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Saïx POV

It was too easy to watch them as they left the house. The kid was so excited; he'd made it snow again. He skipped behind Marluxia, who carried Xion back with them. I suppose they were going to tell Zexion and Demyx.

I watched from the shadows as they moved along the sidewalk. I formed the plan as I followed them, the rage boiling in my chest as I did. Kill Vexen with one smack; if he didn't snap his neck from the hit, he'd die after hitting the wall. Slice Marluxia up the stomach, let him bleed out, the traitor, and slit the girls' throat.

I moved into position.

I didn't expect Vexen to look back and see me. I really didn't expect him to not freak out. Well he did. Sort of. His face contorted in fear, before becoming normal. Well, normal for Vexen, anyway. He waited for a minute, waiting for his family to go ahead and turn the corner before looking both ways and crossing the street to me.

…And to think, this kid was supposed to be smart. Who runs towards their potential murderer in the dark except an idiot?

…Then again, knowing Vexen, he might have some kind of weapon he designed strapped to him, like a pocket watch gun, or a bomb on his chest, or rocket boots or-

"May I speak to you for a moment sir-"

"Keep your fucked up bomby boots away from me and you can live five more minutes."

He stared at me like I was nuts for a second after that, then continued.

"… Ok. I need to talk to you. First, you're the guy who killed Daddy."

I felt a snowball smack me in the eyes.

"That's not cool, sir."

… And that was just adding insult to injury. I growled and cleared the snow from my eyes with my hand, shaking the rest off. "Kid, you're asking for me to break your neck."

"Actually, I'm asking you something a bit more important to me personally."

I growled before realizing he was serious. You could see it in his eyes too… it was almost creepy. Like watching Shirley Temple morph into Samara, or something. He took a breath before speaking.

"When you were in my head that time, you said something about the past. His past- …my past."

He looked confused for a minute. I nearly laughed- didn't this kid know who he was? Then I took a second look at him and realized maybe he didn't. Anyone would be confused if a stranger picked them up in the street, and brought them home simply because they thought they were a reincarnation of their father. Remembering his old life must be doubly confusing for the five year old. I pictured his head popping like a balloon from the stress, and wasn't sure if I'd laugh or scream if it did for a minute.

"…Mr. … Um, sir? Please stop zoning out, I need your help."

I snapped out of it when I looked down. He was looking up expectantly at me. "… Fine. What do you want to know, child."

"…I need to understand something. You said something about coming home… and I know I've never lived with you. What did you mean?"

I looked down before laughing so loudly he looked scared. "You really don't remember anything, do you? You did live with me, Vexen. You lived with all of us at Castle Oblivion. In fact, you were there longer than me!"

He backed away in disbelief.

"…N-no. That can't be true. That's impossible. I'd have remembered that-"

"You don't remember a lot of things Vexen Koori. Not even your own family."

"I remembered Zexion and Xion and Larxene and Marluxia, thank you very much!"

"But you didn't remember Lynda and Olette did you?"

His eyes widened a mixture of confusion and shock in those innocent green orbs.

"W-what? What do you-"

I smirked before dropping back into the shadows. "Find out for yourself, child. Figure it out alone." The sound of him calling echoed in my ears as I began to leave.

"W-wait! Stop! Saix! Saix!"

I didn't listen. I just ran until the trees of the park had obscured me from vision. I looked to the moon and felt a strange power surge through me.

Time to find my master.

Zexion POV

"Mmm…. Demyx… God that feels so good-"


Demyx looked up from where he sat behind me on the bed and got up.

"Here's your shirt, Zexy. We can finish this later if you want," He said with a smile.

I nodded and put my shirt back on, and followed him outside the door, with only two things on my mind. The first being what the heck Marluxia wanted.

The second being 'When did Demyx learn how to give orgasmic back massages like that?'

Anyway, I tore my mind from Demyx and his god like fingers, and went downstairs. As I was walking, I heard Demyx have one of those "Holy-crap-did-that-just-happen" gasps he's does when he's really surprised.

Slightly worried, since the last time he did one of those this month, a snake had found it's way into the house (And in fucking November too, I don't know how that's even possible), I sped up, grabbed a broom and prepared to brain a reptile again as I rounded the corner and faced the front door.

"Ok, where's the snake? THIS time, I'll get it!"

"Wait, what?" Marluxia said with Demyx, turning to face me with confusion on their faces. A small gasp came out of the blanket in Marluxia's arms.

