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Chapter Eleven

This candy-striper uniform was giving me a major migraine. The way Kyouya had been staring at me made my stomach churn with disgust and the fact that it seemed all the other Hosts had seemed to enjoy me in this… outfit was a phenomenon on its own. Thankfully, I had only given each of them a glimpse of what I looked like in it before I had rushed back into the dressing room, refusing to try on anything else that was as skimpy as the first chosen outfit. Suddenly Haruhi was stepping into the room again like he had before, only this time he was holding two outfits in his arms.

"The boys want to apologize for making you try on the candy striper uniform first," he stated calmly. Clearly, he was the only one not affected by the outfit I was still wearing for his breath hadn't even hitched once as he looked at me. "Apparently, that outfit was Hunny-senpai's fault; he only read the 'candy' part of the tag." His tone was apologetic, and I couldn't help but smile at little Hunny-chan's mistake.

"Well, I suppose it made him happy then…" I trailed off, not knowing what else to say. I bit my lower lip slightly and tugged at the skirt of the too-small uniform. "Um, what other outfits have you got there?" He looked taken aback for a moment, almost unsure of what I was talking about until I pointed at the clothing folded over his right forearm. Rolling his eyes, he handed them both over to me and explained,

"One of those is for you and the other is for me… Apparently, Tamaki-senpai thought it would be 'cute' if I tried on an outfit as well." I looked curiously at the small boy, but didn't ask questions. "Honestly, dressing up for the club is bad enough, I would just as soon rather not try one on. But if you're going out there with me, I suppose it won't be nearly as bad." We shared a small, gentle smile.

"Go ahead. I'll let you pick one," he continued, nodding toward the outfits. I unfolded one of them and dropped it immediately in shock. What the hell? I wondered, picking it back up to examine it again. Yep, it was what I had thought; a jet-black dominatrix costume, complete with matching thigh-high stiletto boots. I looked from the costume to Haruhi, who had a horrified expression on his face. I hoped that whatever the second costume was, it was a little less… sexy. At least for Haruhi's sake. Picking up the other and unfolding it, I saw that whoever had picked this outfit was into cutesy things- and my bet was that it wasn't Hunny-senpai this time. It was a little Red Riding Hood costume that was still a little short in the skirt, but not nearly as bad as the candy-striper outfit had been. Seeing the look on Haruhi's face, I figured I would be nice since he had let me pick out an outfit first. Although why they would want a guy to try on one of these costumes was a bit odd in my opinion…

So, I picked the dominatrix outfit. Pulling the black leather corset around my waist, I had Haruhi help me hook the latches in the back and pulled on the leather panties and thigh-high boots, hooking the garter belt to the tops of my boots. I looked at myself in the mirror, patiently letting Haruhi finish dressing behind me; I honestly had no idea who the girl staring back at me was. Raku was gone and in her place was a fierce sex kitten, ready to pounce on her next victim. I had no idea what made me feel so empowered in this outfit, but I couldn't deny the awesome feelings I had when I started thinking about the twins' faces when I walked out in this…

"Holy…" Haruhi breathed behind me. I turned to look at him, and noticed something was… off. Adorable was the only word my brain could think while my eyes trailed from his head to his toes, and then- I saw them. Clear as day. Breasts. Haruhi had breasts, the outfit made that very clear with its tight corset. Haruhi was female- how had I not realized this? Smirking, I noticed the wide-eyed expression she held as she gazed upon my outfit; it didn't help that this new sense of power was starting to take root inside of me. "That outfit suits you, Raku." She finished, after licking her lips slightly, her gaze finally settling back to my eyes.

"Thanks, Haruhi. Yours, too." That was all I could manage before pushing her out of the dressing room for all the guys to 'ooh' and 'ahh' at. Sure, she was adorable, but I knew that jaws would drop when I stepped out into the light; and believe me, they did. Teasing the boys as much as possible, I let one of my thigh-high boots peek through the curtain before showing a little more of my fishnet-clad thigh and then my corset… and finally, my whole body. I took the whip from beside the table the twins' mom kept her costumes on and cracked it once, sending chills down everyone's spines. I saw the twins lick their lips simultaneously and Kyouya's eyes half-closed with a look of pure ecstasy. For once, I didn't feel completely ridiculous; I felt in control.

"Out," Hikaru whispered hoarsely into the deadly silent room. "Everyone-"

"Out." Kaoru finished. And I thought I was going to have one hell of a night in the candy striper uniform…! Everyone turned and shuffled out of the room, muttering goodbyes and trying to hide their painfully obvious erections- well, everyone except Hunny-senpai who ran over to give me a hug before running back to climb up on top of Mori-senpai; and Haruhi, who just muttered that she would return the costume later. Which left me with two very turned-on twins in front of me. I licked my lips, grinning mischievously as they always did.

"Like what you see?" I asked innocently before smirking. When they turned to look at each other, I turned and quickly returned to the safety of the dressing room to change back into my normal clothes. When I didn't hear any protests, I wondered if the boys were still entranced from the sight of me as a dominatrix… Looking out, however, I noticed they weren't even there anymore. Those bastards, I thought, making my way back to their bedroom. When I didn't hear any sound coming from behind the heavy door, I began to worry slightly. Gently letting me knuckles fall against their door a couple times, I waited for the door to open. When it didn't, I shrugged and returned to my room, slightly disappointed that nothing had happened… I changed into a slinky, soft nightgown and let my feet drag me to their door once again.

