Just an idea that's been stuck in my head for ages…

"Is that carpet burn on your arms?" Angela asked Brennan.

"Oh that?" Brennan looked at the back of her arms "yes that's carpet burn." She stood up and awkwardly walked to the couch to grab her coffee.

"Sweetie why are you limping?"

"My legs are sore." Angela's jaw dropped.


"Because I engaged in physical activity with Booth last night without warming up. Now please I have some work to do." Brennan finished her coffee, put her coat on and walked out of her office. Angela gathered her thoughts and made a beeline to find Booth.

"Booth!" Angela screamed at Booth when he came around the corner.

"Geez Angela you don't need to burst my eardrum." He wiggled his finger in his ear "what is it?"

"Why do you have carpet burns on your arms?" She asked, hands on her hips.

"Trust me, that's not the only place I have carpet burns" Booth rifled through a file he was holding in his hands and started to walk away.

"Woah, hold on there buster! Is there something you would like to tell me…about you and Bren?" Angela stood in Booth's path.

"Excuse me?" Booth raised an eyebrow.

"Like maybe how you guys got carpet burn and why you are both limping?" She suggested.

" Ohhhh." Booth nodded slowly "I went over to Bones' last night and she showed me a few of her moves. She's very controlling. You think the carpet burn on her arms is bad, you should check out what's on my back! Seriously Brennan was on top most of the time, if she wasn't so competitive I would've flipped her over and showed her a thing or two." Booth swiped his card and walked onto the platform. "Bones we got a case" he announced as he came up behind his partner.

"Just let me finish this off." Brennan turned her attention back to the bones on the examination table. "Are you tired after last night Booth?"

"Not really, I have amazing stamina." Booth said proudly.

"I figured that considering how long you lasted last night."

"Woah! You guys better not be talking about what I think you're talking about on my platform!" Cam said in disgust.

"It depends, what do you think we're talking about?" Brennan asked.

"You two having…you know" Cam shifted uncomfortably.

"Having what?" Brennan looked over at Booth "Oh. You thought we were talking about having sexual intercourse?"

"Yes…weren't you?"

"No of course not." Brennan said dismissively.

"Then how come you and Booth are both limping, you have carpet burns and you were just talking about his stamina and don't even get me started on what Booth told me earlier" Angela interrupted.

"We were wrestling" Brennan said.

"Yeah Brennan has some amazing moves. Seriously she had me down in seconds." Booth said in awe.

"You were pretty good too Booth. I mean, I don't think I've ever met anyone who's been able to keep up with me…like I said you're stamina is amazing."

"Just to clarify, you two didn't have some rough sex?" Angela asked.

"No, we didn't, where would you get that idea?" Brennan squinted slightly at Angela.

"Well…that just totally ruins my day" Angela stormed off the platform, Cam followed closely behind. Booth shoved his hands in his pockets.

"You don't think they suspect anything?" He asked when he was positive nobody was listening in.

"Not a thing."

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