"Nononononononono don't kill it! Animals are our friends, Zexion!"

I froze in my tracks. That voice… that light… feminine… voice… I walked over to Marluxia as if I were in a trance. Dropping the broom, I slowly took the blanket away from the bundles face and was met with bright blue eyes.

"…Xion…" I whispered out, not believing. Then I grabbed her up in a hug so tight, I swear I might have bruised her ribs. I didn't really care though. My baby sister had come home after all this time.

"Hey Zexion," She said happily, hugging back. Ok, maybe it was MY ribs getting bruised.

"I missed you so much-"

"I thought you had died." I stared at her. "I saw you. You burned to death. I saw you." I felt kind of idiotic, accusing my little sister of being a zombie, or I don't know what, but I was confused. Vexen had been a five year old, Marluxia had been- …wait a minute.

I turned around, looking behind me, and looked around the room.

"What's wrong?" Xion asked, sounding worried.

I turned back to Marluxia. "…Where's Vexen? Didn't you take him with you?"

Marluxia looked a little confused. "What are you talking about, of course I did. He's right behind-" He turned and saw the empty space between him and the closed door.

"… Me…"

You could have shattered the silence that came after that. We scattered, praying he'd wandered off somewhere into the apartment. Demyx ran for the bathroom and the kitchen, while I ran upstairs. Marluxia put Xion down on the couch and ran up with me, going for his room while I went to mine. We searched everywhere before we had to realize what had happened. Vexen hadn't been behind Marluxia. He'd gotten separated. He'd gotten lost. And he was out there. In the dark. In the snow. At ten at night.

… Alone…

Marluxia POV

I ran out that door, screaming at myself in my head. I was so angry with myself. If I loved Vexen so much, how could I not notice when he stopped being behind me? How could I not sense when he wandered off? Worse, what if he didn't wander off? I knew at least two people who'd love to come after him for what he was, and that wasn't even considering all the other sickos out there. It was dark. Anyone seeing him right now would think he was a little girl, because of his damn hair. His really long, blonde, silky hair- god dammit Marluxia do NOT fantasize about a small child right now! …. OR EVER!

I ran down the streets, the still falling snow covering my tracks. I knew I needed help, so I flipped open the phone and called a number I honestly never thought I'd really use.

"…Axel. You need to help me. Please."

And that's when the hail started.

Axel POV

It was the please that threw me off. I never thought I'd hear Marluxia ask me for anything. But when I heard what had happened… I called up Xigbar immediately.

"Hey brah, what's up?" Xigbar cheered into the phone.

"Man, we got a MAJOR problem. A child has gone missing on the streets, we need to find him."

His voice sounded uncomfortable. "Uh, Ax? I know these recent cases with the kidnapped kids are freaking you out too, but we have other cases that need to be looked at. I want to help, but I have no idea what we could-"

I hissed into the phone. "Asswipe, Vexen's gone missing."

"Holy fuck. I'm getting the fucking bike."

"Meet me at Zexion's."

I hung up, feeling angry. I wasn't obsessed with this.

I wasn't.

There were kids going missing and after I had found my old case report, one my mother never told me about, I started looking everyone up again. Why were some people never returned? Why were more kids going missing? Was Xemnas trying to make more of us? The thought of kids possibly getting hurt filled my body with anger. I could do nothing at all to stop it… but did that mean I was obsessed?

Of course not.

"Axel? What's wrong?"

I turned to see Roxas walk into the room. He looked slightly disheveled, but he had fallen asleep in the car.

"Vexen's gone AWOL on them. He apparently wandered off in the streets…"

We both knew how stupid that sounded.

"Get the car," Roxas said, "We're going blonde hunting." He quickly did his hair, and got an extra blanket and some food for the car. "We've got some pizza, I'll warm it up and put some extra cheese and pepperoni on it so we can have dinner on the go."

GOD, I love this sexy, child helping, pizza making man.

Zexion POV

The "forces" mobilized pretty damn quickly. For one thing, everyone seemed excited to say hello to Xion again, and another was how worried everyone got about Vexen. Xigbar showed up on his bike, Larxene holding onto him as they went. Axel and Roxas came up in the car. Luxord showed up in a car as well, with the driver turning out to be Xaldin. I blinked, surprised.

"Are you guys…"

Luxord winked at me. "That's confidential mate."

The smile meant yes. I'd congratulate them later. When my five year old wasn't outside in the cold and dark by himself.

