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Jane Marie Volturi was furious, no, she had gone past furious, Jane was now absolutely livid. How dare Aro think he could have the right to send her away from her home, from L'Italia? He shouldn't be allowed the right! But yet, here she was, on a plane on her way to a place which her masters had sent her, but little did she know, that this little town just outside the New York borders named Bay-ville, was going to melt her ice cold heart…

Mystique waited with the rest of the Brotherhood for their new member. She didn't know much about the girl, apart from the fact that her power was deadly, and if the boys annoyed her, they surely wouldn't be standing for much longer afterwards. She knew one thing though. Jane Volturi was not one to mess with; after all, she was five century old vampire.

All Jane could think was why me, perchè me? Why not Alec of Felix of perhaps even Dmitri? She sighed and thought perchè sono la regina del ghiaccio?She laughed the question off, wondering why she had even bothered thinking about it, because that was how Jane Volturi was known, an ice queen, so why even question it? The burning seared her throat and she smiled, she hoped that Bay-ville had gotten itself into.

Mystique almost stopped breathing as the vampire stepped off her plane. The girl was beautiful, her long mousey brown hair tied into a messy side bun, loose strands of it hanging infront of her face Her skin was pale, and she made sure that that the sun didn't hit her skin, as if she was worried that it would kill her, or it would give away her identity. She was short, but she seemed to have picked up those Italian curves that every woman that looked at her seemed to envy. But what had caught the shapeshifters attention the most was Jane's eyes. They were black, pitch black, which just made her beautiful and proud features much darker, more brooding, and that was what made her so terrifying.

Mysique shook her head from her trance, and pulled a packet of blood from her hand bag, earning gasps from the other Brotherhood members. She answered there unasked question. "This is for our new member. For her to survive her mutation she must live on a strict diet of blood. Her name is Jane Volturi and her consists of super speed, super hearing, super smell, super strength, and she is able to put illusions of pain into your mind, so please, be nice to your new group leader." Pietro snorted and said "So what, is she like a vampire or something?" And Mystique smiled her evil grin and replied "Or something." And that answer got no snappy reply from the almighty Maximoff.

Jane growled in fustration. This place waqs far to sunny for her liking. But then she remembered that people were supposed to think she was a mutant, that she didn't have to hide. So her posture relaxed, and she smiled a predatory grin as she saw Mystique Darkholme, holding her meal. Before Mystique could blink Jane was infront of her, a dark look on her face, and the shapeshifter hastily handed her the bag of blood, knowing that a thirsty vampire could at anytime snap, and to be honest with you, Mystique really didn't want to take this chance.

Jane drank the anima, thankful for its sweet taste soothing her throat. When she finished she smiled sweetly at Mystique and said "Grazie mam. I am very grateful." She saw the group of boys behind the blue woman and said "Ciao, i am Jane, and I am sure Mystique has informed you about me and my... mutation." Jane laughed in her mind, knowing that this sounded extremely stupid to any vampires ears, especially to hers.

The boys of the Brotherhood were frozen. This girl was beautiful, and after she had drank the, um, blood, her eyes ahd gone from black to a piercing ruby red. They were captivated by her, and of corse Wanda was sick and tired of waiting for one of them to step forward and talk to her, so she went frist. "Yeah hi, I'm Wanda, and I'm known as the Scarlett Witch. Nice to meet you." And she stuck out her hand. Jane took it and smiled a sickly sweet smile. She said "It's lovely to meet you." Wanda smirked and thought, well, this should be fun.

perchè sono la regina del ghiaccio?- why am i the ice queen, perchè me?- why me, L'Italia- Italy, grazie- thankyou, ciao- hello, anima- blood