"Kaoru? Hikaru?" I tried quietly, mentally asking for them to let me in. Suddenly the door opened and I saw two pairs of amber eyes peeking out at me. Everything was still for a moment before I was ushered into the room I would eventually identify as my lovers'. Kaoru was in front of me, his button-down shirt hanging open to expose bare flesh, his jeans hanging low on his hips to show just the tiniest bit of his boxers. He licked his lips and slowly held out a hand toward me, silently begging me not to refuse. I smiled softly, timidly; he was asking me- asking me- if I was ready for this, if this was what I really wanted. That hadn't ever happened before, especially not with Kyouya. I nodded and followed him over to the king-sized bed, fully noting the heated sensation beginning to form in my lower area. I couldn't believe it- I was really about to have sex with my captors, the ones I had hated so much at the beginning…

I was now lying on the bed, Kaoru lying next to me; we weren't doing anything, not yet. Hikaru was standing back for once, giving his brother some space to start what he had wanted to do for quite some time. Kaoru cleared his throat suddenly, a light blush gracing his beautiful pale cheeks.

"I- well, I've never done this before so," I cut him off by simply pulling him down on top of me. There was no need for spoken words at the moment- all we needed were the words of our bodies together. I kissed him, thinking that this was the way it should be, both of us together like this, forever. His tongue licked my bottom lip, begging for entrance as he rolled on top of me. I eagerly let him in, battling his tongue for dominance before he won, exploring my mouth with curiosity. As I let my hands roam inside his shirt finding the places that made him moan lightly into my mouth, I began to grind upwards onto his clothed, steadily growing erection. Suddenly, his breath hitched and I smirked, taking my chance to explore his mouth with my tongue. His moans were soft and musical as he began to grind back against me; I could hear Hikaru's soft moans in the background as well. The room began to feel hot, too hot; clothes needed to be lost. I shed his shirt, breaking away from the heated kiss to switch our positions.

Now that I was on top, I undid his jeans and slowly slid them off of his hips, letting my cold hand run along his thigh as I did so. Soon the boxers were off and all that was stopping us from continuing was my nightgown and underwear. Hikaru couldn't stand it any longer; as soon as his brother was unclothed, he was over on top of the bed behind me, slipping my nightgown off and running his hands down my shoulders and leaving trails of kisses along my neck. All the while, I was still straddling Kaoru, grinding on him like I just couldn't get enough! After a few minutes, I was flipped onto my back again Kaoru was running his beautiful, pale hands down my body- first on my sides, then my breasts, then my thighs… all lovingly, just wanting to feel what was his.

Hikaru, on the other hand, was not as loving in his movements; his hands began to slide off my underwear, carelessly tossing them to the side. He then pinned my arms over my head and gave Kaoru a smirk that his twin graciously returned. Hikaru began to kiss me roughly and passionately as Kaoru let one pale digit slide effortlessly over my throbbing clit. I moaned loudly into Hikaru's kiss and Kaoru let the finger slip into my vagina fully now, pumping quickly to make me moan the same way I had before. Hikaru's breathing sped up as he broke off our kiss to trail his tongue down my neck and onto my breast, choosing to suck on my already hard nipple instead.

"Oh, fuck!" I all but screamed as Kaoru slipped in another finger, "Shit! Oh, Kaoru… Hikaru… Mmm…" I licked my lips, closing my eyes as I lay there helplessly, unable to return the favor they were both bestowing on me, seeing as Hikaru still had my hands pinned above my head. Bucking my hips into Kaoru's fingers, he added a third and final finger before flicking his tongue experimentally over my clit. I moaned in ecstasy as Hikaru freed my wrists.

"Oh God… Kaoru, now! I want you inside of me- NOW!" I wasn't going to be able to hold on much longer. I felt I might burst; the feeling of both pairs of hands on me was incredible. Completely turned on by this point, Kaoru moaned and teased me by rubbing his throbbing cock along my clit one last time before prodding his tip at my entrance. Hikaru was now straddling my stomach, his penis just inches away from my mouth. I figured since he wasn't the one that was going to fuck me at the moment, he might as well get some pleasure out of it, right? I let my tongue flick up onto his cock and smirked at the loud moan in return. Fully taking his penis into my mouth, I began to suck and pump him with one of my free hands, clutching the bed with my other as Kaoru finally plunged his cock into me full-force. I moaned incoherently with Hikaru in my mouth and bucked my hips against Kaoru as he fucked me. After a few pumps, Kaoru came, his cry of ecstasy enough to make me even wetter. Hikaru let his brother regain composure before pushing him out of the way and taking his cock out of my mouth to position it at my entrance as well. Kaoru slid up to my side and began to suck on my nipples as Hikaru began to thrust into me.

Hikaru made love differently from his brother; he was harder, faster and more experienced. His short cries of, "Oh, fuck! Raku, yes!" were highly erotic and when he began stroking my clit as he pumped, I nearly lost all senses. Kaoru kissed me passionately and continued to pull and pinch at my nipples; I felt myself begin to lose control. As Hikaru released his pent-up frustration into me, I came with him.

"Hikaru, I-I'm coming!" I cried, Kaoru's moans evident as he continued sucking on my breasts. With one last thrust, Hikaru came and then collapsed on top of me. All was silent in the room except for our heavy breathing and we could all hear the question in each other's minds…

What now?

We cleaned ourselves up, and lay down together, naked, in their bed. The smell of sex was strong around us and we were all still flushed and excited at the thought of what we had just done. Smiling as my lovers cuddled up on either side of me, I knew.

"I love you."

I said it to both of them and they understood without asking. We fell asleep in each other's arms that night, unsure of the future, but excited as hell for it anyway.

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