Fourth in the "In Our Time of Dying" Series. J.J bought Morgan and herself a holiday to Seattle. Seeing two people get murdered in front of them was not what they expected. After Morgan and J.J become key witnesses to a murder, they're put under protection after the killer leaves a threatening message, much to J.J and Morgan's frustration. Can the other BAU members find the killer before he tries to kill their agents? And also, Morgan begins to discuss his feelings for J.J with each of the other BAU members and their reactions…aren't what he expected. Don't own Criminal Minds.

Chapter 1

"Hey, my man! Can I get another sex on the beach?" Morgan said, grinning. The man nodded and disappeared. J.J smiled, laughing.

"You're enjoying yourself."

"So are you. You're in a bikini, with Chanel glasses on, and there's about 5 guys up at the bar staring at you." J.J looked at him.

"No way."


"Shut up!"

"I'm serious!" She lifted her head and took a glance at the bar where 5 guys were talking amongst themselves, but throwing looks at her. Morgan seethed his teeth.

"Wow." J.J said, nodding appreciatively.

"Yeah, yeah. They're ugly though." Morgan said. She laughed.

"I don't know, the blonde's kind of cute." Morgan looked up at the guys. They were looking at him now. They pointed at him, then J.J. Morgan seized the opportunity and nodded. They all developed disappointed looks. Morgan grinned, glad that they had decided to back off.

"Oh look, see? They went on to another girl."

"They probably think we're dating." J.J said, laughing. Morgan laughed uncomfortably.

"Ha, ha. Where would they have gotten that idea from?" Thankfully the waiter came with his drink and he drank almost half of it.

"You're going to regret this when you have a killer hangover."

"Hey, I saved your life twice and got shot in the process, I deserve a hangover." Her eyes went sad.

"You're right. Sorry."

"Hey now, I'd do it again if I had the chance." He said, grabbing her hand and holding it. She grinned.

"I know." He smiled at her and got up.

"We should head back to the hotel, it's getting dark. Wanna go to that party their holding here later on tonight."

"Yeah, okay. Sure thing, I just wanna call Courtney, check on Henry."

"Okay." They walked off back to the car and drove back to their hotel. When they reached the hotel, Morgan took a shower and changed into his best going out clothes and threw on cologne. He sighed, but decided to bring his gun with him, but hid it under his shirt. He also brought his badge with him. When he walked out and into the lobby, he saw J.J in a nice colourful dress, her hair all curly. He whistled.

"Someone's looking hot." He said, grinning. She hit him lightly.

"Shut up." When Morgan began walking away, she laughed.

"Hiding something?" She said, touching his back where the gun was hidden. He laughed.

"Just in case." He said, laughing.

"Oh, don't worry, I know." She opened her purse to reveal her gun, badge and cell phone. Morgan laughed. They reached the bar and Morgan ordered drinks straight away. J.J laughed at him and grabbed his hand, pulling him to the dance floor. Morgan blushed, but followed her. They started dancing and J.J was laughing while dancing, Morgan laughing with her. There were people all around the dance floor. One guy started making his way toward J.J. Morgan grabbed her, twirled her, and then dipped her.

"Whoa!" She exclaimed. The guy backed off. Morgan grinned and J.J laughed.

"That was…spontaneous."

"I'm a very spontaneous kind of person." Morgan said, bringing her back up. She laughed. They went back to the bar and saw a man chatting up a woman.

"So, when do we head back to Quantico?" Morgan said, laughing as J.J shook her head at the guy chatting up the woman.

"Uh, day after tomorrow at 3:00pm." J.J said, smiling.

"Cool, I miss the team." He said, laughing.

"I'll say. And Henry, of course." J.J said. He lifted his drink in a toast.

"We never got to do this. So…To William LaMontagne Jnr, our lost friend." J.J's eyes sparkled with tears, but she smiled.

"To Will." She said, lifting her drink and clinking it to Morgan's. She drank deeply. Morgan turned and saw the man who was chatting the woman up grab her by the arm. She slapped him across the face and walked off. The man sighed. There was another man next to him that looked at the woman, and then went after her. He kept his distance from her, but from the way he was following her, Morgan became suspicious.


"Yeah?" She said, turning to him.

"Guy following a girl, down an alley." He said, pointing. He looked at J.J. She sighed.

"Suspicious enough?" He said. She nodded. They went after them both, J.J's heels clacking on the floor. They hid behind a dumpster and Morgan drew his gun.

"Hey, Natalie! Wait!" The girl stopped and turned.

"Hey Alex!" Morgan looked at J.J. She shook her head. He went to put his gun away. But then he heard a scream and a gunshot. He ran forward.

"FBI! FREEZE!" There was a man with a mask on his head and a gun in his hand. The woman was on the floor, dead. He looked up, and then shot the man.

"HEY!" Morgan ran forward.

"DEREK HE'S GOT A GUN!" J.J yelled. The man raised his gun to J.J.

"Don't move. Who are you?"

"I'm Agent Derek Morgan and this is Agent Jennifer Jareau. We're with the FBI, man. It's over, give it up." The man laughed.

"Drop the gun!" J.J yelled. He sighed.

"No." The man said, laughing.


"No it's not. You don't know what I look like." Morgan blinked.

"You can't run. We'll shoot."

"Not if I shoot first." He shot at J.J. and Morgan ducked. Morgan turned toward her.


"I'm fine! He's getting away!" Morgan and J.J ran after him, running as fast as they could. The man threw a dumpster in front of them and they jumped over it. Morgan couldn't believe that J.J could run in heels, but there she was, tearing after the guy like she was wearing pumps instead. They ran into a crowd of people walking down a street and Morgan cursed. They lost the guy.

"DAMMIT!" J.J said loudly.

"Come on, you take right, I take left." J.J nodded and ran down the right hand side of the street around the building and Morgan took the left. They met up back at the beginning of the alleyway.

"Gone." J.J said, puffing. Morgan cursed.

"Damn." They went back to the two victims and they found a piece of paper written in blood.

"I slayeth thee who land in my way. And you have landed in thy way, Derek Morgan and Jennifer Jareau. See you around."

Morgan cursed.

"You should not have said our names." J.J said, sighing.

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