We split up. Larxene went with Xigbar on the motorcycle, making the streetlights brighter everywhere they went, going north. Axel and Roxas took south town. Marluxia had gone towards the east, so Luxord went after him on foot. And Demyx and I took west, leaving Xaldin at home to take care of Xion for us. He was a good caretaker, and we needed her feeling better.

Demyx and I ended up at the old schoolyard. The swings shook in the breeze eerily. I shivered, feeling paranoid and cold. "Demyx, he's not here."

He didn't move, as if caught in a trance. I tried again, slightly annoyed. "Demyx, come on. We need to keep looking."

As I spoke, something jumped out of the shadows at Demyx. Before I could move, Demyx was fighting someone on top of the monkey bars. I was shocked, but quickly pulled myself together. I ran over to where they were fighting and climbed up. As I got to the top, they tilted, and the figure fell, grabbing Demyx too. I pulled Demyx up again, but the figure had a hold on Demyx's coat. I looked down at the person who was attacking, and sent an illusion straight into him. He let out a gasp as it struck, and I asked myself why his voice and eyes seemed so… familiar. I pulled Demyx up onto the monkey bars as the figure fell, and when he hit the ground, the shadows seemed to melt away from him. Demyx and I gasped as we looked down and saw who was now lying on the ground unconscious.

"…Riku?" I whispered.

Axel POV

We'd been out an hour already before we got the call from Demyx. He said that Riku had somehow attacked him and Zexion, and someone needed to bring him home. Roxas and I pulled a u-turn in the car and headed to the abandoned playground they were waiting at for us.

The car was completely silent as we drove to the other side of town. I started wondering again as I watched Roxas from the corner of my eye. He silently watched the snow fall outside the car, lost in thought to the world. I watched him, transfixed by how the street lights left orange highlights on his dirty blonde hair. The light reflected in his eyes, making it look like fires had sprung up on the oceans his eyes so clearly resembled. His skin was only a few shades more peach then the snow, and he delicately drummed his fingers on the door, making a little drum to add to the sounds of the car.




I turned back to the road slowly, regretting having to look away from the perfection I felt my boyfriend was. The fingers kept drumming in the backround, soothing and distracting me.




Steady, like a heartbeat. Like Roxas' heartbeat. I love his heart, the way it sounds when he's sleeping, how it makes him blush, how it speeds up sometimes according to Demyx when I come in the room-

How it can never stop. Not for long, anyway. But mine could, all too easily. I wasn't like Roxas- he'd live forever if that's what he wanted. He would be here on this earth for all time. Maybe he wouldn't even age. But I wouldn't. I age everyday. I am a finite source- eventually, the flames will die out, the body will be buried; my heart will stop. This made me wonder more about Roxas, more about his heart.

Can a heart that can never stop still break?




I was so distracted, I didn't see the person in front of us until they'd already gone under the car. A flash of long, pale blonde hair was visible before it was gone, under the wheels of the car I was driving. Roxas screamed.

My heart stopped.

Zexion POV

We waited for Axel for a long time; well, it seemed like that anyway. He never came. Demyx and I were getting more and more worried about Vexen. It was getting darker and darker out, and the moon was covered in shadow. The stars were blacked out by the streetlights reflections on the snow.

I flinched as it began to hail again. This couldn't be a good sign. Was Vexen hurt? He was frightened at least.

Demyx looked at me, with a sad look in his eyes.

"… if they aren't coming soon, we need to get him out of the hail."

I nodded, feeling numb, and helped him carry Riku inside of the nearby school. I didn't quite understand why it was open, but my mind was in other places then wondering how the hell a certain door got open.

It was dark in the hallway, and cold too. Demyx closed the door, and I lugged Riku over to the wall, propping him up against it. He slid down it, and I had to re-prop him. I sighed. Why had Riku attacked us? How had he known where we were? And what had caused him to attack us in the first place?

The questions echoing in my mind made me remember all that the man I was sitting next to now and I had been through together. His face changed from that of a man's to a boys as I began to reminisce…

Riku and I had been friends for a long time. When Vexen and Marluxia first adopted me, I remember meeting him at school. We bonded over the fact that we were both the new kid, both getting adopted around the same time. We would play together in our own quiet way- reading together in the corners as the other kids wrestled and attacked each other. Our favorite pastime was watching the other kids play. It was so intriguing.

But one day, Riku had enough of watching. He went over and said hi to one of the boys that were playing. We felt bad for him, because everyday he'd get beaten up and hurt by the other boys- and sometimes, even girls were mean to him. Riku picked him up off the ground, and took him under his wing. His name was Tidus.

