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Warning: There will be lemon, possibly yaoi (come on, it's the twins), and probably out of characterness...sorry. Don't like it, don't read it. :D

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Chapter One

~Pushed against the wall, a mess of arms and legs flailing about. Clutching the soft black hair tightly in my fists, never wanting to let go. Probing fingers searching-searching for something. Finding it, the fingers stop probing and start removing. My shirt is now off thanks to those fingers. Smirking into the heavy breathing and heat of hungry lips, I piss him off, making him want me even more. I know his type. The kind that wants you to be smart, maybe even smarter than he is, and to show that you know it when you are smarter than him… We start to lower ourselves onto the couch of the extremely empty Third Music Room- or so we thought it was empty. Little did we know there would be two pairs of amber eyes watching in the partly opened back room… We didn't know- not until all our clothes were off and we had finished what we had set out to do. We weren't together, him and I. We didn't want to be. I was just a hired whore… His 'mistress', if that's what you would prefer to call me. I just gave him what he asked, and in return, I got what I wanted. It was perfect. Until…~

"Raku," a devious voice brought me out of my daydreams, "We need the oregano from the top shelf!" I eyed the 5'9" red-head in front of me, then looked down at my own 5'1" body.

"So," I asked, shooting him a sarcastic glare before turning to leave, "Get it yourself." I started to walk away, knowing full well that I would be called back again. Hand grasping firmly onto my shoulder, he dragged me back into the kitchen soundlessly, his identical brother staring at me with a smirk. Fine, I thought, shaking free of his hand. I scaled on top of the counter, not caring that I was still in the ridiculous maid costume they were forcing me to wear. I picked up the bottle of oregano, chucked it over my shoulder, and spun myself around. Still sitting on the counter, I found myself face-to-face with the teenager who had made me get the spice in the first place. Blushing a bright shade of red at the close proximity of his body, I scowled and smacked him on the shoulder, making him smirk even wider. He placed his soft, pale hands on my hips and moved me so that I was basically straddling him. Gritting my teeth, I dropped my tone to a dangerously low level,

"Let me get down, Hikaru." He laughed, unaffected by my serious tone, coming closer. This boy just loves a challenge, doesn't he…?

"Make me," he dared, the minty smell of his breath filling my nostrils. God he is such a pervert! I thought, wriggling around to free myself of his iron grip. Then finally, he let go.

"Aw, come on Raku! You know I wasn't going to do anything to you!" He said, mock-pouting.

"Besides," his brother Kaoru said, sauntering over to where I was getting off of the counter, "you're just our slave. You're not our sex-slave like some of the other hosts have made you…" There was that smirk again. God, how I wished I could smack it off that perfect face of his. And why was he bringing that up anyway?! That day, it was the famous Hitachiin twins that had found me and my lover in the Third Music Room. After they saw us, my lover- who was desperate to save his reputation- made them swear not to tell anyone what they had seen. And they did (mostly because they were afraid of him), but it was at a price- Me. They had said they wanted me to come live with them at their mansion so that I could be a slave for them, and my lover quickly gave me over. That's chivalry for ya. So, in respect for my lover's reputation, I'm now cursed to deal with whatever stupid wished these two incestial devils ask…

Which is now apparently trying to get me to try on their mother's fashion line.

"No! Leave me alone!" I shouted, running just out of their greedy grasps. They finally catch me and throw me in a dressing room with a teeny tiny bikini in my arms. I inspect it, taking in the low-cut top and stringy sides, my face turning bright red for the second time that day. At least they didn't bring in their creepy maids to help me change… I thought, sighing. I put on the item, almost liking the way it flaunted my hourglass curves. I sighed again, sinking to the ground and dropping my head into my hands. How much longer would I have to endure this torture?! It had only been about two months and I already wanted to strangle someone! I began to cry silently, trying to fight back the tears, but not being strong enough.

I want your love, and I want your revenge

You and me could write a Bad Romance…

I want your love and all your lover's revenge

You and me could write a Bad Romance…

I was shaken out of my self-pity as I heard the muffled ringtone for my lover. I blinked, sending a few last tears flying into oblivion and answered,


"Raku?" Oh God, it's really him! "How are you?" I glowered at the phone, staying silent until he asked what was wrong.

"Cut the crap, Kyouya," I spat, "Don't pretend like you actually care about me. You haven't spoken to me in almost a month now! You left me with these two monsters to let them do whatever they wanted to me! And for what?! Just so that you could save your precious reputation. Well, what about mine, Kyouya? Huh? What. About. MINE?" I was screaming now, seeing flames dance across my eyes, not caring that the devils could probably hear me. His silence on the other line just made me angrier, so I went on,

"Do you know what this is even like, Kyouya? Having to be torn away from my job, the only thing I have left, to come here to become a play toy? No, I can't imagine you do. There's no way in hell you could! I trusted you! I thought we had something. Maybe not romantically, but at least a sort of friendship! But I guess I was wrong, wasn't I? Well," I stopped to take a few shaky breaths, "are you even going to say anything?" Again, silence. I took a few more deep, shaky breaths and started to cry openly. I could still hear him breathing lightly on the other line, so at least he hadn't hung up yet. That was good…maybe. I heard him sigh, then start to say something, and then sigh again. Finally,

"Raku, I'm sorry." Wow. Great. I sighed, feeling conflicted. I wanted him to say something more than that… Hell, I deserved more than that, especially since he hadn't called or anything for a month now…but really, what could I have expected him to say?

"Well, this time it just isn't good enough, Kyouya," I whispered, hanging up on him, "It's just not good enough…" I stayed in the changing room for a few more minutes, then opened the door to come in contact with Hikaru. We collided and I landed on top of him, his arms around my waist from trying to catch me. Fed up, I just lay there thinking how, in just a few weeks, my life had gone from miserable to absolute hell.

"Umm, Raku?" I opened my eyes to a bright red Hikaru, who was still holding me. I grunted, pushing myself off of him. I got up slowly, not bothered by Kaoru's appraising eyes traveling all over my body. At least he wasn't grabbing.

"What are you two doing out here?" I asked, my voice dripping with poison, warning them to be careful of how they answered. Silence is how they answered. Good choice boys… I thought, starting to move past them.

"Not so fast," Kaoru stated, blocking my way, "Listen, all the Hosts are going to the beach, which is why we had you put on that bikini. We want you to come with us."

"No." I said simply. Especially not after that conversation with Kyouya. He's one of the Hosts, and I so don't want to see him now… But I couldn't say that to them. Even if they had heard me talking to Kyouya in the changing room, they wouldn't take pity on me. They weren't like that. I tried to make another escape, this time being blocked by Hikaru.

"This isn't a choice, Raku. We didn't want to have to take you by force, but-"

"We'll do it if necessary." His brother finished for him, their twin senses strengthening. I felt like hitting my head on bricks. Repeatedly. I closed my eyes, locked my jaw, and took a deep, deep breath to try and control my anger.

"Fine. I'll go."

"Really?" The twin's replied at the same time, disbelief filling the room. I nodded.

"But don't expect me to get out of the car."