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Booth and Brennan tumbled onto her king sized bed, very satisfied after a round in the shower.

"We should go back to work" Brennan commented, as she rolled onto her side to look at Booth "our lunch break is over in 15 minutes."

"I know" he groaned "but I could really just sleep right now."

"Although it is extremely irrational and very unprofessional of me, I could also sleep."

"Dr Brennan, you're getting a bit wild" Booth joked, wiggling his eyebrows.

Brennan was about to throw back a witty comment, when she heard the ringing of a phone from her bedside table. She blindly reached over and grabbed the offending item.

"Brennan" she answered.

"Bren sweetie, what are you doing with Booth's phone?" Angela asked on the other end.

Brennan's face dropped and she went as white as a sheet.

"Who is it?" Booth asked, pushing himself further up in the bed and in the process, hitting his head on the headboard. Brennan cringed when he yelped out in pain and rubbed his head "since when did you have a head board?"

"My bed has always had a head board Booth." Brennan told him, not answering his question about who was on the phone.

Although, Booth's question was answered when mere seconds later, she had the phone at an arms length and screaming could be heard from it.

"Angela?" Booth mouthed, pointing to his phone.

Brennan bit her lip and nodded.

"Shit" he cursed, slapping his forehead.

"Angela" Brennan brought the phone to her ear when the screaming stopped "why are you screaming?"

"Sweetie you cannot get yourself out of this one. You answered Booth's phone when I called him, and I heard him yelping when he hit his head on your head board. Sweetie, you've got the guy in your bed, now no way can you have an excuse for that one" Angela rambled.

"Yes Angela, I can actually explain that" Brennan paused in thought "you see-"

She looked over at Booth who was miming eating with chop sticks.

"Booth is over at my house because…he brought me Chinese for lunch." She explained, smiling in relief.

"Why is he in your bed?" Angela asked.

Oh yes, she had forgotten about that tiny little issue.

"Well, there's an entirely logical reason behind that" Brennan looked over at Booth who shrugged his shoulders helplessly "Booth…he…he got food poisoning."

"So that's why he's in your bed?" Angela asked not believing a word of it.

"Yesss, having the Chinese was not such a good idea. He has been vomiting profusely. I allowed him to sleep in my bed because he was extremely tired."

"Uh huh."

"Angela I am serious, Booth is quite unwell. I do believe though that he should be better by tomorrow morning though and will be returning to work."

While Brennan was talking to Angela, Booth had run into the kitchen and grabbed a tin of corn kernels and tipped them into a bowl with water. Running back into the bedroom, he grabbed a bucket from the en suite and sat back down on the bed. He held the bucket up near the receiver and tipped the contents of the bowl into it, making a horrible vomiting noise.

"Bonessss" he groaned before he poured some more in.

"Ew, ok that's just gross…that was definitely not a man groaning in pleasure" Angela said.

"I told you Angela" Brennan sighed "now I must go, Booth needs my help." She snapped the phone shut and put it back on the bedside table.

"That was close" Booth laughed and lied back down on the bed.

"Come on Booth, we've got to get back to work" Brennan told him, already off the bed and re-dressing.

"No Bones you need to go back to work" he smiled teasingly and jabbed his thumbs at his chest "I've got food poisoning."

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