Soon enough, pour group grew again when Tidus made a new friend- a girl named Selphie. Originally, we didn't want to include her in our games- Girls are gross, and all that nonsense. But she wormed her way in. Then it was my turn to find a new friend for our group.

It was a bright day when I saw her. She was outside her house, picking flowers. Her red hair was shining in the sunlight, and she had on a small white dress. She looked up at me, and crossed over to our lawn, handing me a flower.


From that day on, when I got home from school and the others were busy, Kairi would come over and we'd play. It was the only time I'd go outside. Usually, we'd hang out in Marluxia's greenhouse out back- she loved flowers, and I loved the feel of being inside. I suppose it was the most bonding I ever did with Marluxia, being there with the two of them. Kairi had an obsession with the sea too. We took her with us to the beach once- I think Vexen and Marluxia were happy I had a playmate for most of the time. Vexen worried I'd get lonely.

When she came to school the next year, I introduced her to the others. Riku took to her instantly, showing her around the school yard with me, and keeping her safe from bullies. We were her big brothers, in a sense. Tidus would get jealous of her sometimes, telling Riku he liked her more then him. It was pretty funny, but Kairi was always mine.

Then one day, she just randomly appeared at the coloring table. I was the only one who saw her there- it was like she had been trying not to be seen. Or maybe it was that no one was meant to see her.


I realized later it was probably my gifts that allowed me to meet her. Everyone else in our group was normal, except me. I didn't have sleepovers, because I was scared kids would start calling me "Nightmare Boy" or something like that. But I walked over to her, feeling a stir of memories- a slight hint of distress, coupled with the feeling of home somehow. when I reached her, I said, shakily, " … hi. I'm Zexion."

"I know." She replied, not looking up from her drawings.

"You know?"

"Yes. You see," she looked up, "We've met before, Zexion. A long, long time ago. And I have a really good memory."

As I looked down at the pictures, I saw my memories on the table immortalized in her crayon drawings- meeting Riku at the juice line in kindergarten, Tidus joining our group, playing together, jump rope with Selphie, reading with Vexen, the greenhouse with Marluxia and Kairi, Kairi giving me the flowers the first time we met, Vexen getting me at the orphanage- and in every picture, there was a dark shadow right behind me. And in some, there was one behind Vexen, and Marluxia. I looked at the picture she was drawing now, scared. It was of us- her sitting at the table drawing, me standing next to her looking scared. There were shadows behind us.

"You haven't changed a bit." She whispered.

I ran.

I still remember how scared Vexen had gotten. He'd refused to let me go to school for a few days. It was the first time he ever lied to Marluxia. He told him I was getting bullied, and that he was talking to the school to get it resolved. Marluxia shrugged it off.

Vexen and I got REALLY scared though when she found her way to the house. She claimed she saw it in my mind, so she just followed the memory. We decided that she was safe for the most part- as long as she told no one else. She could predict the future slightly, so Luxord would keep an eye on her at times. He said there was no harm in having her there. One day though, he got really mad at her and kicked her out of the house. I don't know what happened exactly- all I knew was that something bad had happened to Vexen. That he looked dazed for a few days, lost. Then he snapped back to himself. But sometimes, he'd look at Selphie and get confused, call her a different name he didn't seem to recognize much; Olette.

We grew to be a close group- Riku was more rowdy now though, so he'd play with Tidus and Selphie, and I'd play with Namine and Kairi. We'd play house and in the greenhouse, sometimes just drawing and reading together on days that it rained.

It all started to go downhill in eighth grade.

It was an accident. I honestly didn't mean to do anything bad to her. Kairi would sometimes sneak over and sleep in the same room as me on nights there were thunderstorms. I didn't mind much- I didn't like them either, and Kairi seemed to make the nights pass without nightmares. It was one of those nights when it happened. I was sleeping, and I felt a weight on my chest. I woke up to find her straddling me. I thought she'd gotten scared, so I asked her what was going on. She pinned me to the headboard and kissed me.

I didn't expect it- my mind went in a blur. Kairi had always been a little sister to me, and now for some reason, she was kissing me. I was scared, unsure of what to do, and suddenly, she crumpled. She started screaming, her eyes looking at nothing, frightened beyond belief. Vexen ran in, and pulled her away from me, isolating us, and eventually, she calmed down with a mix of Vexen's medicinal expertise, and Marluxia's herbal teas he grew. She never made another advance at me again. I was glad of that, but horrified at myself. I started thinking back on times when Vexen would wince when we'd bump into each other, how Marluxia wouldn't hold my hand to make sure I didn't get lost in crowds, but my shoulder usually, guiding me through. I was giving everyone illusions, nightmares-

I was a monster.

