Chapter Title: Octopus Prime
Chapter Characters: BV Bumblebee, Mikaela, Danny (oc), Liz (oc)

Chapter Rating: G
Summary: One shot total fluff from Unglued AU. NOT a tentacle fic...though I DO like those a lot.
Warnings: Implied OT3 (Sam/Mikaela/Bee)

Thanks to all of the reviewers who have encouraged me to keep on writing! What a wonderful adventure this is turning out to be for someone who has NEVER written fanfiction before. I think Unglued is turning into its own AU, and will be series of one-shots, all over the time line.

"An den Opimus cwashed…he cwashed in the ocean in his commit form. An da fiwst thing he see is an octopus an he scanned it."

Bee chuckled through his radio at the 5-year old who was pretending to drive him where he sat in alt form outside the Quonset hut that was the family's temporary home near the Cybertronian-style city being constructed deep underground in the Oregon Cascades.

"What happened then, Danny?"

"He tuwned into OCTOPUS PRIME!" announced the boy in what was definitely not his outside voice, bouncing up and down and hitting the steering wheel for emphasis.

Bee snorted, then quickly scanned the infant sleeping in her car seat in back.

"Use your inside voice, Danny. You don't want to wake your sister. You know how cranky she is when she doesn't get a long enough nap."

"Ok….shhhhhhh. Den, Iwonhide cwashed too. And da fiwst thing HE see is…."

"What did he see, little one?"

"Iwonhide saw an owca whale."

"An Orca would be a wonderful alt form for Iwonhide, little one. Strong, fierce, but also gentle with those he loves."

"An den, Watchet cwashed, and guess what he see, Bee!"

"A grumpy old shark?" Bee asked innocently.

"No, Bumbubee. Only 'cons become shawks, silly. Watchet see a dolphin…cause dolphins help people sometimes if they are huwt in the ocean, and Watchet helped baby Liz when she was sick after mama pushed her out."

"Ah, of course Danny. A dolphin would be perfect for Ratchet. He does help everyone when they are sick or hurt."

The boy started bouncing again, pleased that Bumblebee agreed with his perfect logic.

"Den YOU cwashed, Bee! An guess…an guess what YOU see?"

"I'm sure you will tell me, Danny."

"You see a stingway! Cause bumbubees have stings and so do stingways. An mama says stingways are….gwaceful?"

Bumblebee felt warmth rush through is spark and wrapped his seatbelt around the boy for a hug.

"Stingrays are very graceful, beautiful creatures, Danny. I would enjoy having that as my alt form. Don't you agree, Mikaela?" he said to his bondmate who had been standing just outside of the open window, listening.

"Mama! You back! I didn't know you was der!" The boy jumped out of the now open door and threw his arms around the grinning woman.

"I didn't want to interrupt you, sweetie. You were telling such a wonderful story. And you are right, a stingray is a beautiful, graceful creature, just like our Bumblebee," she commented, stroking the yellow camaro as she reached in to unbuckle the infant girl sleeping in the car seat that was now a permanent fixture in Bee's altform.

"You'll wake her, Mikaela. She only just fell asleep when I was driving her."

"I haven't seen those blue optics since this morning, Bee, and I need to nurse her or I'm gonna burst. I'll get her back to sleep."

The infant woke with a shriek that could stop Soundwave, her implanted optics flashing specks of red amidst the swirling blue.

Mikaela held the tiny girl close to her chest, feeling as she always did the miraculous hum of tiny symbiot spark-sliver giving life to the pump which moved blood and energon and powered the hundreds of other implants that kept her thriving. The spark's donor transformed and sat down, allowing her to sit in his lap cross-legged. She held the shrieking child to her breast, the babe's optics slowed their whirling and returning to their deep, quiet blue as she began to frantically suckle. She wrapped her free arm around Danny as he, too crawled up on Bee's lap.

"Did you and Sam enjoy your day away?" Bee asked quietly.

"It wasn't even interrupted once," she commented in awe. "I don't know how you did it."

"I survived Megatron at Tiger Pax, I think I can take care of our little ones for a day."

"We missed you, though. It isn't that same without you," she leaned back into his warmth, feeling the hum of his spark against her back.

"When Liz is a bit older, we'll ask Will, Sarah and Hide. But right now I can't bear to be away from her. The bond is too strong," came the reverent reply from one who never imagined being connected to a human family the way he now was.

Danny had fallen asleep against her side. She placed a kiss on his forehead, and looked up at Bee who wordlessly lifted the boy and held him curled in his arm where he continued to sleep. Mikaela, her arm now free, lifted Liz to her shoulder to burp her, the feisty infant letting out an indignant scream at being interrupted. Mikaela laughed and patted the girl on her back until she let out a healthy belch, then returned her to the other breast. She looked out at the amazing panorama of the mountains, which would cradle an underground city, powered by geothermal technology beyond her comprehension, filled with a community of souls and sparks who would care for the fragile wilderness and create a life together. She leaned back again against the warmth of her mate, feeling her connection with his spark like a shiver of light through her body.

A song quietly came from Bee's radio:

Can you fix this? It's a broken heart
It was fine, but it just fell apart.
It was mine, but now I give it to you,
Cause you can fix it, you know what to do.

Let your love cover me,
Like a pair of angel wings,
You are my family,
You are my family.

Dar Williams – Family from Mortal City (1997)

Ok, total fluff. The conversation with Danny really happened between my oldest son and me a couple of days ago, and I've been aching to write with my OT3.