing." Dean stopped. "Wait a minute." He looked at Crowley. "Did you just kiss him?"

The demon grinned, and the angel blushed. Crowley cleared his throat. "I suppose introductions are in order. Boys, this is Aziraphale. Aziraphale, the Winchesters."

Sam glared, and Dean grinned. "So, Aziraphale. A demon? Don't you think you're taking 'love thine enemy' a little too seriously?"

Aziraphale smiled. "What can I say, stuck on Earth with the same face for six thousand years…" He sighed and shook his head. "Even the most repulsive people start to hold appeal."

Crowley gaped at Aziraphale. The angel laughed brightly, brought his hands up to cup the demons face and kissed him deeply. "Kidding my dear, kidding. You know I love you."

Crowley grabbed the angels hand and brought it over his heart, touching his forehead to Aziraphale's. "And I love you, angel."

Sam cleared his throat. Crowley looked at them. Sam was blushing, and Dean was looking everywhere but them. "What's wrong, boys? Too much of a 'chick flick' moment for you?" He winked at Dean. "Or are you jealous you're not doing this with your angel?"

Aziraphale sobered instantly. "Yes. Castiel. Where is my brother?"

"We don't really know."