It took two weeks of Vexen trying to convince me to leave my bedroom before Marluxia knocked the door down and ordered me to dinner. I didn't eat much the first few nights, but Marluxia eventually convinced me, saying he'd tell Vexen about the playgirls under my bed.

I was still not convinced I was gay. I was simply… researching. Understanding their point of view.

Kairi never tried to hit on me again, but she asked me why I suddenly never took the gloves off I wore any more. I told her I had a disease that made my hands cold all the time, and Vexen said I had to wear them or lose my hands. Everyone shut up about them after that. Namine was called in at one point to make Kairi forget that night, maybe she erased Kairi's attraction to me as well.

One day, Kairi wouldn't show up to our group. We found her talking with another group of kids, hanging off of some brunette boy's arm. We all were disturbed, wondering what had just happened. I stared at the people she had just decided to leave us for- all their hair was insane, for one thing. The brunette's was spiked up in some crazy fashion, there was a red head who had hair going down his back in huge spikes, and two blondes, one with similar spiked hair and one with a mullet. I remember thinking that that one looked especially stupid, especially since I only saw him from behind.

I started losing everyone. Namine started hanging out with Larxene instead. Selphie moved. And the kicker was definitely when Riku and Tidus started going out. When I saw them kissing one day, I considered pulling them apart and screaming at them. I ran away instead. I was pretty good at running away. Ninth grade came and went, with me being isolated. Riku tried staying friends, but Tidus was a bit possessive. We'd hang out in groups of three, but that was it- no more being with Riku alone.

Then the car crash happened. It was a drunk driver- he ran over Tidus who was waiting for Riku at a café we all used to go to. I found out through Riku- he called me to tell me. He cried for a year. The worst part of being so completely in love with someone, connecting your life completely to theirs, was that when they are gone, there is nothing to distract you from the loss of that person. Though when someone dies, I suppose the loss is felt deeper then a simple break up. He couldn't look anywhere without being upset.

But one day, he was with that other group- the one Kairi had gone to. The brunette was hanging off of his arm, softly speaking to him with a caring smile. And for the first time in what seemed forever, I saw Riku smile. A genuine, sincere, happy smile.

I hated the brunette, who stole my sister and my best friend. I hated him more then anything else in the world. I learned his name, just so I could put a word to the new hate- Sora Hart. I bitterly thought to myself how his name meaning sky fit the bill- I hated him with the entirety of my "Hart", and enough to fill the sky with stars burning coldly with my hate. I isolated myself even more, hating Riku for falling into the same trap Kairi had. I would watch him from the shadows, feeling bitterness fill me as this Sora would make him laugh and smile and look alive once again. Kairi followed him around like a puppy dog. I locked her out of the house when she came to visit. The only solace was Vexen's science class and English. I felt at home around my father, and I could send all my frustration into my work.

This continued into tenth grade. I hated Sora, read books, and ignored the nightmares. They were getting more vivid, involving the group of people I saw. And for some reason, that one blonde kept appearing in them. The others would mock and cajole, trying to make me hate them more, but he would never speak. It was almost worse, having him never speak like that. I never even saw him from the front- anytime he faced me, it would be a black hole where his face should be. He frightened me more then any other. One night though, I didn't have a nightmare- instead, a soft voice just asked me a question in the darkness.

"Zexion, why are you always alone?"

It was accompanied by a set of teal eyes. I would fear those eyes, never knowing who they belonged to. The sounds of the ocean would envelop me with every dream, waking me eventually. I never understood it.

One day in school, I watched Riku, as usual. And as he and Sora were together, I saw him lean down, and gently kiss him. I was shocked beyond belief. I never expected Sora to steal him THAT much. I watched as they stared adoringly at each other- the way Riku used to look at Tidus. I realized that Sora had done what I couldn't, make Riku happy again somehow. It all crashed on me again, and I realized that a monster wouldn't have been able to save Riku anyway.

I ran. I hid behind the bleachers in the pool, hoping no one would see me. I stayed there for a while, before I heard footsteps. I moved as far back as I could, hoping they'd pass me by. Instead, they stopped. A dark figure crawled through the bleacher rows, walking closer to me. He sat close by, not next to me, but not far enough that I couldn't hear his breathing. I was frightened. He pulled down the hood of his hoodie.

