This is my response to Day 27 of Sinistra Black's "Sheherazad" challenge, and my prompts were the seven virtues- less interesting than the sins, but more challenging, which is the point.


Beyond her beauty and natural charm, Gabrielle Delacour had little in common with her older sister, Fleur. From years of watching her sister, her elegant, graceful sister, plucking hearts from men's bodies as quickly and as naturally as though they were apples from trees, Gabrielle knew instinctively that she too could do it; she could use her blue of her eyes, her maddeningly flawless skin, her slender little hands and the slope of her shoulders to have people fall for her. But she didn't want to.

There was nothing wrong with flirting or teasing, or even the way in which Fleur daringly employed these techniques. At times Gabrielle was tempted to use this mysterious power of hers that had grown increasingly potent as she had developed and matured. Initially she had wanted to imitate her sister- she was every bit as beautiful as Fleur- and that had been fun, sashaying through the halls of Beauxbatons with every eye upon her. However, when the opportunity arose to dig a hook into a heart, Gabrielle found that the appeal vanished.

One sweaty hand encompassed hers, the other resting upon her waist, its heat uncomfortable. He was far from perfect, but after sixteen years of living with herself, Gabrielle wanted to try something different. Bumbling and awkward, Dennis Creevey licked his lips and smiled in a way that reminded her of a lap dog.

"You're r-really lovely, Gabrielle. Really lovely." Hearing him stumble over his words in awe frightened Gabrielle. Dennis leant closer, but she turned away so that his lips met with the soft skin of her cheek. It was too much, this magnetism of hers, and Gabrielle didn't feel that she should use it in case she ended up abusing it. And stinging along a wide eyed, trembling boy like Dennis would certainly be abusing it.

Smiling absently at the memory, Gabrielle continued brushing her hair until she was confident that it was without a tangle. Her appeal was undeniable, even in a simple sundress. There was a certain satisfaction, Gabrielle found, in being beautiful for herself rather than others; it gave life a peaceful balance that Fleur- in her frantic, frenzied world- would never know. Tucking a flower into her hair, Gabrielle stood and was content that she would make the most of the day.


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