"Zexion, why are you always alone?"

I stared at him. It was that IDOIT. That freak with the weird hair- mullet, Mohawk, who the fuck knew? – and now he's just sitting here, asking me that? Why would I tell him anything about me! One of the freaks who stole all my friends from me! Who the hell does he think he is? God? My parents? A friend- screw you, kid, I don't WANT your friendship, I don't even know your fucking name.

"It's Demyx."

I jumped- and realized I had screamed that all at him. Every vile thought I was thinking had just been screamed at the highest volume I had- which is actually pretty loud, no one realizes it though- and I didn't even realize it.


"My name. It's Demyx." He smiled, and looked at me.

I was mesmerized by his eyes- it was those eyes from my dream. Those kind, sad, loving eyes…

He chuckled. "Is this the part where you run away from me?"

I didn't.

And ever since then, I didn't- ok, not from Demyx anyway. I don't know what it was about him, but every time we were close….. it felt…. Right. Like something was healing in me. It took a long time for me to accept something was. We became friends gradually- with much resistance from me, admittedly- and then one day we kissed.

Actually, I kissed him.

Demyx stared at me in shock.

"W-What was that?"

"I…. I don't know…" I stood there, still holding his shirt where I had grabbed him to kiss him. I was in shock. Why did I do that? I was straight, wasn't I?

Wasn't I?

"…. Zexion…. You just… k-kissed me."

I swallowed, beginning to shake. My palms felt sweaty.

"I- I know…."

"….. why…"

I looked up into his eyes… and suddenly, the definitions didn't matter anymore- gay, straight, bi-sexual, those were terms put on what type of body you lusted after, wasn't it.

And this wasn't lust.

This was Demyx.

"…. Because… I like you"

We were together by the end of that day. Rumors flew, glances were thrown, and zero fucks were given from me that day because I was FLYING.

Soon after that, everything melded together- Demyx and I telling about our gifts, becoming friends with the others, Riku and I bonding again- and of course, all the horrors and fun times that happened sophomore year…

And now, look what's happened to us all. I sighed again. How did we come this far to fall so short of the lives we wanted?

Demyx turned back to me. I smiled at him. At least I still had him. At least we were still together.

I was so wrapped up in his eyes; I didn't know Riku had woken up until he started choking me against the wall.

I heard screaming as Demyx rushed to us. Riku stood, taking me with him, holding me against the wall. I looked down, trying to get a hold to make him release me. I saw his eyes- eyes that were empty.

"Y-you're n-not Rik-ku," I choked out against his hand. His eyes grew colder, like Vexen's ice. That reminded me. I couldn't lose here, I had to find Vexen still- I had to find him!

His grip tightened. The world went black.

Marluxia POV

I was lost- it was official. I was more lost then a guy trying to buy his lady perfume on Valentines Day.

Don't ask how I know that. Vexen will make me deny everything.

Speaking of Vexen, I hadn't FOUND him yet. And it was worrying me worse then the time Xion set part of the house on fire. Or was that Vexen also? Honestly, I think EVERYONE in our family set the house on fire at least once. Unless you were Vexen or Larxene. Then you acted like it was your sole mission on earth to set fires and cause explosions in our house. Especially on Saturdays.

I sighed, feeling useless. I was about to give up when I heard the scream.

I ran around the corner, and there was Vexen. And there was Xemnas. And there was Xemnas stealing Vexen. … in a graveyard.

…. Why is Vexen in a graveyard….

Vexen tried struggling, but Xemnas suddenly smacked him into the side of the truck. I saw a hint of blood on the metal of the truck where the impact site was. Vexen lay in the snow, unmoving. Xemnas smirked, and reached down to pick him up.

I tackled him. I can't remember most of what happened after that- the blood was rushing in my ears, pounding in my head.

I do know that I remember afterwards picking Vexen up from where Xemnas left him lying and carrying him slowly. I was limping. There was a lot of blood on the ground, but most of it wasn't mine. He got away, I knew that much- got in the truck and fled.

I began to shiver. The hail was subsiding now that Vexen could sense he was with someone safe. I smiled at the thought of him thinking I was a safe person to him. I wanted to be that again with him.

As I walked home, I looked to the sky for the moons light. But it was eclipsed by clouds, and we were swallowed up in something all too familiar- darkness.